Sustainable Tourism and Plastic Free Hotels: What to know?

The change of perspective is no longer a trend but the answer to the cry of alarm raised by the Planet; the plastics problem requires incisive action from the main players on the cosmetics scene. This is why Albogroup is alongside sustainable realities with the production of solid cosmetics on behalf of third parties, starting with the tourism sector.

The change in consumer mentality

About a hundred years of plastic have had a definite impact on ecosystems. It is well known that there are real oceanic islands made of waste; fish and shellfish contain significant concentrations of microplastics; it is easy to realise that the situation has gone beyond the threshold of normal control.

If a cardboard container takes two months to degrade, the classic plastic bottle can take between 100 and 1,000 years. Just a few of these figures lead to a simple consideration of the impact of plastics in every area of daily life.

The increasingly worrying data now does not only involve the more environmentally aware consumer; customers are really more massively interested in a change of direction. The price crisis on oil derivatives, the rising costs of raw materials are fuelling the front of those who say no to the harmful tradition of plastic.

Individuals’ habits are changing; therefore, politics can only focus efforts in this direction. Not only the regulations of EU states but also the laws of other countries develop strategies to combat the plastic waste problem. Whereas in the past it was only schools that educated the new generations of consumers, now the problem is in the public eye.

Daily routines but also tourism play their part in the intelligent management of plastics. This starts with consumer awareness but is promoted by a proactive commitment on the part of companies.

Considering the scope of cosmetics in tourism commodities, the change can offer valid answers to customer demands. Although the first stage embraced the use of dispensers, the current shift is through the solid revolution. Change offers its advantages.

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Saving water, space and transport: the countless advantages of solid cosmetics

Solid cosmetics are the real eco-sustainable answer. There is no point in hiding it: the beauty industry has, in the past, had a particularly large impact on the planet’s resources. Many brands have resorted to green washing campaigns, initiatives that are far from the real solution to the problem.

Research and current technologies allow a clear transition from words to deeds: solid cosmetics no longer require the use of plastics. Products abandon the liquid formulation, perhaps using packaging made of recyclable paper or other environmentally sustainable materials.

There is another fundamental aspect: the waste of water. Just consider that a classic shampoo consists of 80% water; hence the importance of the impact in the preference of solid over classic liquid. It is estimated that changing shampooing habits alone would lead to a global saving of well over one million litres of water.

Then there is the age-old problem of waste. Very often, cosmetic packaging escapes the normal disposal cycle and ends up scattered in the environment. The most incisive solution is the elimination of plastic packaging with a streamlining of waste disposal processes and a clear cost advantage.

There is also a return of a more practical nature. You only have to have flown on an aeroplane at least once to realise this: solid cosmetics travel much more easily than their liquid counterparts. Practicality is an even more direct advantage.

Not surprisingly, the turnaround is spreading like wildfire. Large companies, both in the hospitality and transport sectors, are now the agents of a profound turnaround. The war on plastic pollution is associated with an increasing conversion to solid cosmetics.

Albogroup: your reliable partner for contract manufacturing of solid cosmetics

Even the longest-lived brand cannot but make use of the most specialised professionalism to explore the new frontiers of the market. It is in this context that the Bergamo-based company is an effective choice to embrace the philosophy of solid.

More than forty years of experience and research accompany a mastery of both the Italian retail sector and the domestic and foreign hospitality sectors. Albogroup invests significant resources in contract manufacturing. This is in fact one of the most effective ways of branding.

Knowing how to produce solid cosmetics means combining benefits with product quality; the formulations are attentive to the natural composition of the cosmetic. The result can only be of a high standard, guaranteeing a multiple return from the changeover. Choosing a quality subcontractor is good for the customer, good for production volumes but above all good for the Earth.

The shift to solid cosmetics is not only an ethical choice, but an urgent need in response to the environmental alarm caused by the excessive use of plastic. Albogroup stands as a leader in this change, offering contract manufacturing of solid cosmetics that effectively meets the needs of the tourism sector and beyond.

Our experience and dedication are reflected in every product we create, proving that it is possible to combine sustainability, quality and innovation. With over forty years of experience, Albogroup is committed to providing cosmetic solutions that respect the environment without compromising the effectiveness and enjoyment of the customer experience.