Natural vegetable soaps: characteristics and properties

Optimising ingredients to maximise revenues, this is in essence what has characterised certain industrial productions to the detriment of the customer. At Albogroup, we instead believe in production that puts natural ingredients at the centre of a green revolution; the environment and the customer gain, but above all the quality of the product. We like to show how each brand can focus on a quality brand extension; we produce soaps for third parties precisely for this reason.

What are natural soaps and what are the ingredients?

Soap is a tradition that goes back a long way, millennia before mass industrial production. The earliest soap recipes can be traced back to the ancient peoples of the Fertile Crescent, the oldest finds date back to 2,500 B.C. and speak of all-natural recipes. The Crusades introduced soap production to the Western world as well. It goes without saying that such long-lived formulas have endured for millennia; they certainly offered valid solutions.

Here we go again with the production of natural soaps. These are products that keep chemicals well away from potentially risky effects on human health and the environment. Opting for the natural solution means turning in the direction of compounds with a clear but above all simply interpretable INCI. Saponification occurs simply by the reaction of sodium hydroxide, the common natural caustic soda, and animal or vegetable fats. The effect is a compound that is sometimes less appealing in appearance, perhaps peculiar in use but certainly healthy.

Properties of natural soaps

The process of saponification already says a lot; natural detergents are those that result from the cold process. Unlike low-cost industrial production, cold processing uses only the heat of the exothermic reaction between caustic soda and fat. Herein lies the value of natural soap as essential oils, vitamins and nutrients can be added at such a temperature that the molecules are not degraded, the active ingredients therefore remain intact to the benefit of the soap’s properties.

The quality of the product is clearly superior, the current direction is towards the use of only vegetable fats so that the soap is also healthier for the customer and less impacting on animals. Almond, coconut, avocado and olive oils, but also shea butter may tend to produce less foam than chemically synthesised products, but they offer an all-natural skin care. The benefits can be observed right from the start.

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Benefits of using natural vegetable soaps

Typical effect of aggressive soaps, failure to respect the physiological pH is a source of stress for the skin. This causes irritation, itching and flaking typical of dry skin. Vegetable soaps have a higher glycerine content, which prevents skin stress but above all protects the skin from fluid loss. Working in a non-aggressive manner, vegetable soap favours the unclogging of pores, thus, cleansing blackheads and preventing acne, especially in young people.

Non-aggressiveness also means helping the healing of scars and creating more favourable conditions in the case of pathological skin conditions. The choice of products also affects health in general; one only has to look at the INCI to realise that natural soaps are free of preservatives and agents potentially harmful to health. Some industrial products, for example, have triclosan among their ingredients, which is registered as a pesticide in the United States. Natural soaps have no harmful ingredients; here is another added value.

What is Albogroup’s vegetable soap?

The experience in the cosmetics industry dates back to 1977, since then fashions have evolved along with styles and production methods. The brand is the signature of many revolutionary ideas in the industry, with low-impact production for the environment and a focus on contract manufacturing of hotel and selective retail soaps and soap bars. Optimising resources and focusing on ingredients are the two approaches that drive the group’s production lines: the added value lies in a product that is green but very cool in essence.

A veritable explosion of colours, the Soap in Love line consists of a collection of top-quality perfumed soaps and body and bath cosmetics with the same fragrances. Here the fragrances make the difference to create a simple yet explosively intense mix. The magic lies in the contact of the products with the skin, the foam does not attack but leaves room for the natural cleansing effect of the soap. The packaging is cheerful and colourful, it speaks of a line that is both joyful and respectful. The smile is finally green.

If your company is looking for a reliable partner for the creation of a customised soap line, or if you need a high-quality contract manufacturer of soaps for hotels and distribution, we invite you to get in touch with Albogroup. We provide customised, high quality solutions with a constant focus on excellence and customer satisfaction. Do not hesitate to contact us for more in-depth knowledge on how we can support your business and help you succeed in the soap market.