Green Revolution Hotel: Water Saving and Solid Cosmetics

Going green means travelling and living with the planet in mind. Albogroup dedicates its solution to sustainable accommodation through solid cosmetics.

Sustainable tourism and innovation: the solid cosmetics revolution

Tourists hunger to learn about the world, discover cultures and places, and increase their personal sensitivity to respect for the Earth. Hence the need for respectful tourism, starting with the choice of hotel. This is the reason for the boom in green bookings.

The use of renewable energy and recycling of resources are important elements, but often we get lost in the details, effectively thwarting our efforts to appear greener. Herein lies the key to solid hotel cosmetics; the customer embraces a sometimes new philosophy and feels an active part of the change. Here are the reasons for the choice.

Change in consumer mentality

What once appeared to be just ugly images to watch on TV are now sad everyday realities. The climate crisis affects scorching summers, microplastics infect fish feed and entire populations suffer from thirst. Reality has surpassed imagination.

The traveller is an increasingly conscious consumer in this respect and therefore feels the need to do something. Environmental sustainability therefore goes beyond pure ethics to become a real necessity. Cosmetics, also in the hotel sector, is called upon to respond to the need for change but without renouncing the quality of personal care.

Advantages of solid cosmetics

Respect for ecosystems is the spark that ignited the desire for green solutions; this also applies to modern solid cosmetics. What is the weight of this choice in practice?

Depriving it of water allows the product to perform better for the same weight. A simple example: a 15 gram bar can suffice for at least 2 showers, the liquid equivalent would be completely insufficient.

The solid travels more easily, takes up less volume and is not tied up in tight containers. Simply dry the lump and store it with a sheet of recyclable paper. Respecting the environment becomes a convenient option.

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Reducing plastics

About 9 million tonnes of plastic are found in the world’s seas. The degradation cycle takes decades and is never complete, the outcome being microplastics that pollute the marine flora. The result is to find plastic even on our plates at the dinner table.

Turning from liquid to solid cosmetics makes it possible to eliminate the need for plastic packaging. It is no coincidence that major brands have revolutionised the way they offer tourism. Straws, glasses and cutlery have become biodegradable. More and more hotels are adopting reusable dispensers and contemplating solid cosmetics among the amenities offered to guests. Plastic becomes a memory.

Contribution to a sustainable future

Revolutionizing means changing perspectives in a more comprehensive way. Efforts towards more sustainable tourism are just the response to a need that is spreading like wildfire in every sphere of common living. The conscious traveller is a citizen who demands greater respect for the environment in every other sphere.

The ecological theme is not only embraced when visiting alpine glaciers or an oceanic atoll, the renewal is about mentality. Adhering to solid cosmetics triggers a new vision of enterprise, based on values but also, and above all, on the resulting savings logic. There is a lot of innovation and research in materials behind it, but the investment is worth it.

Albogroup: pioneers in solid contract and eco-friendly cosmetics

Underlying this are more than forty years of active engagement in the industry; only this know-how can fuel such a forward-looking perspective on the near future.

Solid cosmetics is the result of continuous research, years of technological study and modernisation of machines and procedures. The result is a high-performance industry, but above all based on environmentally friendly processes.

Being first has the advantage of accumulating more experience, which is why Albogroup plays a leading role in solid production. Working alongside hotels is the way to spread the culture of solid cosmetics around the world, but there is also an effervescent third-party production.

SOLID.O ORIGINAL: innovation in solid cosmetics for every need

The idea behind the SOLID.O ORIGINAL line is to produce a cosmetic tool devoted to versatility; its compact dimensions allow effective cutting even in packaging. The real secret, however, lies in its composition, here technology has enabled performance comparable to traditional liquid.

The INCI speaks for itself, the formulation is natural to meet the growing green need, and the percentage of water is very low. This is the recipe for a range dedicated to the well-being of the planet.

Shower gel, conditioning shampoos, solid shaving, make-up remover, intimate cleanser and men’s shaving products are just a few declinations. Commitment to the base is the common ingredient.

The adoption of solid cosmetics by hotels is not only an emerging trend in sustainable tourism, but represents a conscious choice towards a more environmentally friendly future. Albogroup, with its guest amenities lines, represents the vanguard of this revolution, offering products that combine innovation, sustainability and quality.

The reduction of water consumption and the elimination of plastic from cosmetics packaging are significant steps towards reducing the ecological footprint of hotels, and demonstrate how it is possible to offer luxury hospitality without compromising ecological values.