What is the best perfumer and scented water for Hotel?

Creating a classy atmosphere in the hotel and at home with the right room scents is essential to enhance first impressions and give a warm welcome. A good customer experience starts with the nose, without realizing it. They are the first emotions that invade you and immediately tell you without error what you need to know.

Albogroup with its refined room diffusers wants to give the pleasure of a perfume that can enter in the memory and become a beautiful memory.
Thanks to the experience of over forty years in the hotel supply industry and the know-how of its technical staff, the company Albogroup is now Italian leader and perfect partner of distributors operating in the field of hotellerie and can offer them high-class perfumer solutions to be placed in rooms or in common places and able to create real emotions.

Albogroup room scents are so special that many times the customer wants to use it at home. This is why in many hotels and selected perfume shops you can buy directly the perfumers for environments Notes Head and Mémoires Affectives of Albogroup.

They are high perfumery and have the task of creating a refined and classy atmosphere that makes you feel at home, welcomed and pampered and are particularly suitable for high-end hotels where attention to the guest and his well-being is a global goal that also involves the sensory and olfactory experience.

Choose the best perfumer size

There are different types of perfumers, depending on the use to which they are intended:

  • surface perfumers (bowls, toilets) are effective in eliminating unwanted odors in service rooms, such as bathrooms
  • perfumers for environments destroy odors: the active chemical ingredients that make them mainly attack the particles directly without masking them
  • room perfumers with essential oils are harmless to health and do not irritate the skin: they offer a continuous sensory journey
  • multifunctional perfumers: sanitize, disinfect and deodorant: they are particularly suitable for rooms prone to infections
  • fragrances for environments: ideal to spread in fruity scents, fresh, oriental, etc.

Depending on the context, it may also be relevant to adopt allergen-free solutions, based on natural ingredients, without gas or recyclable. Air quality in public environments, such as hotels, is an important issue for years to come. Even today, on the other hand, there are air quality requirements for places such as schools, public offices, etc. Taking this into account is a necessary act and constitutes a quality requirement for any accommodation facility.

How long does the effect of perfume last in the environment?

The duration of the perfume in the environment depends on a number of factors, first of all the capacity of the bottle: a fragrance diffuser with a 200 ml tank, for example, in theory, is able to last about 8 weeks. However, several variables can affect this duration: the area of the room, the type of speaker, the capacity of the container, the number of times the sticks are turned. Therefore, a 500 ml stick fragrance diffuser can last 5 months, while a 100 ml device can spread its fragrance for an average of 4 weeks.

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Perfumers with sticks: what are the advantages?

Stick perfumers are decorative accessories, which belong to the family of fragrance diffusers for the environment. They consist of straight or twisted stems in natural rattan or polymers, immersed in a scented mixture, contained in a glass or ceramic bottle, with a narrow neck. The container can take different forms. The liquid is an intense perfume specially formulated for this type of product. May or may not contain alcohol. For specific uses, some manufacturers prefer a mixture of alcohol and essential oils.

The wands absorb the scent and, after a few hours, the fragrance permeates the stems and spreads into the room.
The duration of diffusion is related to the rate of evaporation of the scented solution. The more the bottle is exposed to high temperatures, the longer it can be stored. The more liquid it contains, on the other hand, the more slowly it will evaporate. In principle, a 100 ml bottle spreads for 4-8 weeks depending on the environment.
The intensity of perfume diffusion depends on the number of wands. The more you add, the more intense the fragrance will be. The advantages of stick speakers are:

  • continuous and discrete transmission
  • simple system
  • aesthetics and practicality
  • ecological
  • rechargeable, hence economy.

How are room scents used?

Using room scents is easy. Just take the speaker out of its box and open the glass container, keeping the cap close to the speaker, so you can close it later if necessary. At this point, just dip the sticks in the bottle. You can modulate the intensity of the diffusion by varying the number of rods: the more there are, the more persistent (and faster) is the diffusion. The fewer sticks, the thinner the fragrance, but the longer the diffuser will last. The scent rises through the impregnated sticks and evaporates, therefore, in the environment.

It is advisable to place the bottle in the rooms or in high passage areas, especially in the reception. Fragrance diffusers, in fact, have the advantage of spreading the scent continuously and leaving the spaces scented throughout the day.

The choice of fragrance depends on the result to be obtained and on the environment in which the diffuser is positioned: if citrus fruits are perfect for kitchens, in bedrooms, a sweet, fresh or floral aroma is less pungent.

Luxury perfumes for exclusive hotels

To make the sensory journey of the guests perfect and quality, Albogroup popone two lines of essences and packages for hotels, also customizable with the logo of the structure. These are unique fragrances, developed by the nose of the company and now available in different formats.

Top notes

Stick fragrance diffuser: combines simplicity and elegance. It is available in many fragrances and 500 ml bottles.

Mémoire Affective

Packaging in white or black glass bottles, very elegant. This line aims to evoke memories. It is available in diffuser format with 700 ml sticks with 1000 ml refills.
The scent that brings you home, even when you’re away.