Pambianco Magazine talks about Albogroup ambient fragrances

Albogroup is also increasingly present in specialised communication for Hotels and even the latest issue of Pambianco Magazine Hotellerie, a specialist magazine for the hotel and hospitality sector in general, features some of our most selected and sophisticated products.

In his beautiful article, Davide Deponti tells us about Matters of Feeling also in hotels.
“The identity of a hotel, and in particular of a luxury hotel, is expressed by and perceived from the details: from the materials chosen for the furnishings to the colours used for the common areas; but that’s not all. The expressions “olfactory marketing or branding” are used to describe the operation thanks to which a building defines its hospitality philosophy also through the choice of its fragrance. It is an increasingly popular strategy, especially in upscale and luxury hotels, where an olfactory signature represents a potential communication language. The production of a personal branded essence makes it possible to build immersive, multisensory experiences for guests that create connections, amplify the message and transmit the identity of the building by involving the five senses. Biology and psychology have taught us for years how fragrances are able to evoke strong emotions, since the sense of smell is the only sense to come into direct contact with the area of the brain where sensitivity, mood and the sense of self-consciousness reside. So today, automatic fragrance diffusers, customised scent lamps, sprays and also simple room diffusers with sticks create an emotional experience for the guest that begins as soon as they cross the hotel threshold”.

That’s right! Ambient fragrances, even in hotels, leave an engaging memory and contribute to the guest’s well-being.
For this reason, Albogroup has designed 2 lines of high-quality ambient fragrances, the result of careful research and selection, and has made them available to the luxury hospitality sector and to the most prestigious hotels.

Spray essences to make a room smell good immediately

The perfumed waters of OLFACTORY SELECTION, with their iconic white bottle, are an exclusive collection of fragrances selected directly from our laboratory and make it possible to create an elegant atmosphere in any environment, leaving a sophisticated, distinctive mark that will not be forgotten. They are available in 8 special fragrances and white bottles with a spray dispenser.

Pictured in the Pambianco Magazine Hotellerie article is Ficus.
Wild and seductive, like love!
Olfactory notes that evoke Violet Leaves, Green Notes, Fig, Plum, Iris, Peony, Cedar, Oakmoss, Musk.
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Ambient fragrances that communicate emotions.

MÉMOIRES AFFECTIVES HOME FRAGRANCES is a collection of ambient fragrances by Albogroup, with a history of passion and memories full of affection, available in elegant white or black bottles with 1000 ml refills.
They are selected essences that turn into emotionally charged memories for the guest. The right product to add a touch of elegance to any living room.

Pictured in the Pambianco Magazine Hotellerie article is Rocío.

Top note: Pink Grapefruit – Carrot Seeds – Papyrus – Bitter Orange
Heart note: Incense – Green Notes of Dew – Rose – Magnolia
Base notes: Cedarwood

“Unlike the earth, the sea is not separated from the sky; it always harmonises with the colours of the sky and it is deeply stirred by its most delicate nuances. The sea radiates under the sun and seems to die with it every evening. And when the sun has vanished, the sea keeps longing for it, keeps preserving a bit of its luminous reminiscence in the face of the uniformly sombre earth.” Marcel Proust

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