How to improve customer experience and loyalty with hotel amenities?

Growth means tickling customers through the quality of hotel services. It is necessary to draw on level products and enhance the advantages offered by the structure: the quality of rest in the room, the perfection of cleanliness, the size of the rooms are basic elements to refer to. Albogroup is a reference for large and small professional hospitality businesses; it produces courtesy cosmetic lines for hotels and accommodation facilities. Pampering the customer is important, that is our goal.

What are the main hotel amenities?

Courtesy products, this is how one can frame amenities in the context of professional hospitality. The concept thus starts with all the necessities that the guest should find inside his or her hotel room. These are often not indispensable items, but hotel amenities are the details that make the difference.

One could start, not surprisingly, with personal hygiene; the guest may have forgotten his toothbrush at home and perhaps realises this in the bathroom of his room when he is too tired to go out and buy one. This is where the hotel’s courtesy service comes in.

In fact, the constant evolution of hospitality has introduced a real upgrade of the concept of hotel amenities, taking it one step higher. Hotels tend to consider free entry to the wellness area as well as, if available, access to the hotel’s indoor swimming pool as amenities.

To evolve is also to develop a welcome that can cater to the needs of a heterogeneous clientele; hence the possibility of room service at all hours of the day and night, but also room cleaning that is customised according to the requested times. Pampering the customer means raising the level of quality; the feedback will be positive.

Toiletries and bathroom accessories

First among hotel amenities, bathroom courtesy lines are the most direct way to take care of the guest. A good bath or a rejuvenating shower is the ritual that accompanies the guest before resting and when waking up to be ready to face the day that is about to begin: here courtesy lines can make the difference as the guest appreciates quality.

The bathroom amenities do include the classic soap, shampoo and shower gel, but they can also extend to facial and body treatments, after-shave lotions and many other products. An example of customer care is in the make-up removal products, here the hotel shows commitment to providing a high level of service.

Aiming for a quality reception is not limited to the daily change of towels and room slippers, the guest appreciates the presence of extras that confirm the impression of added value: room perfumers could be an example; then bath time becomes a relaxing and sensual experience.

Quality is the watchword especially when it comes to toiletries because every good product leaves its positive imprint on the skin. This is the value of hotel supplies, including toiletries.

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Water Saving Solid Cosmetics by Albogroup

The rule in the past was to invest in the quality of cosmetic products, perhaps by optimising their use through dispensers. The solution may be effective, but it can be more resource-intensive over time: use of electricity, sanitisation and waste of plastic are some of the negative aspects.

The future passes through solid cosmetics, even bathroom courtesy lines embrace the water-saving solution. Although soaps and solid cosmetics seem to draw from the past, little remains of the classic soap-making processes. Solid cosmetics employ the most advanced technologies to achieve the benefits of liquid equivalents but with considerably reduced impact.

Oils, vegetable raw materials and natural extracts are the main components of the lines dedicated to solid cosmetics. The solution stands as an alternative that respects skin and hair and reduces the impact on the environment. Optimising resources, not wasting water (water saving) and producing less plastic are the active engagement that the solid revolution enables. As customers are sensitive to change, eco-sustainability becomes an added value.

Discover Albogroup’s Solid.O Original line of solid cosmetics, intended for both hotels and retail and also available for customised and contract production.

Personalisation of amenities: a unique touch

A quality soap can already be a good way to launch one’s brand so as to build guest loyalty in the hotel. To customise courtesy lines is to multiply their potential; pampering the customer translates into active advertising.

Considering that toiletries can even become collector’s items, the uniqueness of the packaging can be an element that distinguishes the brand over time. There are several examples of luxury hotels whose amenities are gladly kept. Solid soaps and bath kits are a favourite with guests; this is how a few small touches become a quality brand.

The revolution in hospitality is not just about aesthetics or luxury, it is strongly rooted in ethics and sustainability. Albogroup, with its dedication to quality and innovation, is leading this transformation, offering amenities that not only satisfy, but also delight and educate guests, promoting a more sustainable future.

Every detail, from customising amenities to promoting solid cosmetics, is a step towards creating an unforgettable, conscious experience. Retailers who choose to partner with Albogroup are not simply choosing quality products, they are making a conscious choice, showing a commitment to the wellbeing of hotel guests and the planet.