Hotel Soaps: Organic and Single Dose Solutions

Hotel amenities is a field that suffers more than others from the balance between technology and the expenditure of resources; that is why this sector is the forerunner of innovations in hotel soaps. Albogroup also offers our know-how in the production of hotel amenities; revolutions in habits start with small gestures. We introduce them starting with a new concept in hotel soap kits.

The Innovation of Solid Cosmetics: Beyond Traditional Soap

While the recent past has committed the cosmetics industry to the production of liquid solutions, the current trend is set for a radical reversal. One only has to look at the classic hotel amenities lines, those characterised by their plastic bottles, to realise that this is a solution that has too great an impact on the planet’s resources.

The customer is increasingly sensitive to issues of eco-sustainability; adhering to the green logic allows greater brand awareness of the hotel. Taking care of the guest is the goal of every hotel; doing so through eco-friendly lines means introducing an alternative that demonstrates a concrete commitment to the fate of the planet.

The qualities of solid lines can be even greater than those of classic liquid products; they reduce the impact in terms of plastic waste while at the same time allowing a more rational use of the bath product. This is not a return to the soap of the past, the innovation of the latest generation of solid cosmetics lies in the natural composition.

Albogroup: masters in the creation of solid cosmetics

Around fifty years of experience are a wealth of experience at the service of retail partners and multinationals in the hospitality sector. Albogroup has always made research the fulcrum of an offer capable of anticipating the times. Careful study of needs in order to formulate answers through products, this is the sense of an activity in constant evolution.

The disproportionate increase in plastics and climate change are the impetus behind the development of a natural cosmetics line. Abandoning traditional production processes means embracing industrial methods based on green logic and product evolution.

This gives rise to the experience behind solid cosmetics lines that make Albogroup a leader in the sector. This translates into higher quality but also a lower impact in terms of production costs. Embracing green logic is a responsible choice.

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Ideal partner: working with international and multinational companies

Everything stems from a simple but effective intuition: producing small soaps for hotels is the way to spread the culture of savings and apply it in the most suitable context. Large reception companies find in Albogroup a reliable partner precisely because it can provide a real solution.

Becoming a leader means acting on large numbers, doing so in an emerging field is not easy. This is where the intention to focus on specialisation comes from: there are many companies that produce cosmetics, far fewer are those that really aim at going green. Specialisation means investing, multiplying production capacity in fields not yet fully explored.

Here was born the vision towards innovation to make novelty a daily routine. Major partners have recognised the value of the idea and awarded the products in the line.

Customised private label solutions: organic and single-serving soaps for hotels and B&Bs

Albogroup’s experience starts with proven know-how: ISO 22716:2007, EU ECOLABEL, RSPO and COSMOS are some of the certifications. Aiming for the optimum is the best way to stand alongside the realities of excellence in reception.

In addition to processes, it is the ideas that count. Organic logic meets single-serving format for the formula that is closest to the hotel business. The result is lines dedicated to retail but also customisable in a branded solution.

Natural logic in production processes is combined with the concept of quality; this is also reflected in the customised lines. If a hotel guest wants to be pampered, doing so with branded products means letting himself be chosen for his added value.

Here are some of the products in the range:

  • Sustainable dispensers;
  • Plastic-free and water-saving solid cosmetics;
  • Hotel amenities in mini-size format;
  • Room perfumers;

Water Saving Solid Cosmetics for Hotels Solid.O Original line

The project stems from the need for an active commitment to the environment through a savings-friendly product; solid cosmetics condenses the nature of the ingredients with anti-waste rationalisation. Zero plastic for packaging and divisible solid bars are the choices made for a hotel-friendly product.

Solid Body Wash but also the combined Solid Hair & Body Wash solution are a part of the Solid.O Original range. The range also includes the shampoo conditioner, the Solid Make up Remover and many other solutions. The format is 15g, ideal for use outside the home and environmentally friendly.

In an era where eco-sustainability reigns supreme, Albogroup emerges as a pioneer, revolutionising the concept of hotel amenities with eco-sustainable solutions.

With a history of experience and innovation, we are committed to producing solid cosmetics that not only reflect our dedication to safeguarding the planet, but also our genuine concern for the needs of our guests and business partners. Our customised and certified solutions reflect a compromise between quality, nature and technology, making them the ideal choice for hotels that aim to elevate their offerings while reducing their environmental impact and enhancing the guest experience.