Hair and Body Wash

Italia Collection

Dispenser Uranus
400 ml


400 ml dispenser in recyclable PE with black pump.

Transparent side window to view the level of the product.

Inviolable when put in the appropriate bracket: ensuring consumer safety. A special key allows bottle replacement in a simple and safe way.

Easy to clean and maximum hygiene thanks to its rounded shape.

Eco friendly: less waste and less consumption of plastic compared to single use bottles.

The myth of eternal youth.
For millennia, the Mediterranean has known this fruit, a symbol of italian landscapes that are true icons.

The olive is the fruit of abundance, of continuous renewal, which combines emollient and moisturizing properties with antioxidant action thanks to the presence of vitamins A,B,C,E and mineral salts.

A gift of youth that is loved all over the world


Hair and Body Wash in dispenser a muro modello Uranus


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