What’s a boutique hotel? Meaning, definition and examples.

The term “boutique hotel” defines an Luxory Hotels, generally not very large in size, with exclusive and personalized services. The expression was coined in the United States during the ’80s, to then cross the ocean and reach us: today boutique hotels are a type of accommodation much appreciated by travelers, as each of them is a small world to itself, entirely dedicated to customer care.

These hotels are opposed to large hotel chains, offering a classy, characteristic and intimate. Very often boutique hotels are also called “design hotels” or “lifestyle hotels”. Let’s see what are the services they offer and what are the requirements to be met to fall into the category of boutique hotels.

What must a Boutique Hotel have?

In order to be defined as such, a boutique hotel must not have huge dimensions and generally not exceed 100 rooms. The goal of these hotels is to create a refined atmosphere, where you can feel at home and meet other travelers in the meeting places: having to deal with a smaller number of customers, the staff and the structure are able to take better care of their stay and offer quality services such as Hotel Amenities and cosmetics for hotels particularly sought after and cared for, just like the courtesy lines of Albogroup.

Boutique hotels are increasingly loved by discerning travelers, who are often away from home and want a welcoming place, attentive to their needs; however, they also appeal to those who are looking for a different hotel from the usual, with a certain personality. It is expressed starting from the design of the building, always very chic and elegant: some boutique hotels adopt a contemporary and trendy style, but there are also others located in ancient buildings, where the decorations and architectural details blend with fine furnishings.

All this contributes to create a unique environment, which transports those who stay in a real experience: often the spaces of the design hotels feature refined fabrics, decorated rooms and exclusive Hotel Amenity Set. Even when it comes to a chain of boutique hotels, they are different from each other and the guest never has the feeling of being in a place already seen.

Among the services offered, the wellness centers, restaurants with sophisticated dishes, personalized services and attention to the customer since his arrival, where the person is not just another guest, but someone who deserves a tailored treatment. In the bathrooms there are refined and high quality products, even cosmetic products related to the territory or with ingredients of natural origin. An example is the Italia collection by Albogroup a complete range of dispensers for high-end hotels with ingredients and fragrances closely linked to the excellence of Italy and recognizable worldwide.
Albogroup specializes in customizing Hotel Amenities, in terms of research, style, quality and price. Discover the customization services of Albogroup, also for the certified lines ECOLABEL, COSMOS and RSPO

These are places where no detail is left to chance, even the kits in the bathrooms of the rooms, are above the usual gifts in a common hotel. These are cosmetics at the service of the well-being of the guests, whose selection is carried out with extreme care by the structure: the intent is not only not to miss anything to the guest, but to make him discover special products, which he will appreciate using them himself.

Albogroup manufactures for its distributors cosmetic products for luxury hotels and large chains and boutique hotels: thanks to a 40-year experience in the sector, produces innovative items.
Often and willingly, the hotel design courtesy kit consists of cosmetics that belong to lines proposed by the same hotel. The luxury courtesy lines are characterized by elegant designs, sophisticated scents, use of eco-friendly materials and effective preparations, which have nothing to envy compared to those on the market. After testing these products, experiencing the high quality, the guest can decide to buy his favorites at the hotel, since several boutique hotels offer such a possibility.
Or you can decide to take them home with you: those products, which will become a kind of souvenir, will also be an excellent advertisement for the hotel itself, which will remain even more imprinted in the memory. Everything contributes to creating an experience where you have the feeling of having access to something limited edition, including cosmetics.

What does it means Hotel Relais?

“Hotel Relais” is a definition which may confuse : it’s a frech term, which indicated a hotel located in the countryside. The relais was an old post station where you stopped to rest during long journeys and the verb immediately calls to mind relaxation. Today a relais is a luxury hotel, often small or family-run, located in the mountains, in the countryside or in particular places, which encourage relaxation away from the daily routine.

Often equipped with swimming pools, spa and wellness centers, it differs from boutique hotels in that it aims to offer its customers a regenerating stay, where rest alternates with treatments, but also walks in the middle of nature. These are charming residences, immersed in unique and secluded areas, with elegant and extremely welcoming interiors. They are often preferred by those looking for a romantic getaway or those who want to unwind from stress, away from the city.

Part of the charm of the Relais lies not only within its walls, where the attention to guests’ requests is very high, but also in the area surrounding the building. Relais hotels are often located in country villas, renovated farms or old houses. Even in this type of hotel particularly classy attention to detail is very high, especially in the proposal of cosmetics for its guests. Many times they are not simple minisizes, but cosmetics in bottles of large sizes, even 100 or 200 ml, particularly elegant, which remain available to guests throughout their stay and can also take home. Thanks to its research and development office and its modern production lines, Albogroup, which has been producing cosmetics for hotels for 40 years, develops for its distributors these exclusive lines of hotel amenities also in large sizes intended for both large luxury hotel chains for the retail sector that, many times, they also require a customization service with the brand and design of each hotel or brand. Customization, in fact, is one of the main distinguishing elements in these types of Luxory Hotels.

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Luxury collection for Deep Black hotels

Deep Black collection by Albogroup, provides everything you need for a high-class bath set, with packaging characterized by the use of black, which is perfectly adapted to the style of each Luxory Hotel and the furnishings of any bathroom.

It is a customizable collection that can also be developed in large formats, with a logo and a personalized graphic, and is very suitable to become a simple and refined product that goes very well in very luxury and classy bathrooms. In fact, black has always been synonymous with class, elegance and simplicity: on the packaging of Deep Black products, the sobriety of white characters stands out, through which, for the guest, it will be possible to instantly identify the type of product, without being confused.
Included in the line are the convenient 400 ml dispensers, equipped with stripe that allows you to see the level of the contents, 30 ml falcons, coordinated sachets and packaged soaps environmentally sustainable. Products range from shampoos to hand cream, from intimate cleanser to body wash.

Luxury Hotel Amenities Honami line

An example of a collection to be developed and customized upon request is the courtesy line for Luxory Hotels Honami, which is inspired by the Far East to offer guests an evocative experience thanks to the products based on White Tea and Bamboo Extracts. White Tea is a very precious quality of tea, which can only be picked for two days in a whole year and was very popular with emperors, while Bamboo immediately recalls the Japanese forests with its clean and enveloping aroma.

The concept of this line proposed by Albogroup, is based on the philosophy of beauty and oriental wonder, focused on physical and psychological well-being. A zen concept at the base of these formulations absolutely made in Italy. The word “Honami” represents the beauty of nature, distilled in a line of cosmetics with minimal packaging, which will embellish the bathroom of any boutique hotel or relais. Honami is inspired by the festival for the cherry blossom, national anniversary in Japan, which symbolizes prosperity and at the same time the transience, with soft colors design, which are translated into elegant bottles to be made in the preferred sizes and sizes, up to 400 ml wall dispensers for liquid soap, body lotion, shower shampoo.

Albogroup production cosmetics for third parties

In addition to offering refined courtesy lines for boutique hotels and luxury hotels, Albogroup specializes in the production of cosmetics for third parties, always for the hotel industry, but also for retail. The products are formulated and created in the headquarters in Lallio, in the province of Bergamo, where cosmetic lines are born that guarantee high quality standards and products treated in every detail.

The commitment of Albogroup is to create lines that respect the identity and needs of the customer, who will have items such as shampoo, body lotion, various types of soaps and soaps, creams and sanitizers.
Discover Albogroup’s style, its commitment to green, its concept of sustainable beauty and its third-party productions.

The eco-sustainable solid cosmetics for hotels by Albogroup are the demonstration of how luxury even in hotels becomes ecological to meet the needs of customers who in recent years have developed real attention and passion for sustainability and for containing waste.

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