Conditioning Shampoo

Honami Collection

Mini size Amalfi
40 ml


Conditioning Shampoo in 40ml mini size bottle with seal label.

With White Tea and Bamboo extracts.

Wabi hotel amanities line is based on Zen ideals and is the result of the Wabi-Sabi concept of Japanese origin.

From an oriental beauty concept, the Wabi hotel line is designed to welcome customers with its delicate and refined aromas for a sweet, soft and deep experience that gives physical and sensory well-being.

A line of cosmetics with an essential and elegant style. The packaging is characterized by transparent bottles with labels that combine different pastel colors. The combination of colors and transparencies favors the idea of simplicity and eastern perseverance that disregards the form preferring the content.



Recyclable PET bottle with seal label.


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