Argan Oil Shampoo: Beneficial properties for hair

The growing interest in Argan Oil is due to the multiple uses of this precious product of Mediterranean origin, now the basis of several cosmetics and characterised by a rich composition of active ingredients that for centuries have protected the skin and hair of Berber women.

Argan oil for cosmetic use is produced by compressing the cold seeds of argan and has known moisturising and emollient properties as well as the ability to fight free radicals.

It is a product that is much used in hair care, thanks to its exceptional natural qualities. It is precisely for this reason that there are numerous products on the market based on Argan Oil, especially shampoos and conditioners, but also body products. Let’s learn more about the thousand properties of this oil and how to use it properly in cleansing and hair care.

The best Argan Oil products for hair

If you want to truly exploit the intrinsic properties of Argan Oil, you should choose hair products that contain a good quantity of this oil, even better if it is from organic farming. You can easily skim read the label and notice if Argan is at the top of the ingredient list.

Argan is a widely used ingredient in cosmetics. It is a tree that is commonly found in the arid landscapes that characterise the south west of Morocco. Despite the scarcity of water in the subsoil, it is a very long-lived tree that can live for up to 150-200 years and can reach and exceed 10 meters in height. The fruit it produces is a green berry which contains a very hard-coated nut, in turn containing one to three almond-shaped seeds from which the famous Argan Oil is extracted.

For hair, Argan Oil is a true miracle of nature. In fact, it has a high nourishing and restorative action and offers restructuring and anti-ageing protection. It is an effective beauty treatment for all types of hair. Argan oil, thanks to its intrinsic properties, is very quickly absorbed and leaves hair feeling light and silky. It is not greasy, leaves no residue and gives extreme softness and shine. It also has a natural anti-frizz effect and leaves hair tamed and easy to comb through. It is a true elixir of beauty for hair.

For all of these properties, Argan Oil is also widely used in courtesy lines for hotels and proposed in many chains and hotels around the world. It is generally contained in elegant and particularly sophisticated packaging, characterised by the warm and intense colours of earth and gold. It is in fact compared by many to Desert Gold precisely for its incredible cosmetic properties. In the courtesy lines for hotels Argan is now a classic.

Albogroup has reinterpreted it in an elegant and sophisticated way in both formulas and packaging, which can always be customised with the graphics and characteristics indicated by each customer. The Argan Courtesy Line by Albogroup stands out for the quality of the contained organic Argan Oil and for its particular and highly sought-after fragrance, highly recognisable and sophisticated, that immediately recalls the lure of the East and its enchanting atmospheres. The olfactory notes include precious woods, citrus fruits, moss and patchouli.

Albogroup’s complete Argan line consists of traditional 30 ml mini-bottles, 300 and 400 ml dispensers, sachets and soaps. A complete collection that has become a true classic of perfumery and hotel amenities and that Albogroup also produces in a personalised version as well as on behalf of third parties. If you are a distributor and are looking to develop your own specific line of Argan Oil-based hotel cosmetics, why not use Albogroup to develop your line, starting from creative and innovative packaging and design proposals as well as considering customisations of formulas and fragrances.

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Argan oil for hair: what it is used for and how to use it

Argan comes from Morocco, in particular from the Argania spinosa plant: among the Moroccan population the beauty properties of argan have been known for centuries, so much so that it is called “liquid gold” or “desert gold”.

To obtain a single litre requires a considerable quantity of seeds, which are often collected by hand and worked through a long process: it is therefore understandable why argan, in particular pure argan, cannot be sold at a low price.

This plant-based oil leaves hair radiant and visibly improves its overall health, helping to tame even curly and frizzy hair.

Argan oil is particularly effective as a hair restorative: it is more than just a moisturiser, as it protects hair from the stress of washing and styling, as well as from high temperatures. Rich in antioxidant properties, it is suitable for any type of scalp, including oily skin, as it has sebum-regulating properties.

It also protects against pollution and external factors, preventing hair from becoming brittle and opacifying and even helps to minimise dandruff. Argan oil can be used in pure formulation directly on the hair, but of course it can be found in many shampoos and beauty products, perhaps in combination with other active natural products that enhance its cosmetic properties.

Properties and Benefits of Argan Oil on Hair

In addition to the skin of the face and body, Argan oil can also be used on hair, on which it has a strong moisturising power due to its rich composition.

Hence the massive presence of Argan in numerous products dedicated to the care of the person, as well as its use in its pure form, as an actual real oil, even on the hair.

Argan oil contains linoleic acid and alpha-linoleic acid, which bind vitamin E, phytosterols, polyphenols and antioxidants. All these ingredients, applied to the hair, moisturise it deeply and ensure the right level of humidity, leaving it softer and more supple.
In addition, argan helps in regulating hair, limiting the frizz effect, as it makes the hair fibres smoother while nourishing them, specifically through omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and vitamin E.

Anyone who has hair that has been damaged by too many treatments or by styling tongs and instruments should consider using argan oil in order to protect the fibres against future hair stress and against the heat of the hair dryer.
The same is true for any damage caused by sunlight, while the scalp also benefits from argan thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. In short, argan oil is a true cure-all for hair, so much so that its benefits are also surrounded by false myths, such as the one that it helps hair to grow. In reality, argan oil does not have the power to grow hair or reduce alopecia; however, it can still preserve brittle hair from breaking and make it grow healthily, reducing split ends.

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How to Apply Argan Oil to Hair

Given the wide variety of Argan Oil shampoos on the market, you may decide to use one of them or alternatively pure Argan Oil directly on your hair.
The latter is a fairly common choice, especially for anyone seeking to maximise the biological properties of argan oil.

Pure argan oil can be used to create pre-shampoo masks and wraps that can be easily made at home. For example, just a few drops that you heat between your hands and apply along the entire lengths of damp hair: then simply leave in for half an hour to a couple of hours after which rinse the hair carefully, removing all the residues.
In hair masks, argan oil can be safely combined with other ingredients or oils for a strengthening effect, such as coconut oil.

How many times a day can I put argan oil on my hair?

Although it is a truly formidable natural ally for hair, it is important to use only the correct quantity of argan oil.

Don’t forget that it is still an oil which, especially if used in its purest form, can make hair greasy and weigh it down. Therefore, avoid putting argan oil on your hair several times a day, limiting its use to once or twice a week.

Instead, the daily use of specific shampoos and conditioners that contain Argan Oil and commonly found on the market is appropriate as they are specially formulated to be used every day. Such as, for example, Albogroup Argan Oil shampoo. Discover the collection of hotel dispensers from the Albogroup Argan line and contact us for further information or if you are interested in producing your own line of cosmetics.