Single-dose sachets: what are the features and advantages

Dose precision but also guaranteed safety and inalterability, packaging potential and choice of graphics are the aspects that push towards single-dose packaging.

Insight is the best way to choose. Here is what to consider.

Customisable heat-sealed single-dose sachets

Handy but above all safe, the heat-sealed solution is one of the most chosen by companies. While it is true that the choice is not always the most effective, it is convenient when the target consumption is particularly narrow.

Each individual user can in fact benefit from the packaging of the appropriate dose, precisely because the single-dose package guarantees perfect preservation. Presenting oneself well is essential but that is not all, it is even more important that one’s product lives up to its promises.

The heat-sealed single serve is a valid proposition among the amenities products for hotels. The quality of amenities depends on various factors: the nature of the product must be considered, but the choice of the appropriate quantity as well as the most appropriate graphic design are equally important. The classic heat-sealed sachet offers great customisation possibilities; this translates into excellent potential in the graphic design of the product.

Much depends on the target audience it is aimed at; dynamic or more elegant, the casing must have a concept that represents both the product and the context of use.

Single-dose sachet amenities hotel

The quality level of an accommodation service is also perceived by the attention to detail. Bathroom products and other sachet amenities are among the elements that every hotel is expected to take special care of. If it is true that customers value comfort in their rooms, bathroom products are also among the details that are the focus of attention.

Not all single-dose solutions are the same, however. The underlying technology is very important. By relying on machines with a high degree of control, the single-dose product can count on convenient openings. If one considers, for example, the classic single-dose shampoo and conditioner sachet, versatility of use becomes an essential detail.

Here, solutions such as the funnel opening can make a real difference, the user experience becomes more natural with the resulting gain in customer comfort. This is how, even for a seemingly minor detail, well-designed packaging can bring a valuable advantage.

Which products are most suitable?

When considering the tourist reception sector, the use of the single-dose format extends into several areas. Considering a high standard of the establishment, single-dose packaging finds its main application in bathroom amenities.

It starts with the more traditional cleansing creams for skin and hair; bath foams and conditioners are real tools that convey the desire to take care of the customer with quality products.

Then there are cosmetics, some of which are particularly popular in single-dose format. An example could be foundation, the single-dose sachet can be a practical solution for using only the amount needed. More widely used, on the other hand, are moisturising body creams, which are particularly popular in both the colder and warmer months, as well as shaving creams and cleansing gels. Being products in semi-liquid form, they are the most suitable for single-dose packaging.

Combining product quality with the most convenient single-serving format, these are the ingredients of a solution that works.

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Advantages of single-dose sachets

Opting for the single-serve format is a choice that can bring numerous advantages, provided, however, that it is the solution best suited to the product’s usage profile. If the classic ‘economy pack’ rewards large catchment areas – see the case of automatic dispensers – single-dose amenities are best suited to a less massive catchment area.

Here, then, is the first of the strengths: the single-serve ensures a considerable reduction in waste. This has a twofold advantage; on the one hand, less product is used, so you can invest in quality, and on the other hand, the impact on the environment is lowered: the single-serve can be an environmentally friendly alternative.

There is another aspect to consider: the one-dose can be, above all, beautiful. Graphic design is a particularly powerful marketing tool. Just consider the space that a heat-sealed sachet offers, compensate for the spaces with the most incisive layout and work on the strength of the content: you can end up with a product that is useful to use but perhaps also beautiful to collect.

Here, the strength of single-serving packaging goes far beyond the boundaries of classic marketing.

Albogroup: contract cosmetics production

Product quality starting with the composition, tailor-made solutions and scrupulous attention to individual customer requirements are the formula behind a company with several decades of experience.

Albogroup is a partner of major hospitality brands in Italy and around the world, acting on behalf of third parties in the production of cosmetics for hotels and accommodation facilities. Being able to count on the right balance between quality and price is one of the reasons for choosing us.

Not only for hotel cosmetics. Albogroup caters directly for large companies looking for a contract partner in the production and packaging of their product samples in sachets or sachet packs. This is why we have specific production lines dedicated exclusively to the filling and packaging of cosmetic products of many types. Our experience and expertise allow us to work for many cosmetic companies, both Italian and international. These companies entrust us with the production of their sachet product samples, certain of the quality and efficiency that Albogroup can guarantee.

Our daily commitment is to maintain and exceed the quality standards that have made us a benchmark in the industry. This means working with passion, precision and attention to detail, to always guarantee maximum satisfaction to our customers.

By choosing Albogroup, you choose a trusted partner able to offer a complete and customised service, capable of responding to all your needs. Our experience and flexibility allow us to adapt to any request, always offering the best possible solution. We are at your disposal for any information.