How to wash hair with solid soap?

A simple routine is repeated every day in every hotel room. Albogroup believes that the gesture can introduce a positive revolution for the future; herein lies the strength of our proposal starting with environmentally sustainable solid cosmetics. Here is something more.

Introduction to solid shampoo: what is it and why choose it?

Increasingly the creator of a real renewal of habits, the solid formulation test is also winning over the opinions of classic liquid shampoo aficionados. What is it all about? Here are its main peculiarities.

The secret of its success can be grasped by peeking at its INCI, the list of ingredients has much to say about its characteristics. The formulation is the result of an alternative saponification to traditional alkaline hydrolysis, that of shampoos with a particularly basic pH.

The solid product rediscovers ancient processes, but reinterprets them in a more modern way. The compaction solution minimises the use of customary chemistry, preferring the use of plant-based ingredients.

In fact, it is a viable alternative to traditional shampoo. Its advantages are varied and range from its composition to its practicality of use. The reasons for the solid are many.

Composition and benefits: what makes solid shampoo unique?

A brief mention of its composition may not be enough; every solid shampoo starts with a formulation based on specific usage needs. There is, however, a common scheme that may be useful in framing this type of product.

The surfactants used are essentially of natural origin; the solid tends to produce less foam precisely because of this but avoids the use of traditional chemistry. Natural extracts are mostly present.

Many people think that the solid contains no water; in reality, this is present but in minimal concentrations compared to a liquid detergent. It is precisely the compacting of the ingredients that ensures that the product is effective in its anhydrous formulation. Herein lies one of the most appreciable benefits: reduced water means greater product stability and less need for chemical preservatives.

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How is solid shampoo used?

Some people think that the solid product requires special conditions for its use, in reality, a few small precautions are enough to achieve a more than satisfactory handling of the daily routine. Much depends on the quality and pH of the product.

There can sometimes be a misconception that solid shampoos can have too aggressive an action on the hair cuticle, leaving it open and favouring a more brittle and less shiny tissue. This occurs when one uses a shampoo that is too basic; the effect does not apply to solid formulations of natural quality and composition.

Applying the lather directly onto the scalp is only one way to use it, however, it is advisable to moisten the hands and rub the product into them to create a lather for application. A light massage of the head serves to cleanse the hair from the base, using a shampoo with conditioner prevents its subsequent application. There is also a secret: cold water for the final rinse gives vigour to the hair structure.

Durability and storage: a practical guide to solid shampoo

At this point one might ask: but how long does the solid shampoo last? Herein lies another of the product’s strengths, as it lasts much longer than the traditional liquid.

Seen like this, solid shampoo could be the panacea against all waste. This is true, but it must also be stored properly. There are a few but important rules to make the product last longer.

Before anything else, the solid is stored in a dry environment. It is therefore essential to store it away from the shower or in a bag that allows it to dry quickly after use. A wooden box might also prove more practical, especially if you store it in a low-humidity environment.

Where can you buy solid shampoo?

An ally of health and the environment, solid shampoo is one of the solutions that are revolutionising both the hotel commodities sector and the lines destined for large-scale distribution. Given its experience in the field, Albogroup is a partner of reference in contract manufacturing.

It is from the special know-how in the solid sector that the SOLID.O Original cosmetics lines originate and, for example, the Solid Conditioning Shampoo in the 100 g size designed to enrich commodities in the level reception.

The solution makes it possible to embrace a green ethic, introducing the quality solid revolution in hotel reception but also finding it in perfumery thanks to partnerships with brands on the market. The solid revolutionises the act of washing hair.

The adoption of solid shampoos represents a significant step towards sustainability and efficiency in personal care, both for the home and the hospitality sector. Our company, Albogroup, is committed to promoting this positive revolution, harnessing the potential of environmentally sustainable solid cosmetics to introduce greener and more conscious practices.