Ph of soap: differences between basic and neutral acid

Starting from waking up and continuing during the course of the day, until just before going to sleep, we are used to using very different soaps and detergents.

Soap for the hands and face, shower gel for the body, intimate cleanser and even shampoo for the hair. The systematic use of detergents and soaps on our skin demands a careful but above all conscious choice.

What criteria must soaps meet to be “right” for us? The choice must be made starting with the pH test. Let’s find out what this is and how to make the right choice.

Soap and cosmetics production on a contract basis

Producing quality soaps, shower gels, shampoos and detergents, as well as body creams, is not easy, especially if one is not familiar with the industry. Today, there are many cosmetic brands, distributed in large-scale distribution or in the most selective perfumery, but few producers. In many cases, even well-known and widely distributed brands make use of external or ‘contract’ production. In the cosmetics world, this phenomenon is now widespread. The companies that own the brands prefer to concentrate resources and energy on research, marketing, sales and promotional activities and delegate production to highly specialised external companies.

Albogroup is one such company that directly produces cosmetic products for third parties, both for hotels and for classic distribution. The company is structured in such a way as to be able to satisfy requests for contract manufacturing of soaps in all formats and weights, starting with those destined for hotels up to specific productions of soaps made in-house for important Italian and international brands. If you are looking for a contract manufacturer of soaps and soap bars, you can contact Albogroup and get in touch with the company development department, which will be able to accompany you in your process of conception, line construction and production.

Our historical manufacturing activity has always been linked to the production of contract soaps and soap bars, for the hotel amenities market and the large-scale retail trade. When we develop a contract line of soaps and soap bars for our customers, we focus primarily on the product, its quality and naturalness, on the search for special fragrances that can give the line a stylish look, and on the development of more sustainable packaging. We use high-quality natural ingredients, including organic oils, natural extracts and specific ingredients for each skin type. From our Research Olfactory, we come up with novel combinations of essences to meet all market needs: from the most classic and delicate fragrances to the most sparkling and innovative ones. Contact us if you want to share your project with us!

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What is pH?

The acronym pH stands for Hydrogen Potential, introduced in 1909 by Søren Peter Lauritz Sørensen, a Danish chemist known for coining the term pH in 1909 and introducing the related scale for measuring acidity and alkalinity. The Hydrogen Potential is the algorithmic scale by which the acidity, neutrality or basicity of a solution can be measured.

The evaluation of pH measurement is based on the concentration of hydrogen ions (in chemistry H+) present in the solution. The pH value ranges from 0 (very acidic) to 14 (very basic), with 7 being considered neutral. The pH of human skin varies between 4.5 and 6.5, making it slightly acidic. This acidic environment is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the skin barrier and preventing the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

What does physiological pH mean?

The term “physiological pH” refers to the pH value that is compatible with the normal functioning of the human body. For the epidermis, a soap with physiological pH has a pH value similar to that of the skin itself, therefore, usually between 4.5 and 6.5. Using products with a physiological pH helps maintain the skin’s natural balance and prevent irritation and disruption of the skin barrier.

What is the neutral pH value?

The neutral pH value is 7. A soap with a neutral pH is neither acidic nor basic and may be suitable for general cleaning of the skin. However, it is important to note that a neutral pH may not be ideal for all skin types, since human skin, as mentioned, is naturally slightly acidic.

Choosing the right pH according to your skin type

To keep your skin healthy, it is important to choose a soap with a pH that is suitable for your skin type. Below are some guidelines for selecting a soap according to your skin type:

  • Dry or sensitive skin: opt for a soap with physiological pH to preserve the hydrolipidic film of the skin and prevent moisture loss. A soap with physiological pH will help maintain the skin’s natural balance and prevent irritation.
  • Oily or combination skin: a slightly acidic soap can help balance sebum production and prevent imperfections. Look for soaps with a pH between 4.5 and 6.5.
  • Normal skin: for normal skin, a soap with a physiological or slightly acidic pH may be suitable. It is important to monitor the reaction of the skin and adjust the choice of soap if necessary.

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Which soap to choose for children?

For children, it is advisable to choose a soap with a physiological pH, as their skin is more delicate and sensitive. A soap with a physiological pH will help maintain the natural balance of the child’s skin and prevent irritation. In addition, it is important to select soaps that are free of artificial perfumes and dyes, which can cause allergic reactions or skin irritation. Check out the Beba Lena and Friends baby line from Albogroup, also available for customised and contract production.

How do you measure the pH of soap?

To measure the pH of soap, pH test strips or a digital pH meter can be used. pH test strips consist of an absorbent material impregnated with chemicals that change colour according to the pH of the solution in which they are immersed. Simply dip the test strip into liquid soap or rub it on the surface of solid soap, and compare the colour of the strip with the reference scale provided.

A digital pH meter, on the other hand, uses a hydrogen ion-sensitive electrode to determine the pH of the solution. To use a digital pH meter, a sample of soap dissolved in water must be prepared and the electrode immersed in the solution. The meter will give a digital reading of the pH of the sample.

The importance of soap formulation

Soap formulation is a crucial aspect in the production of skin care products. Albogroup uses high-quality ingredients and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to ensure that the soaps it produces are safe and effective.

The choice of ingredients, concentration and saponification process directly influence the pH of the soap and its cleansing, emollient and foaming properties.

Precisely for this reason we use raw materials of natural origin and high quality, which maintain the lipid balance of the area of the epidermis for which each soap is intended. This is the only way to ensure well-being and skin care.

The complete customisation of fragrances, colours and packaging allows each brand to guarantee its customers quality products that reflect the spirit of the brand.