Solid cosmetics: Discover the range of natural and ecological body care products

Solid cosmetics are a growing trend in the world of beauty and personal care. These products, made from natural ingredients, are eco-friendly, sustainable and environmentally friendly, providing gentle care for both the skin and the environment. In this article, we explore the wide range of solid cosmetics available on the market, including shampoos, shower baths, facial soaps and much more.

The philosophy of solid cosmetics: an eco-friendly approach to body care

What is a solid cosmetic?
A solid cosmetic is a personal care product that comes in a solid, rather than a liquid or cream form. This feature allows the use of plastic packaging to be reduced and the space required to move goods around to be limited. Solid cosmetics are made from natural ingredients, including those of plant origin and organic cosmetics, and follow production methods that are sometimes artisanal, sometimes industrial, while respecting the environment.

The environmental benefits of solid cosmetics
Solid cosmetics offer several ecological advantages:

  • Reduction of plastic use: due to their solid form, these products do not require plastic packaging, helping to reduce plastic waste pollution.
  • Less water consumption: the production of solid cosmetics requires less water than liquid or cream products.
  • More efficient transport: solid cosmetics take up less space and weigh less than traditional products, thus reducing the environmental impact of transport.

The wide range of solid body care cosmetics

Solid shampoos

Solid shampoos are one of the most popular types of solid cosmetics. Made from natural ingredients, often enriched with organic and certified, plastic-free ingredients, these products offer a gentle and natural cleansing of the hair.
Among the most popular products on the market is Albogroup’s Moisturising Solid Shampoo with Argan, Oat and Panthenol, featured in the Solid.O Original line aimed at both hotels and retail.

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Solid conditioning shampoos

Conditioning shampoos are the ideal solution for nourishing and protecting hair in a natural way. Thanks to their excellent properties, these products offer an effective and gentle action, leaving the hair soft and supple.

Solid bubble baths

Solid shower gel is a natural and environmentally friendly cleanser for cleansing the skin in a natural and non-aggressive way. Among the most popular products is the Solid shower gel Solid. O Original by Albogroup with organic shea butter and marigold extract.

Also in Albogroup’s Solid.O Original line for hotels and retail is an innovative solid and multifunctional product for body and hair. This is an innovative Shower Shampoo in solid form, revitalising and with Sesame Oil and Organic Olive Oil, adapted for all skin and hair types.

Do you need to develop or produce your own line of solid cosmetics for hotels or retail? Albogroup offers its experience of more than 40 years as a made-in-Italy manufacturer of contract cosmetics. The production of high quality solid cosmetics requires advanced production processes, attention to selected raw materials and great experience. Solid cosmetics are not mere soaps, but are highly performing and effective ecological cosmetics. Contact us for more information.

Solid facial cleansers

For facial cleansing, solid bars offer a natural and effective alternative to liquid products. Even in the world of make-up removers for the face, there is great news. The classic liquid make-up remover becomes solid: a convenient bar, also in a 15g version, which on contact with water turns into a soft facial cleanser suitable for removing make-up and impurities. An example is the new Make-Up Remover by Albogroup, made in the practical Hotel Amenities version, ultra-delicate and with Olive Oil, Almond Oil and Vitamin E.

Solid cosmetics for children

Solid cosmetics are also an ideal choice for caring for the little ones, thanks to their gentleness and total absence of harmful ingredients. Products designed for children include shower baths and shampoos that are particularly gentle on the skin and have emollient properties. It is very interesting to see how this ecological trend has now become part of the beauty routine of many families, which is why even in many hotels you can find children’s toiletries consisting of solid, ecological cosmetic products with a very high percentage of ingredients of natural origin. Discover for example the Beba Lena & Friends children’s cosmetics line from Albogroup, designed specifically for hotels and now a great success.

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Solid cosmetics for hotels: an ecological revolution

But what are the real reasons for a hotel to offer solid cosmetics for its hotel amenities today?

  1. Reducing environmental impact
    By using solid cosmetics in hotels, you help to reduce your ecological footprint and limit the use of plastic. Furthermore, these products require less water in their production than liquid cosmetics, contributing to water savings.
  2. Improving the guest experience
    Offering high-quality solid cosmetics in their accommodation can improve the experience of guests, who will appreciate choosing natural and sustainable products for their personal care. Moreover, solid cosmetics are ideal for travellers with all skin types.
  3. Enhancing the hotel’s image
    Adopting a policy of environmental sustainability and choosing solid cosmetics for hotel rooms can help improve the hotel’s image, distinguish it from the competition and attract environmentally and product quality-conscious customers.

How to implement solid cosmetics in hotels?

Choosing and selecting the right products is the first thing.
To introduce solid cosmetics in hotels, it is essential to select quality products made from natural and certified ingredients. Rely on a direct producer of solid hotel cosmetics such as Albogroup.

Product customisation is the basis of successful branding.
Hotels can customise their solid cosmetics with their own logo and hotel name to create a coordinated image and strengthen the bond with guests. In addition, you can choose eco-friendly and designer packaging that reflects the style and values of your hotel. Details often make the difference.

Staff training is crucial.
For the introduction of solid cosmetics in hotels to be effective, it is essential to train staff on the use and benefits of these products. In this way, employees can inform and advise guests on the correct use of solid cosmetics and their characteristics. For example, Albogroup’s solid cosmetics are easy to use: under water they turn into a soft cosmetic foam to be used on the body and hair. Furthermore, the decision to make the bar of soap divisible means that the Albogroup solid product is even more sustainable, because the consumer can choose to use only part of it, thus avoiding unnecessary waste.

Values to be spent also in communication and promotion.
To enhance the adoption of solid cosmetics and attract new customers, hotels can exploit communication and promotion channels such as social media, the website and information brochures. It is important to communicate the hotel’s green philosophy, highlighting the use of solid cosmetics and other environmental sustainability initiatives. Albogroup can provide all the necessary marketing support.

Ease of transport.
Solid cosmetics are practical and light to carry, thanks to their compact shape and the absence of liquids. They are ideal for travellers who wish to travel with hand luggage and comply with restrictions on liquids in aeroplanes.

Adaptability to different needs.
Thanks to the variety of products available, solid cosmetics can meet the needs of different skin and hair types, offering customised solutions for each guest. They are also suitable for those who follow a vegan lifestyle or are looking for cruelty-free products.

Use while travelling
Solid cosmetics are perfect for travellers who want to maintain a sustainable body care routine away from home. They are easy to use and store in the beauty case, without the risk of spills or broken containers.

The use of solid cosmetics is simple: just wet them lightly and lather your hands, then apply the product to your body or hair like a normal cleanser. After use, it is important to let the solid cosmetic dry and store it in a protective container once dry, to avoid deterioration caused by contact with water. You can also use a natural cotton net to hold the solid soap and hang it in the shower.

Solid cosmetics are an environmentally friendly, sustainable and natural alternative to traditional body care products. Thanks to their formulation based on vegetable and organic ingredients, these products respect the environment, skin and hair, offering an ideal solution for those who want to reduce their environmental impact without sacrificing the quality and effectiveness of personal care products. Contribute to a great ecological revolution by starting with small everyday gestures.