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Neurocosmetics, skincare now focuses on “feeling good”
The macro-trend at Cosmoprof, more than anti-ageing, people are looking for longevity and health in creams

We no longer speak of anti-ageing cream, which fights ageing, but of longevity cream that improves the appearance of skin that inexorably matures (unless we resort to cosmetic surgery but that is another story), we no longer seek the perfect body but the healthy body in the real world while on the digital world, of social networks, filters of all kinds bounce around about us.
Everything is talked about, everything is integrated and therefore the ingredients, the actives that are sought must go in this dual internal-external direction.

It is the aspirational era of wellbeing, of feeling good before any other achievement, and cosmetics too are adapting. The main point of observation for the entire sector on an international level, from cosmetics to aesthetics, from nails to machinery, from hair to formulation and even packaging proposals, is Cosmoprof, the trade fair that is a format of Italian excellence in the world that closed its 55th edition on 24 March at the Bologna Exhibition Centre with 69 countries present and an uninterrupted flow of professional visitors. And it highlighted this macro-trend as well as many other novelties presented in previews that ANSA was able to see.

The change is taking place to the point of calling it a new “neurocosmetic” market into which psychodermatology is also entering. The aim is to stop oxidative stress in the skin, but also the emotional stress that hurts us, and on the packaging of creams and serums it says “calm and protect”, “sleep well” “replenish and boost” almost like pharmacy supplements. The creams also measure their effectiveness in application: it is not just a matter of texture but of relaxing gymnastics in use and that too contributes to the de-stress objective. Restoring the microbiome, the flora of good bacteria, is also a task of new skin care formulations such as those with patented dermoscosmetics by Jonzac, the Latvian Gmt with blue lotus, and the Apulian excellence N & B, whose self-regenerating cream, a slow ageing treatment, was awarded a prize on 22 March.

Sustainability is a market demand of a demanding and aware consumer, but also a production necessity to remain at the forefront in a sector that is increasingly green globally. This also brings to the forefront Italian companies that are recognised the world over, both for being in business and therefore known to all, and for being, as they say in the jargon, subcontractors, i.e. they carry out the entire process for others who then affix their brand name (this is why some names are not familiar to us, but are very famous in the sector) or sell only on their e-commerce: B-certified companies that think about sourcing ingredients in their own regenerative agriculture cultivation, pioneering companies in the world such as the Parma-based Davines chaired by Davide Bollati that has an agri-voltaic project of industrial plant engineering “that we want to put forward for approval as a Fai good” and such as the Salento-based Natural is better of Domenico Scordari, the aloe guru, also here in a regenerative agriculture field and with a territory including luxury resorts. Also in the Cosmetica Italia umbrella is the Bari-based Pdt Physio Natura of professional natural beauty treatments, and then again the Bergamo-based Albogroup, which has turned sharply towards solid soap, presenting at Bologna Solid.O an entire range with 93% natural ingredients, from make-up remover to intimate hygiene to shaving foam.

Denmark’s LastObject took home three Oscars with its sustainable inventions: a kind of cotton bud that can be washed indefinitely, cleaning pads made of natural materials that remove make-up and even nail polish with water and are reusable, and micellar water that can be made at home by combining powder with plain drinking water.

The sun care macro-trend has also exploded, much more than sun cream. The protection factor is everywhere, with real treatments to be applied 15 days before exposure and continued from the 16th day to limit spots and even out the tan (such as the winning Revital summer longevity by Rhea of Lombardy). At Lepo, 50+ is in the niacinamide and rice starch Bb cream with sea-friendly filters, or in the make-up that is also beauty care by the South Korean Elroel, directed by the famous make-up artist Yanghee Yoo, one of the most innovative of K-beauty, beauty made in Korea, thanks to products that are always special and act as a beacon (at Cosmoprof, it also presented its debut in skin care with a line with marine collagen and hyaluronic acid and another with niacinamide in trend with the glass skin, i.e. hydrated, transparent, almost shiny skin) and plans to land in Italy after an event at Milan Fashion Week.

Textile cosmetics, on the wave of Asian fabric masks imbued with active ingredients, is not limited to the face. The Bergamo-based B-Selfie entered among the trendy innovations at Cosmotrend with a black jumpsuit that is worn at night as a containment for a cream based on allantoin, a soya extract, capable of mimicking an endurance workout, defining the body while sleeping and toning cellular fibres.

Author: Alessandra Magliaro

Green Revolution Hotel: Water Saving and Solid Cosmetics

Going green means travelling and living with the planet in mind. Albogroup dedicates its solution to sustainable accommodation through solid cosmetics.

Sustainable tourism and innovation: the solid cosmetics revolution

Tourists hunger to learn about the world, discover cultures and places, and increase their personal sensitivity to respect for the Earth. Hence the need for respectful tourism, starting with the choice of hotel. This is the reason for the boom in green bookings.

The use of renewable energy and recycling of resources are important elements, but often we get lost in the details, effectively thwarting our efforts to appear greener. Herein lies the key to solid hotel cosmetics; the customer embraces a sometimes new philosophy and feels an active part of the change. Here are the reasons for the choice.

Change in consumer mentality

What once appeared to be just ugly images to watch on TV are now sad everyday realities. The climate crisis affects scorching summers, microplastics infect fish feed and entire populations suffer from thirst. Reality has surpassed imagination.

The traveller is an increasingly conscious consumer in this respect and therefore feels the need to do something. Environmental sustainability therefore goes beyond pure ethics to become a real necessity. Cosmetics, also in the hotel sector, is called upon to respond to the need for change but without renouncing the quality of personal care.

Advantages of solid cosmetics

Respect for ecosystems is the spark that ignited the desire for green solutions; this also applies to modern solid cosmetics. What is the weight of this choice in practice?

Depriving it of water allows the product to perform better for the same weight. A simple example: a 15 gram bar can suffice for at least 2 showers, the liquid equivalent would be completely insufficient.

The solid travels more easily, takes up less volume and is not tied up in tight containers. Simply dry the lump and store it with a sheet of recyclable paper. Respecting the environment becomes a convenient option.

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Reducing plastics

About 9 million tonnes of plastic are found in the world’s seas. The degradation cycle takes decades and is never complete, the outcome being microplastics that pollute the marine flora. The result is to find plastic even on our plates at the dinner table.

Turning from liquid to solid cosmetics makes it possible to eliminate the need for plastic packaging. It is no coincidence that major brands have revolutionised the way they offer tourism. Straws, glasses and cutlery have become biodegradable. More and more hotels are adopting reusable dispensers and contemplating solid cosmetics among the amenities offered to guests. Plastic becomes a memory.

Contribution to a sustainable future

Revolutionizing means changing perspectives in a more comprehensive way. Efforts towards more sustainable tourism are just the response to a need that is spreading like wildfire in every sphere of common living. The conscious traveller is a citizen who demands greater respect for the environment in every other sphere.

The ecological theme is not only embraced when visiting alpine glaciers or an oceanic atoll, the renewal is about mentality. Adhering to solid cosmetics triggers a new vision of enterprise, based on values but also, and above all, on the resulting savings logic. There is a lot of innovation and research in materials behind it, but the investment is worth it.

Albogroup: pioneers in solid contract and eco-friendly cosmetics

Underlying this are more than forty years of active engagement in the industry; only this know-how can fuel such a forward-looking perspective on the near future.

Solid cosmetics is the result of continuous research, years of technological study and modernisation of machines and procedures. The result is a high-performance industry, but above all based on environmentally friendly processes.

Being first has the advantage of accumulating more experience, which is why Albogroup plays a leading role in solid production. Working alongside hotels is the way to spread the culture of solid cosmetics around the world, but there is also an effervescent third-party production.

SOLID.O ORIGINAL: innovation in solid cosmetics for every need

The idea behind the SOLID.O ORIGINAL line is to produce a cosmetic tool devoted to versatility; its compact dimensions allow effective cutting even in packaging. The real secret, however, lies in its composition, here technology has enabled performance comparable to traditional liquid.

The INCI speaks for itself, the formulation is natural to meet the growing green need, and the percentage of water is very low. This is the recipe for a range dedicated to the well-being of the planet.

Shower gel, conditioning shampoos, solid shaving, make-up remover, intimate cleanser and men’s shaving products are just a few declinations. Commitment to the base is the common ingredient.

The adoption of solid cosmetics by hotels is not only an emerging trend in sustainable tourism, but represents a conscious choice towards a more environmentally friendly future. Albogroup, with its guest amenities lines, represents the vanguard of this revolution, offering products that combine innovation, sustainability and quality.

The reduction of water consumption and the elimination of plastic from cosmetics packaging are significant steps towards reducing the ecological footprint of hotels, and demonstrate how it is possible to offer luxury hospitality without compromising ecological values.

Beyond Plastic Solid Cosmetics for Water Saving

Microplastics are a sad reality and climate change now threatens water. Albogroup, alongside the hotels, is committed to a quality path that promotes respect for the environment, favouring the use of solid cosmetics to reduce waste and pollution.

The urgency of water-conscious consumption in the cosmetics industry

More than 2 billion of the world’s citizens share a severe water shortage: when faced with this fact, one cannot look the other way. But the UN figures are merely a snapshot of what climate change holds in store for the near future.

Now is the time to act; avoiding the point of no return is also a priority for the modern cosmetics industry. The boom in solid products is not an accident or one of many fads, it is a possible solution. The idea is simple but requires articulated technology.

Solidifying a cosmetic means depriving it of almost all water, saving precious resources. The need for plastic packaging is also eliminated; recyclable paper is sufficient. Reducing water consumption saves resources for other uses, and also saves the environment and the seas from pollution. Choosing solid cosmetics is a valuable gesture.

Innovation and sustainability: the transformative power of solid cosmetics

Reducing the impact on the environment is as fundamental as respecting one’s own body. The quality of treatments is not a detail and solid cosmetics does not disappoint in this respect.

The result of research in the field, Albogroup’s proposal stems from the combination of intuition and the desire to offer products that respect the environment and health. Nature and technology are the only ways forward.

Years of theoretical and technical planning made it possible to start industrial production but based on natural principles, resulting in a cosmetics far removed from the traditional chemistry of preservatives and much closer to nature’s ingredients.

The result is a high-performance proposal, capable of guaranteeing high standards but above all of satisfying the demand for natural products. Solid cosmetics, in fact, is destined to transform habits by providing a viable alternative.

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Solid cosmetics in hotels: towards sustainable hospitality

Green accommodations are an increasingly sought-after reality; customers have become so environmentally aware that they are moving towards lower-impact solutions.

If the energy issue is one of the most considered fields, the water footprint is also among the elements to be taken into account. Mediterranean tropicalisation and summer droughts are warnings that have already become a reality. Reception can only turn towards sustainable choices.

Respecting the environment means reducing transport; here, solid cosmetics offers a virtuous example of how dry formulation can cut several items of expenditure. Solid means that the product can reduce transport costs.

The yield over time is another important element; the 15 grams of a solid cosmetic bar contain a much more generous potential use than the same amount of liquid product. The difference counts.

Solid hotel cosmetics Solid.O Original line

Albogroup demonstrates an active commitment to the solid cosmetics sector, which is evidenced by the wide range of products the brand offers. Preferred channels are dedicated production for hotels but also extend to contract customisation for large-scale distribution.

Shower gels, shampoos and conditioners, hair conditioners as well as intimate cleansers and make-up products are only part of what the solid range has to offer. The ingredients are natural plant extracts and butters, enriched with oils, vitamins and proteins to ensure a healthy routine.

The irresistible detail lies in the format; the Solid.O Original line embraces the 15-gram standard. A simple bar combines convenience with the efficacy of a safe treatment. The special design of the solid bar allows it to be conveniently divided into two halves, so convenience doubles. Simple ideas can make all the difference.

Benefits of water-saving cosmetics: between health and environment

Why can a solid cosmetic be more natural? What distinguishes it from its liquid alter ego? These are more than legitimate questions when approaching the reality of solid.

The secret lies in the strong reduction of the water content; the anhydrous product is much less susceptible to attack by bacteria and therefore guarantees greater stability of the natural ingredients. The INCI can therefore do without parabens and other preservatives, which are necessary in liquid products.

Health benefits, but the environment can also regenerate. In addition to low water consumption in production, the impact in transport is also optimised. For the same volume, the movement of solid cosmetics ensures a much higher utilisation rate.

Then there are the more practical implications: a solid bar travels in a bag without any problem, weighs less and even lasts longer. One wonders: couldn’t the solid revolution have come sooner?

Our commitment at Albogroup to promoting the use of solid cosmetics in hotels is not only an important step towards a more sustainable form of hospitality, but also a concrete, cutting-edge response to the challenges generated by climate change and the global water crisis. Our choice to minimise water consumption and eliminate plastic packaging by opting for solid products is a sign of responsibility towards the planet, reflecting an increased environmental awareness on the part of both consumers and businesses.

This approach does not sacrifice the quality or effectiveness of the treatments offered, demonstrating that it is possible to reconcile respect for the environment and self-care.

How to save water in hotels?

Investing in the future means placing the right value on resources; Albogroup works for careful cosmetics.

We believe that the level of service and attention to economy can also coexist in quality reception, constantly improving hotel amenities to ensure an exceptional experience for our guests.

Water consumption in hotels: data and implications

Studies speak for themselves: water consumption is much higher in hotels than in private homes. If at home we consume an average of 250 litres of water per person, the figure becomes more than double in a hotel.

As many as 645 litres per capita can be explained in relation to the services that the accommodation facility provides; wellness centres and swimming pools are just some of the areas that require the most water. The ENEA data focus on one of the thorniest aspects in terms of both cost and impact on the environment.

Strategies and tips to reduce water consumption in hotels

Water is the real gold of the near future. The principle is well understood by hotels that are increasingly aiming in the direction of green resource management. Optimisation is open on several fronts: it starts with technologies for saving but also extends to the modification of routines.

Albogroup contributes to cutting waste by offering the solid cosmetics alternative. Reduced costs in handling and transport go hand in hand with better optimisation of water and product. This is a small but valuable step; here are some effective steps.

Towards a sustainable future: solid shampoos, conditioners and shower gels for hotels

The past is just a memory, the liquid cosmetics of tradition make way for solid innovation. A true concentrate of natural ingredients, solid cosmetics are the solution that promises greater convenience with less water consumption.

More than 40 years’ experience in the field and active, ongoing modernisation have resulted in the solid cosmetics lines from Albogroup. Conditioners and shampoos, but also bath and shower gel and intimate hygiene solutions belong to an entirely dry offer.

This translates into optimised consumption, longer life and water savings. This is the secret behind the all-green success of the Solid.O Original line.

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Use of dispensers

A sound theory only works if it supports practice in everyday life. It is enough to analyse a simple – and almost trivial – detail: what is the product waste and impact of disposable cosmetics in liquid form?

Opening a packet of liquid detergent means wasting the residual part, the part that will never be used, and losing some of it on the surfaces. This solution, besides being less practical, also proves to be more expensive in terms of cleaning.

Then there is the plastic container, a residue that can increase costs in terms of economy and impact on the environment. The dispenser offers the solution that can increase convenience and reduce water consumption itself; the simple refill triggers a virtuous cycle.

Encouraging the re-use of towels

There is water consumption visible to all but there are many other steps not always considered. The laundry department is one of the areas most involved in the water impact of hotel reception.

Incentivising the re-use of towels is the step that can also make an important contribution to cutting water consumption; to do this, all that is needed is to raise awareness through a few simple guidelines.

Providing a rack for towels to be washed and towel racks for those that can be reused, these are useful steps to optimise consumption in the laundry.

Pay attention to maintenance

If a state-of-the-art shower head can reduce the impact from 11 to 5 litres of water per minute, the costs of a leak in the system are likely to be much higher. Ensuring that systems are fully operational ensures their proper functioning but also helps to reduce waste.

Proper preventive management must not neglect the periodic check of drains and taps; it is in fact the smallest leaks that remain silent for too long. Renovation allows innovation, aiming at systems that are also more efficient in monitoring resources. Replacing an old tap can make way for automatically controlled solutions, savings being the most direct effect.

Education and involvement: the role of information campaigns

Raising awareness rhymes with saving, information plays an active role in optimising resources. Water is an important commodity, as long as everyone recognises its true value.

The most direct deduction is aimed at customers, where the use of brochures and practical tips can induce greater attention to water issues. Awareness-raising must, however, also culturally embrace the employee, offering the theoretical and practical tools for a less consumption-intensive management. Water is the real challenge in the near future, everyone can be an actor in it.

Investing in the future with environmental responsibility and sustainability is a commitment that we at Albogroup take very seriously. By introducing innovative practices such as solid cosmetics and adopting water-saving strategies, we have shown that it is possible to provide a quality service while respecting the environment and its precious resources.

Our vision goes beyond simply reducing consumption: we are committed to creating an accommodation experience that educates and engages guests and staff, promoting a profound cultural change towards sustainability.

Albogroup Innovation and Ethics in Solid Cosmetics for Hotel and Home

Quality and respect can also coexist in cosmetics: this is the sense that Albogroup gives to each product. It takes technology and concrete commitment, that’s how.

Albogroup and the commitment to innovation: an ethical future in solid cosmetics

Looking at the past but with a view to the future, this was the choice that guides our direction. Albogroup cosmetics reinterpret the concept of solid cosmetics (also for third parties), taking the form but revolutionising the content.

What distinguishes a traditional soap bar from a solid cosmetic?

Everything, basically. The creation of a solid range is the result of a challenge, made up of a lot of research and maximum technological commitment. The planet has been shouting this for some time, but customers, who are now environmentally aware, are also demanding it.

Commitment means innovating production processes, investing ideas and resources in the manufacture of machinery in line with product targets. Solid cosmetics is a revolution in the natural, impossible to achieve without a perspective towards the future.

Several years of major changes but also more time spent on both formulation and production are the secret of an ethical choice, aimed at optimising resources by offering a viable alternative. What is the water impact of traditional cosmetics? Albogroup preferred to offer a solution, looking at hotels but also focusing on the daily beauty routine.

Courtesy lines for hotels and children

Thinking green is a fad of the past, now is the time to go green. How many hotels are there in the world and what is their impact on cosmetic consumption? Just ask yourself this simple question and you will realise.

Solid.O Original is the application of solid technology to the natural. The cosmetics line introduces the concept of solid cosmetics, revolutionising the personal care routine but doing so with the right focus on quality. Hospitality means offering the best.

The composition reduces the impact of traditional chemistry; the drastic reduction of water means doing without traditional preservatives. This opens up more space for organic ingredients; the effect is a real caress on the skin.

Revolutionising the INCI in a more natural key is the choice that led to the Solid.O Original lines in their adult and children’s versions. Shampoos, conditioners and shower gels are the solid cosmetics for adults, designed for more practical use in hotels. The Beba Lena & Friends lines combine gentle ingredients with a touch of fantasy, irresistible for the little ones.

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Sustainable dispensers and toilets: Albogroup’s choice for hotels

Hotel amenities are the calling card that remains imprinted in the customer’s experiential memory, where even a fragrance is capable of stopping the memory in time. Every choice has its reason, the value of the offer is the answer.

Innovating means improving the concept of hospitality by paying more attention to detail. The guest is sensitive to quality and attaches value to the brand; the secret lies in standing out while reducing the impact in terms of costs and sustainability.

Here was born the intuition of an offer capable of ranging between several olfactory paths, designed to satisfy with fragrances that characterise the concept of toiletries. Quality meets optimisation, however, and the liquid cosmetics containers focus on the beauty of a design that is designed to ensure reuse over time.

If the dispenser lasts longer, the impact of plastics is reduced but the quality remains the same. Solid cosmetics offer a more environmentally friendly and smart tool in hotel management.

Codice Italia, Neroli, Pure White, Deep Black, Argan and Honami are just some of the hotel collections designed to enrich the reception with their own style.

Albogroup: a path of sustainability and social responsibility

The approach to innovation does not only look at the essence of the product; yes, formulations are important, but Albogroup’s commitment is to reinterpret the concept of cosmetics for hotels and for everyday use.

Moving towards a green approach means designing cosmetics that are health conscious, working on optimising ingredients. Embracing the solid solution is a choice that drastically reduces water consumption for a finally respectful impact.

Protecting the customer also means paying attention to packaging, from the optimisation of dispensers to the design of hotel amenities. The choice stems from the need to revolutionise the use of plastics in cosmetics, reducing their impact on the environment.

Conceptualising sustainability is not enough, we need a concrete commitment to follow a road studded with investments in resources and research. Optimisation is the way to achieve this, the environment demands it, but above all we owe it to the future of our generations. There are so many hotels around the world, and they only contribute part of the impact of cosmetics. The green revolution will love the Earth, Albogroup has already begun.

Albogroup is at the forefront of the cosmetics industry with a deep commitment to sustainable innovation and social responsibility. Our vision translates into a relentless pursuit of solutions that have a positive impact on both the environment and people’s daily lives.

With our solid cosmetics, we not only rewrite the rules of personal well-being, but also demonstrate that it is possible to combine quality, efficiency and respect for the planet. Our product lines, designed for hotels but also ideal for home use, are a tangible expression of a future in which every act of personal care contributes to a cleaner, more respectful world.

How are solid cosmetics used?

Solid innovation means transparency; the time of claims alone is over because the future needs concrete use. Albogroup has bet on the solid revolution; this is why we are able to offer excellence in pure respect of nature and the customer.

A concrete example of our commitment is our range of solid hotel cosmetics, a choice that testifies to our dedication to sustainable solutions.

Introduction to solid cosmetics: what are they?

To consider it on a par with soap is a mistake of superficiality; the solid alternative is the new perspective of modern cosmetics. The benefits are many, but first we must ask ourselves: do we really know what it is?

Solid cosmetics are the cleansers that have abandoned traditional saponification, the one with the most synthetic chemistry. Silicones, SLS and parabens make way for more natural formulations because they are based on natural ingredients.

Some people think that solid cosmetics do not contain water and, for this reason, have a far more aggressive impact on the skin. The reality is different: there is water, but it is in a much lower percentage than in common liquid cosmetics.

The revolution in solid cosmetics lies in the way they are produced. Compression is the key to the production of the compacts, which is done using innovative methods that guarantee the solid form but preserve the ingredients in their natural state.

How to use solid cosmetics

The novelty of their use does not require such a big change in outlook; one only has to try them to realise that they are not so different from other cosmetics already in use. The real difference lies in the leap in quality that solids introduce.

Shampoos and bath and shower packs have a mode of use that is quite similar to that of the classic solid bar of soap. It should be pointed out that with this, the latest generation of solid cosmetics share only the shape. Simply moisten your hands and rub the bar into an emulsion to be applied for washing as usual.

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Storage and Maintenance: A Guide to the Care of Solid Cosmetics

The percentage of water is particularly low: this detail guarantees better preservation of quality even in the absence of synthetic preservatives. This is the real secret that preserves solid cosmetics from deterioration.

Collecting water is synonymous with potential bacterial stagnation, so the product tends to shorten its service life. In fact, the solid formulation protects its integrity by means of a physical barrier: the water content is reduced and a longer service life is guaranteed.

More nature and less preservatives are factors that must be preserved with a few tricks; solid cosmetics do not tolerate moisture. Keeping the loaf dry is the best way to preserve the product for longer.

A good trick is to store the cosmetics inside a breathable bag, preferably one made of natural fibres. A wooden container will also do, as long as you store it in a dry place.

Solid vs. liquid cosmetics: comparison, advantages and challenges

Liquid cosmetics have all too often garnished their offerings with green slogans, the reality unfortunately being a beauty that only had the colour of the packaging. Solid is the active breakthrough; one only has to peek at its INCI to realise its true nature. From packaging alone, we have moved on to green beauty.

The solid formula constitutes a revolution in practicality; one might even think of a simple aeroplane trip to realise how the solid lump overcomes the limitations of the liquid alter ego. The solid is also more practical to simply carry in your bag.

Reducing water means saying goodbye to plastics in packaging. Real islands of containers have left a floating legacy in the seas, then there are the microplastics that alter their flora and fauna. This is too uncomfortable a reality to continue pretending that nothing has happened. The solid challenges the past, only in this way can we design the future.

Where to buy solid cosmetics?

Albogroup translates decades of experience in the sector; the result is in the lines designed for contract production. Quality is the guiding thread for an offer that can enrich the panorama of hotel amenities.

The SOLID.O Original line is an alternative that introduces a positive novelty for guests, which can be appreciated in the in-room experience but also broadens the field of interest to the daily routine.

Shower gels, shampoos and solid conditioners are only part of the offer. The product panel also offers space for beauty cosmetics and shaving routines. The offer is wide-ranging, designed to translate the natural concept into a finally comprehensive use.

Our bet on this revolution is not only a response to the needs of the present, but an anticipation of future needs, where respect for nature and for the customer become indispensable. Through the SOLID.O Original line, we are committed to offering quality and practicality, but also a new awareness in cosmetic use, where every gesture of beauty becomes an act of responsibility towards the planet.

How to wash hair with solid soap?

A simple routine is repeated every day in every hotel room. Albogroup believes that the gesture can introduce a positive revolution for the future; herein lies the strength of our proposal starting with environmentally sustainable solid cosmetics. Here is something more.

Introduction to solid shampoo: what is it and why choose it?

Increasingly the creator of a real renewal of habits, the solid formulation test is also winning over the opinions of classic liquid shampoo aficionados. What is it all about? Here are its main peculiarities.

The secret of its success can be grasped by peeking at its INCI, the list of ingredients has much to say about its characteristics. The formulation is the result of an alternative saponification to traditional alkaline hydrolysis, that of shampoos with a particularly basic pH.

The solid product rediscovers ancient processes, but reinterprets them in a more modern way. The compaction solution minimises the use of customary chemistry, preferring the use of plant-based ingredients.

In fact, it is a viable alternative to traditional shampoo. Its advantages are varied and range from its composition to its practicality of use. The reasons for the solid are many.

Composition and benefits: what makes solid shampoo unique?

A brief mention of its composition may not be enough; every solid shampoo starts with a formulation based on specific usage needs. There is, however, a common scheme that may be useful in framing this type of product.

The surfactants used are essentially of natural origin; the solid tends to produce less foam precisely because of this but avoids the use of traditional chemistry. Natural extracts are mostly present.

Many people think that the solid contains no water; in reality, this is present but in minimal concentrations compared to a liquid detergent. It is precisely the compacting of the ingredients that ensures that the product is effective in its anhydrous formulation. Herein lies one of the most appreciable benefits: reduced water means greater product stability and less need for chemical preservatives.

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How is solid shampoo used?

Some people think that the solid product requires special conditions for its use, in reality, a few small precautions are enough to achieve a more than satisfactory handling of the daily routine. Much depends on the quality and pH of the product.

There can sometimes be a misconception that solid shampoos can have too aggressive an action on the hair cuticle, leaving it open and favouring a more brittle and less shiny tissue. This occurs when one uses a shampoo that is too basic; the effect does not apply to solid formulations of natural quality and composition.

Applying the lather directly onto the scalp is only one way to use it, however, it is advisable to moisten the hands and rub the product into them to create a lather for application. A light massage of the head serves to cleanse the hair from the base, using a shampoo with conditioner prevents its subsequent application. There is also a secret: cold water for the final rinse gives vigour to the hair structure.

Durability and storage: a practical guide to solid shampoo

At this point one might ask: but how long does the solid shampoo last? Herein lies another of the product’s strengths, as it lasts much longer than the traditional liquid.

Seen like this, solid shampoo could be the panacea against all waste. This is true, but it must also be stored properly. There are a few but important rules to make the product last longer.

Before anything else, the solid is stored in a dry environment. It is therefore essential to store it away from the shower or in a bag that allows it to dry quickly after use. A wooden box might also prove more practical, especially if you store it in a low-humidity environment.

Where can you buy solid shampoo?

An ally of health and the environment, solid shampoo is one of the solutions that are revolutionising both the hotel commodities sector and the lines destined for large-scale distribution. Given its experience in the field, Albogroup is a partner of reference in contract manufacturing.

It is from the special know-how in the solid sector that the SOLID.O Original cosmetics lines originate and, for example, the Solid Conditioning Shampoo in the 100 g size designed to enrich commodities in the level reception.

The solution makes it possible to embrace a green ethic, introducing the quality solid revolution in hotel reception but also finding it in perfumery thanks to partnerships with brands on the market. The solid revolutionises the act of washing hair.

The adoption of solid shampoos represents a significant step towards sustainability and efficiency in personal care, both for the home and the hospitality sector. Our company, Albogroup, is committed to promoting this positive revolution, harnessing the potential of environmentally sustainable solid cosmetics to introduce greener and more conscious practices.

What is aromacology? Fragrances, smells and moods

Essences are the gateway to a world waiting to be explored; advances in science help us to understand its deeper implications. Albogroup also offers research and know-how in the service of hotel reception; we believe in the scent of quality.

The Nota di Testa range of room scent diffusers is an excellent choice to elevate the atmosphere of any space, creating an unforgettable olfactory experience for guests.

What is aromacology?

Smells and sensations are linked by an invisible but firm thread; this is demonstrated by everyday experience but also by the evocative power of scents. Hence the need to study the relationship between the human sense of smell and emotions. This is why aromacology was born.

The branch of science delves into the direct relationship between scents and the physiological response of the human brain; this makes it possible to investigate and understand the effect that aromas trigger on the psyche. A smell has the power to bring back memories but also to trigger a particular sensation.

Aromacology therefore plays an important role in the field of cosmetics and room scenting. It is thanks to this science that, for example, the hotel experience can also become more emotional.

Creating the perfect atmosphere with hotel room fragrances

The language of scents is certainly more powerful than mere words. Our Olfattorio is constantly searching for the notes that can translate the welcome of quality into essences to be experienced.

The result is the courtesy lines by Albogroup, designed not only to welcome but to envelop the hotel guest in a complete sensory experience. The choice of ingredients is not random; this one entrusts fragrances to the excellence of the territory.

The aroma of Pomegranate, Fig, Vanilla, and Garden Fragrances express a decisive identity and roots devoted to excellence. Top Notes but also the Olfactory Selection line are the natural consequence of this, products capable of enveloping the senses and reconciling them with the environment.

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Principles and functioning of aromacology

The roots of olfactory science see their beginnings in the Land of the Rising Sun already in the early 20th century. The term describing it originated before the 1980s to distinguish the discipline from aromatherapy.

Aromacology focuses on the physiological relationship between scents and the benefits they are able to instil in the human psyche. Going deeper, research has focused on the reaction of the brain’s limbic system in response to olfactory stimuli.

The limbic area is the one that presides over emotions but also over drives and needs such as hunger and thirst; instinctual functions are also activated here. It is the limbic system that processes and stores olfactory stimulation, creating the link between odours and instinct.

Benefits of aromacology: energy and psychology

Odours and emotions are physically connected precisely because the limbic system has the ability to translate olfactory stimulation into brain waves. This results in complex processing that can stimulate memory but also evoke instinctive responses.

Why do some fragrances have a relaxing effect while others infuse energy? The answer comes from studies in aromacology and how the discipline has supported the development of new essences.

It is no coincidence that citrus fragrances give a pleasant energising sensation, bergamot fragrances promote a good mood and conciliate quality sleep, and vanilla fragrances instil an immediate feeling of well-being. The innate power of odours thus embraces psychology.

Olfactory memory: the invisible link between smells and memories

Here we need to distinguish between primary and secondary stimulations by odours. The primary ones have a direct action on the psyche; an example is the classic smell of burning that alarms us instantly because perhaps dinner is going up in smoke.

There is, however, a secondary process, that of an aroma that suddenly awakens distant memories of the past. Olfactory sensations are the anchor that holds events in the magnum sea of memory. Perceiving a particular odour induces the very memory associated with it.

The power of olfactory memory is second to no other sensory stimulation. It is enough, for example, to smell a perfume to associate it with an environment or circumstance experienced in the past. That is why the pleasantness of a hotel can be signed by a quality note.

How do odours affect the psyche?

Although this is still largely unexplored territory, the limbic area is the focus of studies in olfactory neuroscience precisely to define the exact relationship between odours and the human psyche.

While it is true that essences play a pivotal role in memorising activity, the exact correlation between odours and the subjective response of each individual has yet to be defined.

This is where aromacology’s guidance into the universe of the psyche comes from; the premises already bear excellent fruit, but the developments have yet to be explored. The pleasure of a smell hides something much deeper.

The intersection between the world of smells and the world of emotions opens up fascinating scenarios full of as yet largely unexplored potential. Albogroup, with its line of Nota di Testa room fragrances and the Olfactory selection, is at the forefront of creating unique atmospheres that enrich the guest experience, transforming each stay into an unforgettable sensory journey. Through aromacology, we explore not only the ability of odours to evoke memories and arouse emotions but also their impact on psychophysical well-being.

Changing the Beauty Routine: sustainable solid cosmetics

The future is in solid cosmetics. Albogroup is a company specialising in the production of hotel lines, putting its know-how at the service of brands aiming for a green change. Here are the reasons for the choice.

Introduction to solid cosmetics: benefits for the skin and the environment

The future is already today, the solid reality is the alternative that is increasingly becoming part of the daily routine. The aim is to take care of the skin with an eye to what will be.

A solid beauty routine introduces an increasingly respectful approach to the skin’s natural balance. A simple comparison is enough to put the concept into practice: sometimes a common liquid cleanser has a pH value further away from the physiological one, while the solid alternative works by respecting the skin’s natural acidity.

More respect means considering the balance of mankind but also that of the environment in which we live. Here, solid cosmetics drastically reduce the impact on water resources. In a world that is increasingly thirsty, a small gesture can make a real difference.

Towards a sustainable beauty routine: principles and conscious choices

It must be admitted that in the world of beauty, everything could turn out to be the opposite of everything. Yes, the real sustainable choice can be far more difficult than one might expect.

The key is in awareness because knowing the products means understanding their role in full. A more than reliable tool is the INCI, the ingredients really have a lot to say in this respect.

Rationalising resources and reducing the impact of plastics are key aspects without compromising on health. Solid production also has a high content of natural ingredients due to the low water content compared to a liquid cosmetic: consequently, it needs fewer preservatives.

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Reduced environmental impact: zero plastic and minimal emissions

The entire cosmetics industry is being called upon to admit its responsibility. Often, in fact, only the packaging of classic green products was green. The values that were so ostentatious turned out to be lacking in a truly green formulation.

The trend towards solid renewal points to a more sustainable future. A strategic element is the change of approach on packaging as liquid implies an inevitable use of plastic. It is estimated that only a fraction of packaging is reintroduced into the recycling path. What happens to the rest?

The oceans are the custodians of the tragic answer. Artificial islands of plastic are only the tangible aspect of pollution that enters the food chain via microplastics. Then there is the inevitable impact on transport; solid paves the way for packaging that is easy to handle and therefore also friendlier to the environment.

Albogroup’s solid cosmetics line for hotels and third parties

Often it is not intuition that makes the difference, time is the ingredient in a formulation that works. The beauty lies in having intuition beforehand; the future of Albogroup is rooted in over 40 years of experience in the cosmetics industry.

The target of the solid proposition is hotels but also contract manufacturing; this is not just a simple fact but the constant incentive to do more and better. Entrusting the product to a brand means not only aiming at effectiveness but also creating quality products.

This is where the products in the Solid.O Original range come from: not only shampoo conditioner but also solid shower gel can be accompanied by their practical courtesy kits. The future is yes change but it must aim for the best.

Efficiency and sustainability: longer life and zero waste

How many traditional bottles correspond to one solid shampoo packet? The answer may surprise you: the solid can cover the same washes as 2 or 3 bottles of the liquid product.

Respecting health and the environment can also be a winning strategy to reduce waste. Yes, solid has a far greater yield than liquid cosmetics. The secret is a pure question of volume: buying the solid means considering only the useful ingredients, depriving them of more than 55% water compared to a liquid.

Efficiency means saving and containing resources means supporting the environment; this is a commitment that is good for today but also for the future.

No Waste: towards a waste-free future in personal care

It may have occurred to you to think about that last drop of product in the bottle, just multiply it by the more than 150 billion packages and realise that even that small drop can make a difference.

The solid solves the problem at its root, releases the cosmetic from its packaging and frees up the use of every last gram. Simply moisten the product, rub it in and store it in a dry place immediately after use.

Changing your beauty routine is a simple yet valuable gesture; here is the future in solid cosmetics.

Our approach to solid cosmetics is not just a business choice, but a real commitment to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. We want to transform the daily beauty routine, making it not only more environmentally friendly but also more efficient and effective. Through our specialisation in the production of solid cosmetic lines for hotels and third parties, we demonstrate that it is possible to combine quality excellence with respect for the planet.

Sustainable Tourism and Plastic Free Hotels: What to know?

The change of perspective is no longer a trend but the answer to the cry of alarm raised by the Planet; the plastics problem requires incisive action from the main players on the cosmetics scene. This is why Albogroup is alongside sustainable realities with the production of solid cosmetics on behalf of third parties, starting with the tourism sector.

The change in consumer mentality

About a hundred years of plastic have had a definite impact on ecosystems. It is well known that there are real oceanic islands made of waste; fish and shellfish contain significant concentrations of microplastics; it is easy to realise that the situation has gone beyond the threshold of normal control.

If a cardboard container takes two months to degrade, the classic plastic bottle can take between 100 and 1,000 years. Just a few of these figures lead to a simple consideration of the impact of plastics in every area of daily life.

The increasingly worrying data now does not only involve the more environmentally aware consumer; customers are really more massively interested in a change of direction. The price crisis on oil derivatives, the rising costs of raw materials are fuelling the front of those who say no to the harmful tradition of plastic.

Individuals’ habits are changing; therefore, politics can only focus efforts in this direction. Not only the regulations of EU states but also the laws of other countries develop strategies to combat the plastic waste problem. Whereas in the past it was only schools that educated the new generations of consumers, now the problem is in the public eye.

Daily routines but also tourism play their part in the intelligent management of plastics. This starts with consumer awareness but is promoted by a proactive commitment on the part of companies.

Considering the scope of cosmetics in tourism commodities, the change can offer valid answers to customer demands. Although the first stage embraced the use of dispensers, the current shift is through the solid revolution. Change offers its advantages.

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Saving water, space and transport: the countless advantages of solid cosmetics

Solid cosmetics are the real eco-sustainable answer. There is no point in hiding it: the beauty industry has, in the past, had a particularly large impact on the planet’s resources. Many brands have resorted to green washing campaigns, initiatives that are far from the real solution to the problem.

Research and current technologies allow a clear transition from words to deeds: solid cosmetics no longer require the use of plastics. Products abandon the liquid formulation, perhaps using packaging made of recyclable paper or other environmentally sustainable materials.

There is another fundamental aspect: the waste of water. Just consider that a classic shampoo consists of 80% water; hence the importance of the impact in the preference of solid over classic liquid. It is estimated that changing shampooing habits alone would lead to a global saving of well over one million litres of water.

Then there is the age-old problem of waste. Very often, cosmetic packaging escapes the normal disposal cycle and ends up scattered in the environment. The most incisive solution is the elimination of plastic packaging with a streamlining of waste disposal processes and a clear cost advantage.

There is also a return of a more practical nature. You only have to have flown on an aeroplane at least once to realise this: solid cosmetics travel much more easily than their liquid counterparts. Practicality is an even more direct advantage.

Not surprisingly, the turnaround is spreading like wildfire. Large companies, both in the hospitality and transport sectors, are now the agents of a profound turnaround. The war on plastic pollution is associated with an increasing conversion to solid cosmetics.

Albogroup: your reliable partner for contract manufacturing of solid cosmetics

Even the longest-lived brand cannot but make use of the most specialised professionalism to explore the new frontiers of the market. It is in this context that the Bergamo-based company is an effective choice to embrace the philosophy of solid.

More than forty years of experience and research accompany a mastery of both the Italian retail sector and the domestic and foreign hospitality sectors. Albogroup invests significant resources in contract manufacturing. This is in fact one of the most effective ways of branding.

Knowing how to produce solid cosmetics means combining benefits with product quality; the formulations are attentive to the natural composition of the cosmetic. The result can only be of a high standard, guaranteeing a multiple return from the changeover. Choosing a quality subcontractor is good for the customer, good for production volumes but above all good for the Earth.

The shift to solid cosmetics is not only an ethical choice, but an urgent need in response to the environmental alarm caused by the excessive use of plastic. Albogroup stands as a leader in this change, offering contract manufacturing of solid cosmetics that effectively meets the needs of the tourism sector and beyond.

Our experience and dedication are reflected in every product we create, proving that it is possible to combine sustainability, quality and innovation. With over forty years of experience, Albogroup is committed to providing cosmetic solutions that respect the environment without compromising the effectiveness and enjoyment of the customer experience.