Hotel courtesy line: how to choose the right ones?

Hotels are a place where people spend a lot of time, due to circumstances related to work or personal relaxation. For this reason, guests should see the hotel as a second home, a safe base where they can feel protected and pampered. A very simple and appreciated way to convey these feelings is to include a courtesy set in your hotel service.

What is and what does a courtesy hotel set contain?

This is the set of items present in the rooms, available to guests, provided by the hotel for their convenience. Usually, the complete set contains all the cosmetics and accessories for a complete beauty routine: hand and face soaps, liquid soap, hair shampoo, body wash, body creams, shower caps and other small personal care accessories. In the most prestigious hotels there are also more specific products, such as face make-up remover gels, facial toners, oral hygiene products, specific cosmetics for children, beard products, body scrub or hair conditioners.

Our company Albogroup has extensive experience in the production of personalised courtesy lines for hotels. Albogroup’s collections of Hotel Amenities are innovative projects of great appeal also in terms of style and communication. They respond perfectly to all the typical needs of the hotel cosmetics sector, with an all-Italian taste in design and style.

The courtesy sets for hotels offer many advantages, for example they represent an easy way to communicate to guests particular attention from the hotel structure and thus convey the brand or name of the hotel, but the hotels amenities are also useful and appreciated by the consumer because they allow them to reduce the number of items they themselves would be bringing from home. Finding everything you need in the facility is definitely a positive gesture, because it helps the customer to save time and money.
As a result, the hotel’s reputation will be enhanced. We are certainly aware that these are small actions, details in the complex world of hotel hospitality, but many times the details make the difference.

A properly designed courtesy set and cosmetic products for hotels designed and produced by an experienced company such as Albogroup that knows the product and the sector, facilitate the management of these services by hotel staff and ensure guests the best possible service.

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Packaging and product presentation for your personalised courtesy line

The idea of a courtesy line is to provide a service for the benefit of guests and for the hotel owner and we at Albogroup have personalized hotel courtesy lines that can be provided to hotel guests. If you are a distributor in the sector and you are looking to create your own personalised line to be offered to your direct customers, Albogroup can provide all the creative, design and production support for a product of excellence, Made in Italy and at the right price. We are direct manufacturers and this means in-depth knowledge of the sector and a highly competitive product development capacity in terms of quantity, speed, price and service.

The lines can be a great way to provide personalised service to hotel guests. For this reason Albogroup, in particular, has specialised in the field of hotel cosmetics and aims to give a product and a service that stand out strongly from the others. Albogroup’s cosmetic lines for hotels are always small “masterpieces” of creativity, designed to be harmoniously inserted in all types and styles of bathrooms: they communicate first of all the Italianness of the company that for more than 40 years has been at the service of distributors in the hotel sector and of large hotel chains to provide this type of products. Even a simple mini-bottle of shampoo of 20 or 30 ml must always communicate a small emotion, be beautiful, harmonious and in its small way in any case narrate a story of beauty and elegance.

Do not underestimate the potential that a courtesy set can present for the hotel, because customers pay close attention to it. In fact, when the customer has the perception of particular attention also in these details of the hospitality, the overall judgement towards the accommodation facility will be even more positive and rewarding. They are small details, it is true, but a classy hotel should never underestimate that a good courtesy line must amaze customers precisely for the quality of the products: elegant, functional, sustainable, quality, characterised by a subtle, but particular fragrance, and delicate cosmetic formulas suitable for all skin and hair types.

The name of the hotel, its colours and its logo can be customised on the courtesy line thanks to the graphic development services at Albogroup. We are a scrupulous company and attentive to the quality of products, as well as to that of customisations. We know how important it is for guests to feel that the hotel is willing to go to great lengths for them.

To package the courtesy sets, you must first determine how you wish to present them in your hotel. Opting for a pouch, or direct presentation on the sink or on a special tray represents a choice to be made with criteria, with awareness of the final result: exhibiting the products in a certain way will be decisive for the appreciation of customers.

Functionality, immediacy and speed are the features that many of the services offered in a hotel should have, and this also applies to Hotel Amenities. The customer must be facilitated in finding the products immediately and in recognising them for their use. It may seem trivial, but cosmetic products for hotels in the mini-size of 20 or 30 ml are very small products and the customer should not need to make too much of an effort to read the label and distinguish a shampoo from a body wash or a body cream.

In many hotels it is preferred to make these cosmetic products available even in simple toilet bags to be hung on the wall, perhaps in ecological fabrics to be customised and that can then be brought home by the guest when their stay comes to an end.

For 40 years we have been careful to create unique cosmetic products for hotels that can satisfy even the most specific needs of each distributor or of each large hotel chain. We like to think that for every customer there is a suitable product or courtesy set, and for this reason our attention to quality is very high.
Our products are so high-performance and with such a sophisticated design that our collections can also be distributed in retail, especially for courtesy line products in dispensers, also suitable for domestic use.

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Solid O hotel shampoo line. Original

Among the proposals of Hotel Amenities made by Albogroup is the innovative line of Solid. Or Original cosmetics, with registered trademark, and available to be customised according to the requests and needs of each customer.

In fact, even in the cosmetics sector intended for use in hotels or hospitality facilities, the needs of respect and care for the environment have become a categorical imperative. At stake is the credibility of the hotel and the quality of hotel services that must be as eco-sustainable as possible. A highly innovative solution is to use solid cosmetic products, without plastic, not in liquid form that require adequate packaging, but in solid form. The packaging will simply be a paper case or even just a simple wrapper. Albogroup has taken up this challenge that will increasingly involve the cosmetic world, even in the hotel sector.

Solid O is a line of shampoos, showers and hair conditioners consisting of ingredients of natural origin, including organic, in solid form. So no more plastic. A big step forward in technology and innovation, without sacrificing the performance of an actual cosmetic for body and hair care. The quality is very high, the result of years of research and experimentation directly at the manufacturing sites in Italy of Albogroup. The product is so innovative that Albogroup offers its wealth of experience also for third-party productions, not only for products for hotels, but also for retail, perfumery and large retailers. It will probably take a few more years before the use of solid cosmetics fully enters into the daily beauty routine of consumers, but we are on the right track and surely there is no going back. Placing these products in hotels was a choice of respect and participation in the commitment to make our planet ever cleaner.

Solid O is in fact appreciated by the most demanding travellers and customers who already know the sustainable world of solid cosmetics and who may already use them in their daily beauty routine, but it is increasingly the case that many customers who try these products for the first time during their hotel stay fall in love with them and continue to use them even at home.

You can discover the entire line of solid cosmetics for Albogroup Hotels here and do not hesitate to contact Albogroup for further information if you looking to develop a specific line of solid cosmetics or if you are seeking a reliable third-party manufacturer.

Quality liquid soap with Organic Argan

Albogroup’s proposals for cosmetics for hotels must also include the great classics of perfumery. Consider, for example, Argan Oil, known for its many benefits. The Albogroup Argan line is a complete proposal that includes shampoo, shower, body creams and soaps in many formats and weights as well as liquid soap. Liquid soap, produced with organic Argan Oil, is a great classic and is available either in classic 20 or 30 ml bottles or in innovative stand-up or wall dispensers that, in addition to being particularly beautiful, are also a decidedly more ecological and sustainable choice than the traditional mini-sizes.

If you are looking for an excellent quality organic Argan Oil liquid soap that helps you cleanse your skin, this item is for you. Albogroup Argan liquid soap is also designed for those with dry skin, because it has many moistursing properties. It is also produced with Organic Argan Oil.

Including it in the courtesy line of the hotel will make you stand out in the eyes of customers as a hotel that pays the utmost attention to the choice of its products.

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