What does dermatologically tested cosmetic product mean

Very often when you are considering the purchase of a cosmetic product on the package you look for the words ‘dermatologically tested product’. You immediately think of an article that is safe for human health but what does it actually mean? What are the tests that are carried out and especially on whom. Let’s make it clear.

To avoid problems related to skin health, it is necessary to contact a company such as Albogroup, which produces dermatologically tested products for the hotel and retail sector, also for the production of cosmetics for third parties.

Among the many products available in Albogroup and aimed mainly at the sector of courtesy lines for hotels, there is for example the Body Cream or Body Lotion, much proposed and used in the set of Hotel Amenities, especially in more classy hotels. For example, the Argan Line Body Cream with a luxury graphic image in gold and black, or the Body Lotion of the Hotel Amenities Pure White line minimal and elegant image.

What does it mean to test products on animals?

The dermatologically tested wording does not actually refer to any relevant legislation. In fact, there is no legal definition of this term and it is possible, but not certain, that the product in question has been subjected to a test by which it has been possible to study its findings on the skin and any undesirable effects.

These tests are performed with the support of advanced instruments and especially with the constant supervision of specialized dermatologists able to evaluate in detail any pathological conditions, inflammation, redness and any other condition developed by the same product. The only certainty is, therefore, to know that the cosmetic has been subjected to a series of tests directly on the skin without being able to discover, however, if the test was performed on a person or an animal. However, on this last aspect there are more certainties because according to European legislation (Reg. 1223/2009) on the production of cosmetics, the tests should not be performed on animals but on healthy human volunteers, thus avoiding to put oneself in some specific cases that could alter the result of the clinical trial.

All cosmetic products for hotels in Albogroup are cruelty free as they are not tested on animals .

Moreover, it is not even possible to establish with absolute certainty that these checks were actually carried out by a dermatologist or by an experienced person without any title. Wanting to be rather fussy and mischievous you can say that with the dermatologically tested wording you do not even have the certainty that this test has been passed (possibly only performed) and that the product has not developed problems for the skin maybe only in certain subjects. There is no indication of the timing and the specific laboratory in which the test was carried out so that, in essence, the consumer must have confidence in a brand, believing that its products are safe. For some time, the various associations have been asking the European Union to propose a regulated wording that includes a series of tests certified a little’ as it happens for the food for which it is mandatory to indicate the ingredients, the place of slaughter in the case of meat, That of breeding and so on.

The advice is therefore to always rely on a proper brand and read carefully what is on the package especially for ingredients that may develop allergies.

Are there advantages to using them on the skin?

It is practically established practice to buy a product that bears the words dermatologically tested because you have greater safety and probably will not be developed side effects. Actually there are advantages because normally this kind of products are made with natural substances tested on the skin and therefore without any kind of contraindication.

Among other things, if you go to buy a product that does not have this wording on the package you could run into a number of problems of no little account. First of all, the product may contain parabens or preservatives widely used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals due to their bactericidal and fungicidal characteristics. The reason why parabens are so feared concerns the possibility of developing quite strong reactions, giving rise, for example, to a dermatitis with relative redness, itching and various annoyances for everyday life.

Therefore, it is better to use products that have been tested. In this case it is at least certain that no synthetic products have been used but only natural substances that do not harm the skin. In addition, in these articles that do not mention the words, there could also be petrolatum, that is, substances derived from oil. These are non-natural substances that could harm the skin and also the environment.

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What is nickel tested?

Parabens, even if they are allowed in the European regulation of control of cosmetics, can be dangerous for the health of the skin but at the same time it is also necessary to make sure that in the cosmetic product you are going to buy there are no traces of nickel. To do this you need to carefully read the packaging. An important certainty in this regard comes from the word nickel tested on certain articles. But what does it mean?

In particular, it means that the product has been subjected to a specific test thanks to which it is possible to assess whether or not there are traces of nickel so you have the opportunity to avoid the occurrence of allergies. The test is considered passed if the amount of nickel present is less than 0.00001%.
It might seem like a secondary aspect but in reality in the world there are so many people who suffer from nickel allergy and therefore would see their health heavily questioned also because nickel can develop different problems such as dermatitis. To give a good idea of the problem, it is sufficient to underline that nickel is a shiny metal of silvery white colour and is very important for the realization of the so-called metal alloys that are exploited in many fields from the automotive sector to construction because they guarantee greater durability and corrosion resistance.

The reason why nickel could be present in a cosmetic product is not related to the possibility that a company can use this metal but that in reality it is also a natural component present in plants that are used for a cosmetic product.
Nickel, in fact, stabilizes the metabolism and the life cycle of plants because it is a trace element and is also indispensable for the needs of the human body. However, the requirement must be, in an adult, between a value ranging from a minimum of 0.2 to a maximum of 0.5 mg. Exceeding this threshold there may be problems and allergies are developed.

As mentioned above, the most important is dermatitis, which also causes problems for the immune system that is excessively stressed, leading to an excessive and counterproductive immune reaction. It should be noted that the typical symptoms of nickel allergy usually occur within 12 to 72 hours of use. Once symptoms have become apparent, you should immediately stop using the product and contact your dermatologist to limit dermatitis and combat it immediately.
Among the most common symptoms of dermatitis is the formation of skin eczema that occurs in the area of the hands and fingers, on the abdomen with particular reference to the navel, on the ears, on the oral cavity and on the armpits. In addition, there were redness, itching and swelling that undoubtedly leads to problems in everyday life.

Albogroup production cosmetics for third parties

We have a production site in Lallio in the province of Bergamo with high quality cosmetic lines that have the main objective of offering products on the market that can meet customer expectations while protecting health. We focus mainly on the production of soaps, shampoos, body wash, sanitizing products for the person but also body creams and solid cosmetic products.

The direct production of solid cosmetics is, in fact, one of the excellences of Albogroup. Thanks to a great production experience and the latest generation of production lines designed and manufactured specifically for the production of shampoos and solid foam baths, Alborgroup is a true leader in the production of Hotel Amenities in solid format, courtesy lines for plastic free hotels and very low environmental impact. Our line of solid Solid Hotel Amenities Solid.O Original is an innovative and ecological product, customizable according to the requests of each hotel or distributor chain. The Solid brand O Original is also available as a solid children’s courtesy line version. This line is also customizable and Albogroup offers its experience and production capacity also for third-party production of solid cosmetic products, both for hotels and for retail, large-scale distribution or selective perfumery.

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