Production of Hotel Amenities third-party account: formulation Full Service

Many wonder what does it means process and produce for third-party account a specific custom cosmetic for hotels, which it must have specific characteristics of quality, price, materials , style and communication. For this reason the Albogroup professionists offer qualified staff to answer any question related to the service requested.
In this case, it’s a full service, where there are various professional figures that follow the requirements of the customer from initial idea to realisation of a cosmetic line.
The specific structure of Albogroup follow the design and production of a personalized courtesy line for Hotel in all its aspects

  • Analysis of specific customer
  • Creation of the graphic image of the line
  • Selection and development of shapes, colors, formats, packaging
  • Development of specific formulations
  • Production
  • Specific formulations

But, what does it means produce a cosmetic line hotel for thir – party account?
It often happens which a lot of beauty companies, including hotel sector, need a external help for sponsor their brand, searching high quality standard, not only for raw materials, but also for their own ‘image’.

How to launch a new product with Albogroup?

First of all there is dialogue and confrontation with the customer to understand his real needs and objectives, on which to base a targeted product development.

The following should be studied:

  • choosing the right product to launch
  • price target
  • design and graphics of the same line
  • packaging and boxes suitable for sale, that reflect the identity of the brand
  • analysis and proposals to understand how to best direct a marketing strategy related to the launch.

The service of Albogroup can be considered global therefore, from the moment in which the company will be involved from the first phases of production of the cosmetics up to the market passing through an effective communication.

In detail, the essential steps to follow for the creation of your own cosmetic line under the complete supervision of Albogroup are summarized below.

Meeting to plan and program the product

As already described, before starting any collaboration Albogroup, it appears to be necessary a consultation aimed at the detailed planning of a project, which can be of quality and in line with customer expectations.

All the primary logistic aspects will have to be evaluated, basically those in order to create a solid structure on which to imprint all the workflow, that must be as linear as possible.

This phase is very important, since it will be the starting point of all the work to be done, from the base to its entire supervision in terms of logistics and image management.

Making use of professionals in the sector, puts all this in a different and much simpler perspective, being a process followed by professionals, who with their experience will know how to better orient the resources invested.

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Formulas and Raw Materials Development

Sketched the business objectives and a broad line to follow, you can move on to develop and conceive the actual product.

The choose of materials and formulas must be consistent with marketing project linked to the specific line that will be realized. This provide an analysis of market trends continuously changing, the definition of the specific product positioning, the target price, the main distribution channel and many other factors present in the design and manufacture of soaps, soaps, courtesy lines for hotels, shower gel/shampoo lines and body creams.

Then raw materials, will have the best quality approved by the European Community and CEE brand, in compliance with international production rules at every stage of the manufacturing process, packaging and retail.

Hotel courtesy line Fell good…every day! by Albogroup It’s a innovative line , and it’s a complete line of Hotel Amenities with high percentages of ingredients of Natural Origin and with ingredients of Organic Origin. The ECOCERT certification body is the benchmark that consumers trust for organic and eco-labelling. Consumers thus have access to transparent information on the composition of natural and organic ingredients in products.

Thanks to this certification, it is possible to develop specific lines of certified third-party cosmetics for hotels, soaps, giving customers the opportunity to have a high quality product.

The same attention also goes to the customization of the typical fragrances of each cosmetic line for third parties. For this reason, Albogroup has developed a complete collection of specific fragrances for hotel cosmetic lines to be customized or made with third parties, able to communicate a precise style and a particular atmosphere. From the most smart fragrances, destined to the most essential courtesy lines, to very complex and refined special scents, linked to the Italian territory, such as Oliva, Mirto, Vite Rossa, Neroli, Fico and many others.

Discover here all the available fragrance proposals to customize or to create your line of hotel amenities

Marketing and communication strategy

It is also a good idea to study a marketing strategy, which is extremely useful and effective, since the line of cosmetics thus created, also needs an attractive image to be recognizable.

Visual communication is particularly important in this area, being considered as a real business card for your cosmetics line, which will have to be sponsored in the best possible way.

In general, customers looking for a third-party manufacturer for their own line of hotel cosmetics already have a clear impression on their line. However, it often happens that these same customers, when confronted with the style and marketing office of Albogroup, discover suggestions, ideas, creative ideas, unexpected proposals that contribute to creating truly eye-catching cosmetic lines. Albogroup, in this sense, is a creative laboratory available to customers that can provide all the support of style, image and communication that every cosmetic line just needs.

Technical advices and packaging directions

Production and packaging third – party require very high quality standard and an experiences designed.

An advice that would be useful is to aim at a project of impact, and effect, such as to capture the attention of the public and encourage it to use, but with high-quality performing products because the consumer, even in hotels, is certainly attentive to the image, but must be impressed above all by the quality of the product, its performance, the quality of the texture or fragrance.

If you are looking for a manufacturer of third-party hotel amenities to entrust your production, Albogroupitaly is the ideal partner because it has been operating for years in the field of hotel cosmetics.

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