Mémoires Affectives

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700 ml



The memory can come unexpectedly, bringing with it the nostalgia for a world. A little dessert is enough, like a Madeleine immersed in lime tea and the most intimate memories, crystallized somewhere and apparently inaccessible, reveal themselves in their power.
Time is lost, but maybe not! The past becomes present.
“Whence could it have come to me, this all-powerful joy? I was conscious that it was connected with the taste of tea and cake, but that it infinitely transcended those savours, could not, indeed, be of the same nature as theirs. Whence did it come? What did it signify? How could I seize upon and define it?” Marcel Proust
Fragrance diffuser, available in the 700 ml format.


Switching the reeds. The frequency with which the reeds need to be switched, determines the intensity of the fragrance, the more they are being switched, the stronger the fragrance will be.
The duration of the fragrance. The dimensions of the space, the high temperature, the direct sunlight, the exposure to air currents are factors that can accelerate the evaporation and therefore reduce the duration of the fragrance.


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