Cruise Ships Eco Revolution with Solid Cosmetics

Hotel amenities can also gain a lot from the solid revolution. In our production of solid cosmetics for hotels, we make the most of innovation without detracting from quality. Albogroup is in support of change, to bring navigation closer to zero impact.

Benefits of solid cosmetics for the cruise industry

Seaside receptivity is the area in which hospitality is expected to reach the highest quality standards; cosmetics can only be part of this through a targeted use of bathing commodities.

This is one of the areas where the solid alternative expresses its full potential; here are its main advantages.

Space and transport efficiency

A simple practical test is enough to realise the gain in volume that comes from choosing solid cosmetics: the classic plastic bottle of liquid shower gel, for example, can be replaced by a much more compact sized lump.

Land transport and stowage on the ship can therefore take advantage of the solid formula as this ensures much easier and more practical handling, especially in the context of a cruise. Over 4,000 passengers are the users of on-board cosmetics. Solid revolutionises bulk handling.

Reducing Plastic Waste

Maintaining perfection is the only possible way in the context of a cruise ship. Things become more complicated, however, when the management of inert waste has to take place in the context of a ship. The solution lies in waste compaction; however, this is not enough to reduce the impact of floating cities.

The solid alternative avoids the waste of plastic for packaging, resulting in a more rational use of raw materials and the use of recycled paper materials. Solid cosmetics therefore reduces plastic waste and encourages a virtuous re-use of packaging.

Lower water consumption

Optimising resources is a key issue, especially when one is in luxury hotels plying the seas of the entire planet. Water is one of the biggest challenges at sea, especially when the number of cabins is as large as on cruise ships.

The solid product can be applied to the skin after it has been quickly moistened; this changes the traditional routine allowing for a new way that optimises resources. It is not uncommon for on-board experience with solid detergents to lead to a switch to the solid product in daily use after returning home. Solid savings are convincing and enduring.

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Compliance with Environmental Regulations

Awareness starts with the growing demand for green alternatives; the market itself is asking for them. Adding to the chorus are the latest EU resolutions that are adjusting regulations to reduce waste. The direction is to save resources even in shipping supplies.

More than the use of cosmetics in refillable dispensers, solid products allow a complete abandonment of the industrial logic typical of liquid formulations. The effect is a reduction in the water impact of production but also efficiency in terms of environmental sustainability. The solid makes one forget the days of green-washing.

Innovative and sustainable user experience

Sailing the seas to admire their charms and contributing to their pollution by microplastics are two antithetical aspects that are now totally unacceptable to those who opt for cruising. The customer demands an ever smaller impact on the environment but still adheres to high quality standards.

It is inevitable that the solution comes through innovation. Solid cosmetics are for some a true novelty and for others a valid confirmation of cosmetics that finally also take care of sustainability. Brand authority gains from this.

Sustainability and Environmental Commitment

Accommodation at sea involves compliance with EU and global regulations. Recent directives are increasingly stringent when it comes to environmental matters. Where the current orientation is towards the effective reduction of plastic-waste, solid cosmetics is the solution that addresses the problem.

Complying with the rules always involves sacrifices and the transition to solid cosmetics is a real revolution for everyone. However, this allows effective alignment with new regulatory guidelines, ensuring the cruise sector’s role as a forerunner of innovation. Modern cruises, in this way, respect everyone’s sea.

Albogroup and the sustainable turn to cruising

More than forty years of experience in the industry are the baggage the company puts at the service of luxury reception, including cruise ships. Sustainability passes through the Solid.O Original lines that integrate the strengths of solid with the high standards of quality cosmetics.

Contract manufacturing is one of the tools that the Italian reality places at the service of the big names, even in the cruise sector. Every innovation starts with a small revolution; relying on an established reality makes the transition even more natural. The cosmetics of the future are solid.

The solid cosmetics revolution is emerging as a sustainable and innovative solution not only in the hotel industry, but also in the cruise sector. Solid cosmetics effectively meet the needs of space, waste management, water consumption and compliance with environmental regulations, showing how innovation can go hand in hand with respect for the environment.