Liquid soap and cosmetics dispensers: guide to buying the best model

The market offers various possibilities, many of which are characterised by very sophisticated and special fragrances. Here, then, is Albogroup’s advice for your next choice of the best soap and liquid cosmetics dispenser for hotels.

What exactly is a soap dispenser and how does it work?

The dispensing device originated with the large-scale spread of liquid soaps.

The United States in the 1980s saw a boom in the use of bottles capable of dispensing soaps and detergents. They were born out of a common need to provide a service to customers in hotels, accommodations and restaurants.

The soap dispenser originated for commercial purposes but soon became an accessory in the home as well.

The mechanism behind it is simple: a bottle is fitted with a dispensing pump that allows the contents to be dispensed in exact doses. Generally, dispensing is by means of a pressure mechanism, the classic pump, or membrane cap; these are the most commonly used solutions.

The principle behind it is as simple as it is effective; this is one of the elements that have contributed to the object’s diffusion in every context. While the aim of rationalising consumption has been preserved over time, current perspectives see a profound change in the models and innovations adopted.

The delivery mechanisms evolve but its utility remains unchanged.

How many types of dispensers exist?

Often, when approaching the choice of a dispenser, the first question that arises is how large the bottle should be in order to guarantee an autonomy adapted to the usage profile. The reality is different: the volume of the bottle is closely related to the guarantee of product stability.

Typically, dispensers travel for capacities of up to 500 mL; however, smaller ones can also be found. For example, classic hotel dispensers for shampoo, bath and shower gel or liquid soap generally have a capacity of 300-400 ml, take up little space, are easily replaceable or refillable, and are an important piece of furniture that must dialogue with the style of the bathroom where it is placed. By now, even luxury hotels are introducing dispensers in their bathrooms, because they represent a truly sustainable choice compared to traditional cosmetics in small single-dose formats.

An important factor in the choice of dispensers is also the issue of safety and the inviolability of the product to protect the consumer. Safety depends primarily on the material of which the dispenser is made; plastics are among the most commonly used solutions and guarantee easier maintenance. To say ‘plastic’ is not necessarily to speak of pollution of the environment. In fact, there are different types of plastics that have been developed to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. For example, there are dispensers made from recyclable plastics, recycled plastics such as corn starch, sugar cane or bioplastics that are constantly evolving. It is the conscious handling of waste that ultimately makes the difference.

This is why plastic dispensers are the most widely used today. Albogroup has chosen to use recyclable plastics for its dispensers that can be recycled in a virtuous way, thus reducing costs, waste and pollution. It is worth mentioning that the use of dispensers in hotels is one of the most eco-friendly solutions to date because compared to traditional plastic mini-sizes, dispensers are cheaper, use much less plastic for the same amount of consumption, refillable solutions are available and management in the hotel is simpler and faster. In hotels all over Europe, 30 or 50 ml bottles will almost certainly be completely replaced in the near future by the new dispensers for shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, shower gels, liquid soaps or body creams. Albogroup is a leading manufacturer of dispensers for hotels and is able to develop specific lines for each customer, from the simplest and most essential to design projects with special ingredients of the highest quality. Contact us for more information on our products and services, both for immediately available dispenser collections and for contract manufacturing.

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Linea Italia Dispenser Collection

Among Albogroup’s most popular dispenser collections is CODICE ITALIA, a line dedicated to the Italian territory and its typical fragrances. The characteristic essences of Italy accompany the senses on a journey through the beauty that the Mediterranean can offer. This is why Albogroup wanted to honour the excellence of Italy by dedicating an entire range of dispensers to it.

Focusing on quality means entrusting hotel amenities with a clear message: Italian hospitality is attention to detail, style and creativity, even for seemingly unimportant service products such as consumables in a hotel bathroom.

The idea of wall-mounted dispensers was born to combine the tradition of the classic dispenser with the practicality of space-saving solutions in an ideal volume to preserve product integrity.

Albogroup’s Linea Codice Italia focuses on quality but also on the affinities between fragrances, allowing customers to create their own personalised mix. The aim is to pamper the guest, the means can be a combination of the available fragrance types. The result could be inebriating.

What dispensing mechanisms do the dispensers have?

The dosing pump is one of the most popular dispensing methods. Its simple mechanism makes it easy to use, but above all, it guarantees a correct dispensing of the contents, avoiding unnecessary product waste.

From the most widespread and inexpensive solutions, we move on to the innovations of recent years. Automatic models were already present on the professional scene, but their boom came during the recent pandemic period. The technology ensures that the cosmetic liquid is dispensed without physical contact with the dispenser. The advantages of the solution are undoubted but these devices often require frequent battery changes. The result is that the more classic solutions still prove to be the most popular, especially for dispensers to be placed inside bathrooms or showers.

What are the advantages of hotel dispensers?

The use in hotels of soap dispensers and cosmetic products in general offers numerous advantages, not only economic. Cosmetic dispenser solutions, such as shampoo and shower gel in hotel bathrooms, mainly ensure waste control and are therefore highly appreciated from a green perspective.

Ensuring that the containers are always replenished is the only effort required, saving considerable time and energy.

Do you need to develop your own exclusive and customised line of cosmetic dispensers for hotels and are you looking for a manufacturer who can give you an all-round service? Albogroup is the right company for you! We specialise in the production of high-quality dispensers for the hotel sector and can offer a wide range of customised solutions to meet your specific needs.

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