What are hotel amenities and why are they important?

Low-cost flights and the limitations dictated by the coronavirus and on hand luggage have made hotel amenities even more attractive. Finding complimentary products in your room when you arrive at your accommodation help to make you feel at home and leave a lasting impression when you are travelling, often making the difference when choosing where to stay. These cosmetic products help to turn the stay into a wellness experience by conveying a sense of care, elegance, sophistication, emotions and the notion of being pampered to guests.
The quality and style of a hotel or any type of accommodation are also differentiated by the choice of amenities. Buying anonymous single-dose sachets of shampoo or soap in bulk and leaving them in the hotel bathrooms is a gesture that, although occasionally saves a modest amount of money, can have a negative effect leaving the guests who use them with a less than pleasant memory.
Investing in customised, quality hotel amenities not only offers a positive welcome to your guests, but is also an excellent investment in indirect advertising that enables you to create loyalty in your customers.

What is meant by and what is the meaning of amenities?

The word amenity or amenities in the plural, when related to hospitality facilities, indicates all the services and comforts needed to make the guest’s stay pleasant and comfortable.
It embodies the concept of complimentary products. In the past, services that today are seen as essential elements when classifying accommodation, such as providing towels, hairdryers and minibars, were once considered to be amenities. This does not detract from the fact that even supplying towels, for example, can make a difference by choosing soft, high-quality fabrics, just like the products used for stocking the minibar, with the option of choosing quality products, especially organic products where possible.
The range of products on offer is comprehensive and includes soaps, shampoos and bath gels. The range of hotel amenities or complimentary products available are expanded every day with new and useful accessories.

Today’s state-of-the-art hotel amenities include different services to keep pace with the times and the latest needs of people who travel the world whether for business or leisure. Free Wi-Fi and dedicated sockets for smartphones and laptops, high-definition TV or smart TV service, rooms equipped for remote working. Lifestyle and wellness services are becoming more and more prevalent alongside the latter. For example, direct entry to the spa, fitness in the gym or, better still, personal trainer services, personalised massages and the beauty centre to make your stay enjoyable, one-of-a-kind and above all, a memorable part of your holiday.

Their choice should not be underestimated.
The quality and packaging of bathroom amenities, for example, are the first sign of welcome for guests who stay in any type of accommodation.
Hotel amenities create a longer lasting impression than you may imagine. Customised complimentary products are the first form of indirect advertising that initiates immediate feedback.

The ultimate in hotel amenities is achieved and perceived in 5-Star and Boutique hotels, the new luxury hotels whose philosophy places great importance on amenities.
Boutique Hotels, for example, are small hotels that can have from 10 to a maximum of 100 rooms, equipped with mini-apartments where the furnishings are carefully designed to ensure the guest experiences unique emotions and sensations.
Conceived in the USA as a way to distinguish small hotels with their offer, they are now commonplace throughout Italy, especially in cities of art and located mostly in historic centres and period buildings.
Each location is meticulously cared for, starting with the stylish furnishings down to the very last detail. Boutique hotel amenities range from the softness of the pillows to books, rugs, coffee, tea and herbal tea-making facilities and elegant sets of cups. Customised ranges dedicated to bathroom amenities or toiletries figure prominently among these services.

Examples of bathroom amenities

In addition to the ever-present towels and bath mats, bathroom amenities also include products for personal hygiene such as bars of soap, shampoo, shower gels, aftershave lotions, face and body lotions. Hotels that want to set themselves apart through style and sophistication offer soft bathrobes, shower caps or comfortable slippers (preferably eco-friendly) and many other products that are aimed at enhancing the guest’s stay in the hotel.
Hotel dispensers are also becoming increasingly popular because they are environmentally friendly while reducing costs, transport and packaging compared to traditional mini-sizes. Albogroup, with an ever-watchful eye on sustainability, specialises in the production of hotel dispensers and, with its many elegant products, is a true sector-based leader, offering customisation and third-party manufacturing services as well.

What are toiletries?

Toiletries are amenities specifically for personal hygiene and cosmetics. The toiletries of quality hotels include toothbrushes and shaving kits which are also widely available, along with cosmetics for pre- and post-treatment spa services.
The world of toiletries offered by the finest establishments is a world of aromatherapy and pampering, for which we often don’t have time in our busy daily schedules. The amenities industry is an area where a hotel can use imagination and extensively customise its offer, either by purchasing quality products or by choosing to have them manufactured by third parties.
Own-brand toiletries and carefully selected products can showcase original bottles containing high-performance formulas that are gentle on the skin and contain sophisticated fragrances, but always with a focus on eco-sustainability.

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Albogroup’s amenities

Albogroup is a company that has been specialising in the production of bathroom amenities and toiletries for forty years, with products dedicated to retail, not just in single-dose and single-use packages.
Albogroup offers not only customised ranges requested by large hotel chains or other accommodation facilities, but also high-quality lines, specifically designed to meet the various needs and respect the different styles and missions featured in a variety of guest houses, B&B or accommodation facilities seeking to add a signature spin to their hospitality offer. Albogroup primarily targets distributors, specialising in hotel supplies, allowing them to choose from the many innovative and elegant amenity lines available or to develop customised designs.

Among the many lines available, the Pure White range, for example, features a signature black and white design for its bottles and single-dose sachets. This line is designed specifically for hotels and facilities with a classic, minimalist style of décor, although it also blends seamlessly into designer bathrooms. White dominates, evoking purity, candour and elegance. In addition to the 30 ml single-dose bottles of shampoo, shower gel and body lotion, coordinated with the single-dose sachets, Albogroup champions eco-sustainability with paper-wrapped mini-soaps and the 400 ml dispenser, which is the real innovation.
The Deep Black line is the mirror image of Pure White, transforming the colours with white lettering on a black background.

Orange blossom, mandarin, freesia, lily of the valley, the magic of the floral scent is reminiscent of the Zen philosophy showcased in the Honami line, the term used in Japan to indicate the intoxicating, vital sensation perceived during the magical blossoming of cherry trees.
The Honami line, designed for after-spa pampering, features 40 ml transparent bottles, 10 ml single-dose sachets and 20 g wrapped soaps in soft, fresh pastel colours that conjure up visions of spring, and above all, coordinated with the 400 ml hotel dispensers, specially designed with an elegant wall bracket.
Albogroup pays particularly attention to the land, values and Italian style and has, consequently, developed amenity lines inspired by Italy, its magnificent scents and the countryside. The dispensers of the Italia line are a clear example of this. Chinotto oranges, red grape, olive and myrtle are top-quality Italian products that are transformed into amenity lines with a unique charm.
The Neroli line is also a tribute to nature and freshness with its intense, bitter-sweet fragrance that captures the essence of sunlit Mediterranean landscapes and the beauty of tradition. It is an invitation to stop and appreciate life.
The new cosmetic products in solid form, which represent the ultimate in eco-sustainability and environmental friendliness, deserve a special mention. Albogroup is a leading manufacturer of these totally plastic-free products and its Solid.O Original line is also available in the form of mini-size shampoos for hotels: high-performance solid shampoos and shower gels that are good for the skin, hair and the planet.

Third-party production for Albogroup Hotel Amenities

Albogroup draws on its extensive experience to produce several lines of amenities for hotel chains and hospitality facilities. Its customers include major industry-based distributors, both Italian and international, and prestigious hotels that also want to make a statement with the quality of the amenities and toiletries they provide to make a lasting impression on their guests and encourage loyalty.
We listen carefully to the customer’s needs before creating a meticulous design that is not just limited to featuring the hotel’s brand on the packaging, but aims to enhance and add value the customer’s personal mission.
All Albogroup lines can be customised according to customer specifications both in terms of formulas and packaging.

The company dedicates a whole host of lines to hotels differentiated by style, colour and fragrance. For example, the prestigious Argan Line with a refined and ultra-elegant style and sophisticated fragrance. Argan oil, known and appreciated the world over, is the basis of this hotel line. Its active ingredient has emollient, moisturising and anti-ageing properties, making it a true beauty elixir for the skin. The Argan Line dispensers, available in the Liquid Soap and Hair and Body Wash version, are designer products that are also both eco-friendly and modern.
The company focuses on safeguarding the planet and eco-sustainability by offering practical 300- or 400-ml bottles and single-dose soaps in handy paper wrappers for each of its lines.
Alongside the personal hygiene products and liquid cosmetics, there are also classic soaps and soap bars available, as well as innovative plastic-free solid cosmetics: solid shampoos, solid bubble baths, solid hair and body washes. Albogroup is an in-house producer of this innovative type of solid cosmetics, in hotel amenity form as well, and thanks to its long-standing experience, it is also a leader in the third-party production of environmentally friendly solid cosmetics.
The Solid.O and Solid.O Beba Lena line for kids is the perfect answer for hoteliers who want to give their hotel an eco-friendly footprint. This line can be customised both in content, including organic ingredients, and in packaging, specially designed for the most demanding customers.