SOLID.O Original chooses to produce environmentally sustainable PLASTIC FREE cosmetics formulated WITHOUT SILICONES, WITHOUT PARABENS, WITHOUT SLS AND PEG, WITH OVER 90% INGREDIENTS OF NATURAL ORIGIN. A virtuous circle for a conscious beauty experience.

They have a naturality more than 90%

They are plastic-free

They are formulated with ingredients that degrade, without harming the environment

They reduce waste and have a longer shelf life
than traditional liquid cosmetics

They contain about 13% water compared to conventional liquid cosmetics, which can
contain as much as 80% water.This means that for every 10,000 kg of finished goods
transported, a solid cosmetic uses about 6,500 litres less water.

This also translates into less costs, less emissions, less stored volume.

Counting less water, solid cosmetics
allow less use of preservatives

Solid cosmetics are compact, practical
and easy to transport and store