Why switch from liquid shampoo to solid cosmetics?

Quality is essential and Albogroup believes in the solid cosmetics revolution. If before it was just the novelty, now solid shampoo is the star of the reception that counts. Here’s why.

What is solid cosmetics and how it differs from traditional products

There is a lot of talk about solid cosmetic products, and today talking about them is becoming a must. Think of a common liquid shampoo, almost completely deprived of its watery part, without artificial preservatives where the priority is natural ingredients.

Reality suggests that solid revolutionises the concept of traditional cosmetics for a more practical version of sustainable innovation. Why switch from liquid to solid shampoo? Solid has many advantages, all to be discovered.

Why choose solid cosmetics for your hotel or B&B?

Once the novelty, now solid cosmetics are the increasingly green alternative. Trends adapt to real needs, which is why more and more guests expect solid amenities for their beauty routine.

It is known that solid is not the latest fad. One only has to consider a few aspects of it to realise that the advantages are manifold. It is no coincidence that many of the large hotel chains are embracing the solid alternative; it is a revolution in habits and everyone must be ready.

The environmental benefits of solid cosmetics

The environmental factor is certainly one of the predominant motivations. Depriving cosmetics of the liquid component means finally doing away with plastic bottles. The damage from microplastics is visible in the flora and fauna of the seas, the oceanic islands of packaging are a legacy to be remedied.

Economy and durability

Respecting the environment is important; the solid alternative allows this to be achieved while optimising costs. The savings factor is certainly one of the strongest motivations, and it is no coincidence that solid brings with it an interesting convenience. Just make a simple comparison to appreciate the net gain: what is the average difference in durability?

The solid is a concentrate of cleansing ingredients. Unlike liquid, the same amount lasts at least three times longer. With the same frequency of use, the solid lasts longer. The costs of the solid are sometimes higher, but the real gain can be seen in the higher yield of the product.

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Solid cosmetics: a practical choice for travellers

One only has to take liquid shampoo on a trip to feel the need for the solid. The classic travel bag is always a test case when it comes time to pack the beauty case, inevitably one finds oneself hoping that the liquid containers will not leak.

Then there is the weight factor, the liquid forces one to carry more water and less detergent product. Travelling by plane is then much easier when you carry the solid, the detergent can thus avoid the classic limitations that plague the transport of liquids. Practicality becomes a natural for a convenient choice.

Customisation of packaging and logos for third parties

While using solid packaging is more practical, it also opens up many options in customisation. The freer use of recyclable materials allows for a variety of solutions. One’s brand can travel on a recyclable paper or cardboard package but, why not, one could also resort to aluminium or wood.

Solid shampoo therefore proves to be versatile in its packaging design. Depending on the target use, the presentation can be adapted to the desired effect. Albogroup, not surprisingly, offers its own production lines, but also opens up the offer to customisation for the solid beauty routine. The customer can finally choose.

Solid Shampoo from Albogroup

The Solid.O line offers a solution designed to meet the need for convenience. The 100 gram solid bar formula integrates convenience with the all-natural qualities of the shampoo. The INCI is the result of the research behind it, resulting in an ingredient list that looks at naturalness.

Rice protein and panthenol are the stars of the shampoo, the result of a formula dedicated to respecting the hair. Argan oil, oat extract and panthenol are the active elements in the formula. The quality is noticeable from the first application.

The growing popularity of solid cosmetics in the hospitality industry

The success of a product is assessed when it becomes part of the routine in a natural way. This is what is happening with solid cosmetics; often the guest discovers it during a hotel stay.

Product quality is an excellent calling card, so it is no coincidence that the selection of amenities is a discriminating factor in the choice of accommodation. The solid is at the centre of a revolution that is convincing; to adhere to it is change and the start of a high level of hospitality.

The solid cosmetics revolution is a concrete response to the need for sustainability and quality. Solid cosmetics represent a significant step forward in reducing environmental impact, but also in their convenience and use of natural ingredients and anhydrous formulations.

This transformation extends from personal consumption to the hospitality sector, where Albogroup has been able to offer high quality products for hotels.

Choosing solid cosmetics contributes to a greener future, reducing waste and improving overall sustainability. The solid revolution is already underway, and every step towards the adoption of these products represents a concrete contribution to a better world. Choosing solid cosmetics means embracing positive change, for us and for the planet.