Palm oil in cosmetics and RSPO certificate: what to know?

Present in various packaged foods and cosmetic products, but also used in the energy sector, palm oil has been the subject of much debate in recent years regarding its sustainability, and more.

Despite an ever-increasing demand, due to the high yield of its cultivation and its specific properties, including cosmetic ones, palm oil does not enjoy a good reputation today. Doubts are linked both to the deforestation for which it is held responsible and to the adoption of agricultural practices far removed from the concept of sustainability.

Palm Oil has also been accused of causing health damage. But there are many false myths surrounding this oil. There are, for example, cosmetic products that contain palm oil with RSPO certification, which guarantees its exclusive provenance from certified sustainable agriculture. This is why for many years Albogroup has been offering its customers RSPO-certified hotel cosmetics and contract manufacturing services for high-end cosmetics with certified sustainable Palm Oil. It is a choice of ethical awareness that Albogroup proposes to its customers, thus contributing to the sustainable use of Palm Oil, which remains one of the most ductile and rich vegetable oils, with very high natural emulsifying and emollient properties.

RSPO-certified hotel cosmetics lines

Albogroup specialises in contract manufacturing of soap for courtesy lines for hotel distributors worldwide. We have always been careful to promote more sustainable production choices and for this reason we offer our customers the possibility of creating cosmetic lines for hotels that are RSPO certified, i.e. using palm oil from sustainable agriculture.

The customer who asks Albogroup for RSPO-certified contract manufacturing or the production of a customised RSPO-certified hotel toiletries will find a company that can advise, design and produce high quality products at the right price. The result will be a versatile product that meets high quality standards while respecting people and the environment.

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What is the RSPO certificate in cosmetics?

But what does RSPO mean?

The acronym ‘Roundtable on Substainable Palm Oil’ is intended to make it easy to identify companies that meet both environmental and social criteria for palm oil when using it.

The organisation in question has a twofold task. On the one hand to provide certification; on the other hand to supervise sustainable production.

Currently, RSPO certification is recognised internationally as the most important sustainability standard. And the collaboration of certification bodies allows the sustainability of the entire production chain to be monitored.

Thanks to the Roundtable on Substainable Palm Oil, tonnes of sustainable palm oil exceeded 20% of the total, involving more than 3.5 million hectares of plantations.

However, we cannot hide the fact that the choice to use certified palm oil must first be perceived as an ethical and respectful choice. The customer who buys a product containing certified sustainable palm oil must be aware that the product might cost a little more because RSPO certification requires a higher cost. Certification requires strict control of the entire supply chain.

Commonplaces about palm oil

As mentioned earlier, there are many clichés about palm oil, “demonising” its use by companies and its consumption. Let us examine some of them in detail in order to dispel the doubts surrounding this oil.

The importance of palmitic acid in nutrition

Few people know it, but breast milk, thus the most complete food for growing infants, is composed of 20-25% palmitic acid. This saturated fat is able to provide the energy infants need and is crucial in the first months of life. Considering that palm oil has about 45% palmitic oil, considering it a health threat seems risky. More than the amount of saturated fat ingested, one should consider the adoption of a correct lifestyle, starting with a varied and balanced diet.

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The fight against deforestation and the importance of sustainable palm oil

Data collected by Greenpeace on deforestation shows that between 1990 and 2014, Indonesia lost such a high percentage of forest hectares that it covered the whole of Germany.

Fortunately, Greenpeace itself promoted the table known as the “Palm Oil Innovation Group”, of which WWF and RSPO-certified companies are also members.

The objective? Involve local producers, define soils suitable for oil palm plantations and create transparent traceability.

Palm oil in cosmetics

One only has to look at the INCI of various cosmetic products to realise the importance of palm oil in this field. The oil and its derivatives have excellent cosmetic characteristics, primarily the ability to moisturise the skin.

Palm oil constitutes the fatty part in many cosmetic products, and is chosen not only for its great availability, but above all because it is a safe ingredient that does not cause irritation or sensitisation of the skin or eyes.

Using RSPO-certified palm oil is therefore a feasible and desirable ethical choice, starting with those widely consumed products such as soap, found in all hotels and in domestic use.

Contact the Albogroup team if you want to produce a quality line of soaps for hotels or large-scale distribution and are looking for an Italian contract manufacturer able to offer you an all-round global service, from design to final production.

Seriously consider using RSPO-certified palm oil for your cosmetics line. Albogroup will give you all the information you need.