New SOLID. ORIGINAL Solid Cosmetics for Every Need

An idea is liked when it works and, therefore, grows. Albogroup actively believes in solid cosmetics as an alternative to traditional liquids. This is the meaning of the Solid.O Original line, which is enriched with new products.

Evolution of the Solid.O Original line

Over forty years of experience are a solid foundation for our company. The focus has always been on a future of sustainability for cosmetics and thus for the environment. Hence the solid cosmetics project, fuelled by constant research.

The intuition started from the need to optimise resources and give impetus to a future with less environmental impact. The result is a line of products designed for disposable use, ideal for hospitality realities such as hotels, cruises, travel, but not only.

The classic bath and shower gel and solid shampoo, in their natural variations, are the first step in a project destined to expand and revolutionise the world of cosmetics. Lines dedicated to complete body and hair care are added, as well as intimate and beard care lines.

The future of solid cosmetics is studded with novelties; constant research leads to products that are increasingly able to meet customer needs. Quality is the common denominator, the rest is a future of novelties.

Solid shampoo conditioner kit

Hair care finds an innovative interpretation. The solid formula ensures more natural results than liquid alternatives. The product is applied by rubbing the lump on damp hands and massaging into the scalp and skin.

The solid formulation requires the use of fewer synthetic preservatives; the low water content allows minimal use of preservatives. The practical fabric packaging allows for more convenient drying; simply place the packet back in the packet immediately after use.

The secret of its effectiveness lies in its special composition. Argan oil and oat extract are the organic ingredients that cleanse the hair, leaving it soft and light. The regenerating properties of panthenol fortify and restore shine to the hair.

The result is a hair care routine free of synthetic additives and with zero impact on the environment: silicones, SLS and PEG but also parabens are not necessary. Hair health thanks.

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Solid Shower Shampoo Kit

Compact in size for far greater potential, the daily routine kit is the solution that includes both shower gel and shampoo. Both in a solid formula, the products provide an alternative to the classic liquid.

Simple to use: simply moisten your hands and rub the lather into an emulsion to be applied to the skin and hair. Once you’ve finished using it, there’s the practical fabric soap dish that ensures convenient drying for optimal storage.

Ideal solutions for travelling but also for use at home, the solid packs guarantee a much longer life than the classic liquid detergent. The yield ratio is 1:3, so 100 grams of product are enough for a yield equivalent to 300 mL of liquid detergent.

The added value lies in the all-natural composition. Shea butter is the biological element that harnesses the antioxidant properties of phenols and vitamin E. Added to this is marigold extract with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, whose action promotes skin regeneration.

Reducing plastics: our contribution to a sustainable future

Respect for the environment means being protagonists of real change. Our vision starts with a project that looks at concreteness: finding the solution for sustainable cosmetics is the new way to help change, for the better, the planet.

All this is possible through a conversion to solid cosmetics. Where liquid necessarily requires the use of plastics, the packaging of solid can be made of simple recycled paper.

The fight against plastic waste goes far beyond classic green washing to propose an alternative that revolutionises cosmetic routines. Every improvement requires commitment; we put in the constant research and the drive for continuous growth. The rest is entrusted to a finally conscious choice.

Albogroup: customised soaps for hotels

The solid revolution starts with hotel amenities, contract manufacturing is one of our certainties. Branding means producing concrete solutions, claims are part of a past that has now given way to concreteness.

Associating your brand with our innovation is possible through a customised product, innovative in concept but above all with a high standard of quality. There is such a thing as environmentally friendly luxury. We like to propose an alternative that truly respects the customer.

Natural composition is the detail that wins over customers, who are increasingly attentive to the ecological impact of the products they use. Customising quality means embracing concrete marketing that can travel far beyond classic advertising.

Our Solid.O Original range, with products such as solid shampoo conditioner and solid shower shampoo, represents a significant step towards a future of sustainable, high quality cosmetics.

Our commitment extends beyond cosmetics production to include a focus on plastic reduction and the use of recycled materials. This approach not only responds to the growing demand for eco-friendly products but also demonstrates our commitment to safeguarding the planet.

Offering customised hotel soaps is another example of our desire to combine luxury, customisation and sustainability. Collaborating with hotels and other hospitality venues allows us to spread ecological awareness and elevate the customer experience, without compromising on quality.