Hotel soap and shampoo dispensers, how they work and where to buy them

It is now clear that to avoid the spread of disease and keep premises clean, contamination-free and safe, we need to wash our hands frequently. Convenient, handy and easy to use, the hotel soap or shampoo dispenser is a system designed to easily release soap, shampoo or hand disinfectant gel by pressing the pump located on the top of the dispenser.
It’s a device that is gaining in popularity and widely used because its features can bring lots of benefits to our everyday lives.

Albogroup dispensers, Up and Down system

Choosing the right hotel dispenser for your customers can be a difficult decision because you need to carefully consider the features of the dispensers and how you want to use them. Albogroup’s dispensers are excellent, high-quality products, increasingly chosen by hotels.
Extreme care has been taken over the collection, starting with its design, which is simple and customisable. The company, a leading producer of cosmetics and luxury hotel products, has, in fact, successfully designed attractive yet highly functional dispensers that are perfect for any business that wants an extra stand-out feature and to buy the best.
Albogroup is always on the lookout for innovation and sustainability – in production, the company pays particular attention to sustainability and waste reduction.
The two flagship products of the dispenser line are two unique and carefully designed models, starting with the names, Uranus and Neptune.

  • Uranus is a minimal model, a wall dispenser that contains 400 ml of product, with a pump dispenser. The dispenser is made of recyclable PE in either black or white.
  • Neptune, on the other hand, is a Press & Wash wall dispenser, in the 400 ml format and also available in black and white.

Both models have a transparent side window to check the level of product they contain.
A special feature of these soap dispensers is the wall mount, which is coordinated with the chosen model but also interchangeable between the two models.
The innovative up & down system deserves a special mention and can be applied using two handy dowels. It is designed so that you can change the dispenser at any time by simply turning the stand upside down.
Thanks to this system, if you decide to buy the other model, you can easily change the colour or customize the design, without making any addition holes in the wall thus keeping the surface intact. The rounded, smooth shape of the bottle means it can be quickly replaced and cleaned. Each model has a key for safe bottle replacement.
The many strengths featured in Albogroup products include the combination of the visual appeal of the design and the excellent functionality, as well as the focus on sustainability. The company has designed dispensers that, unlike traditional models, meet today’s customer needs. They are small, cost-convenient, recyclable with a keen awareness on issues like the use of plastic, pollution and energy consumption.
All the models are 100% recyclable.
Choosing these dispensers for your business means making a well-informed choice, respecting both the environment and your needs, while significantly reducing consumption but without foregoing visual appeal. All the models of the bottles can be custom printed and you can also put your logo on the stand and request exclusive colours.

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Soap dispensers: where can they be installed?

Experts suggest choosing qualified companies that manufacture and sell soap dispensers. This is also very important for the successful installation of hand cleaning devices.
Once purchased, the dispenser can be placed at the entrance of an office, venue or business, as well as anywhere else in the workplace. Indeed, in public places in particular, with a high footfall, it is very important to install one or more dispensers to ensure cleanliness and safety for both customers and staff.
One of the places where the soap dispenser should definitely be installed is the bathroom.
The dispenser provides restaurants, bars or other business premise with a twofold advantage, on the one hand, it leads to greater cleanliness and on the other hand, it is also effective from an aesthetic point of view. In fact, the modern and minimal design means it can be installed anywhere, fitting in seamlessly with the existing décor.

With regards to the installation, in addition to choosing where to place it, you also have to decide whether to install a stand or a wall dispenser. The two decisions are, however, interconnected – in the case of the bathroom, for example, a wall model is much better because it can be easily fixed to the wall using screws and dowels or a special adhesive. In the case of a company, it may be better to opt for a desktop system.
Albogroup’s liquid soaps for hotel lines, available in its innovative dispensers, meet all these quality requirements. In addition to the innovative design and sophisticated and highly attractive fragrances, they are also liquid soaps Made in Italy and dermatologically tested.

Albogroup dispensers: collections and customisations

Albogroup is a leading producer of hotel dispensers with excellent design features and product quality. The dispenser collections reflect the all-Italian spirit of the company and its quest for style and elegance.
All Albogroup hotel dispensers can be customised to distributor or customer specifications, through a special focus on the graphics, the insertion of customer logos or by creating new and exclusive designs and styles.
The products are the classic hotel amenities: shampoo, hair conditioner, hair and body wash, liquid soaps, body lotion and many more.
For more information on custom or third-party production of hotel dispensers, please contact Albogroup directly.