Solid Shampoo


with Rice Protein and Panthenol.
15 g


Innovative Moisturizing Solid Shampoo enriched with Rice Proteins and Panthenol. It thoroughly cleanses hair gently leaving it soft and light. Its rich and innovative formula does not dry out the skin and leaves it soft and hydrated thanks to its naturally nourishing components.

How to use: Run under water and work for a few moments in your hands. Solid.O Original creates a soft and delicate emulsion that is applied directly to the skin, massaging from the feet up to the neck. It rinses off easily.

SOLID.O chooses to produce PLASTIC FREE eco-sustainable cosmetics formulated WITHOUT SILICONES, PARABENS, SLS AND PEG. MORE THAN 90% OF INGREDIENTS ARE OF NATURAL ORIGIN. A virtuous circle for a conscious beauty experience.

We select and use natural and effective active ingredients in our cosmetic products, focusing on the technical performance of the products.


15 g single-dose Solid Body Wash


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