Why use solid cosmetics?

Going solid means embracing a real revolution in cosmetics. There are many doubts and many false legends about it. Albogroup offers its know-how at the service of those who want to make a difference. Here are the reasons for solid and eco-friendly cosmetics.

Green revolution with solid cosmetics

51 trillion is the number that describes the plastic particles polluting the global marine ecosystem. A considerable part of this number is due to the packaging of liquid cosmetics.

When the catch contains significant concentrations of waste in the sea, the problem is not just environmental but takes on the connotations of a direct threat to health. This is an important factor behind the change.

Then there is the rationalisation of water resources: the cosmetics industry requires a very large input of water and risks taking water away from sectors that cannot do without it. One wonders: is it really necessary to subtract water to add it to the formulation of liquid cosmetics if it is essential to produce our sustenance?

The solid turning point can only be the promoter of a clear change: thinking about plastic-free cosmetics means taking concrete action starting with everyday gestures. The time for green washing is over.

Advantages of solid cosmetics: efficiency and reduced impact

Just go back to the synthesis process of solid cosmetic products. Sometimes the solid is confused with the classic hand soap: the gap is really wide as the latest generation solid does not go through traditional saponification at all.

Solid cosmetics are based on natural galenics; great space is given to natural enrichments such as oils and butters that benefit the skin. All in more concentrated formulations than the classic liquid product.

Concentration means multiplication of efficiency: for the same volume, the solid cosmetic demonstrates far greater effectiveness. This results in an action comparable to all other formulations but reducing the impact in terms of production.

Although it is thought that solid cosmetics cost more than liquid cosmetics, one only has to try it to discover its greater yield. Solid also allows for green packaging; all you need is recyclable paper or cardboard to package it and forget the plastic.

Health impact and economic sustainability

The effectiveness of a solid cosmetic is due to its concentration, but it also owes much to its composition. The low water content makes the use of chemically synthesised preservatives unnecessary; it is in fact moisture that accelerates the process of bacterial colonisation of the product.

Avoiding the use of parabens and using more natural preservatives benefits the skin.

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Practical use and versatility of solid cosmetics

From toothpaste to perfume, via shaving foam, shower gel and a variety of shampoos, the solid alternative is able to meet a wide range of needs. Ease of use is the ideal ally, simply rubbing the product onto wet skin like a classic bar of soap.

The versatility of the solid lies in the possible formulation of different solutions to meet various requirements.

Then there is the practical use in which a little care is needed: solid cosmetics are afraid of moisture, direct heat and sunlight. They should therefore be stored in a dry, breathable container to ensure a longer product life. A small wooden box may be perfect.

Albogroup Solid.O Original cosmetics line

40 years of experience in the industry is the best the brand can guarantee. The solid line is the result of a targeted and constant investment in cosmetics innovation. The project aims to provide a high standard of quality as this is the only way to return tangible results.

The aim is to spread the benefits of solid cosmetics among hotel amenities and especially for retail. The catalogue encompasses the classic shower gel and shampoo variants for women, but also extends to lines designed for men.

Solid.O Original is a dynamic project that is constantly evolving to provide quality production in variants that meet a variety of uses.

Albogroup, with over 40 years of experience in the industry, is positioned as a leader in promoting this green revolution in cosmetics. Our vision and dedication to providing high quality, environmentally sustainable and innovative products is a model for the industry and a hope for a cleaner, healthier future.

Choosing solid cosmetics means embracing a philosophy of living that is environmentally, health and efficiency conscious, confirming one’s commitment to a more sustainable and responsible future.