Solid shampoo and eco-sustainability: what does it mean?

We look to the past but with an eye to the future. Albogroup is committed to producing a cosmetic range that is attentive to the balance of the body and the planet. This is where contract manufacturing comes from; the target market is Hotel Amenities but also quality retail. Design and precision timing are some of the ingredients of our solid shampoo, here are the others.

Solid shampoo: what it is and how to use it

The texture is reminiscent of the past, the bar of soap was the queen in toilet habits before the massive spread of solid soaps. Organised in bars, the solid shampoo is actually much more than a bar of soap. The appearance looks to the past, but the substance of the product is more than current; inside, in fact, is a careful selection of raw materials. Natural active ingredients are preferred to chemically synthesised components; the surfactants therefore wash but without aggravating the scalp.

Talking about solid shampoo also means changing one’s daily habits. It is in fact a product with many advantages but which requires a few minor changes. Solid shampoo can be rubbed directly into damp hair, there is also the option of soaking it in water and using the dissolved product. The feel is different than usual, the benefits are appreciated.

Shampoo with good INCI: all Albogroup products

The International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients, of course, also covers solid shampoo. Here the landscape may appear somewhat varied but above all controversial, there are several brands that promote the alternative in solid form but succumb to the use of ingredients with little connection to the green perspective. The INCI is precisely the right tool to select what is best for the protection of health; its effectiveness also applies to solid shampoo.

The SOLID.O® range was created to combine quality with the fight against plastic pollution; here, the INCI can certify its composition. Whether shampoos or other solutions, the range favours products that are free of silicones and parabens. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) are also missing from the composition; we prefer to invest a few more resources than in preservatives and synthetic surfactants.

Best natural solid shampoos: SOLID.O® Original

The intention is to maximise product cuts in order to reduce production costs and be able to invest in the quality of raw materials. For us, this is the formula for quality that can be appreciated in daily use. The shampoos in the line are of course offered in packs of varying weights, the smallest cuts being the most suitable for use in receptive contexts while the largest ones can become excellent allies in the daily routine.

Attention to delicate skin conditions but also a customised approach to different hair types are just some of the reasons behind the shampoo line. The ingredients are also organic and certified; the line can adapt to customisation in fragrances and colouring as well as packaging. The underlying concept is more than solid; customisation is carefully adapted to the customer’s needs.

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Shampoos and solid detergents: properties and benefits

The type was created with the intention of revolutionising the current approach to liquid cosmetics. It is not just a question of avoiding the risk of a liquid spilling into the classic travel luggage because the liquid formulation carries real mountains of plastic. This is one of the main strengths of the solid alternative; the packaging is really less demanding. Then there is the cost factor; it is worth trying it to realise this.

The properties of a shampoo but also of other solid cleansers are perhaps the most interesting aspect; empirical evidence can show how the approach to cleansing is more in line with nature. The use of a solid shampoo may result in an initial sensation of greasy wet hair; the reality is a hair that retains its cleansing power and appears cleaner for several days. The difference is stark compared to liquid shampoo.

How many washes does a solid shampoo last?

Many times more than an ordinary liquid shampoo, the answer can be clear when considering field tests. Effective use of the product can guarantee as many as 50 washes for a 100 gram bar, so each wash can cost as little as a few cents. The figure does, however, need a few small recommendations to optimise the duration.

Usage is at least as important as product storage. Solid shampoo is particularly affected by moisture when not in use. Ideally, the cleansing bar should be left to dry and stored inside a dry container because the ideal environment is cool and also out of direct sunlight. A wooden box may be ideal because the material ensures breathability but above all because it helps preserve the world from plastic build-up. Solid shampoo supports the scalp but is also good for the planet.

If you are a company or distributor specialising in cosmetics and would like to contribute to a more sustainable future, please contact Albogroup. We can work together to develop a customised line of environmentally sustainable, plastic-free solid cosmetics, including solid shampoos and bubble baths ideal for hotels. Together, we can create high-performance products that respond to the growing demand for environmentally friendly choices in the hospitality industry and in the distribution of body care cosmetics in general.