How is solid hair conditioner used?

Choices become solutions when driven by courage, for decades Albogroup has been thinking about the future every day. Here are tips for amenities in the hotel as well as in the daily hair routine.

Usage guide: how to apply solid conditioner to hair?

Simplicity, you know, depends on habits. That of the solid conditioner is a routine that also wins out for its practicality.

Immediately after shampooing, massaging in the solid conditioner is a panacea for the hair. Start with the right water temperature and moisten the product so that it is easy to use. There is no need to lather; the resulting cream is just as effective.

The conditioner is applied by simply rubbing it into the hair, starting at the base and going towards the ends. Massaging the hair also helps to make it softer and silkier. After leaving it to act for a few moments, as always rinse quickly.

Solid solutions for all hair types: from dry to oily

When it comes to hair, the choice of cosmetics is always very personal. For dry or oily hair, for dandruff or for damaged hair, the needs are many and everyone has their own favourite product.

The beauty of the solid alternative is in the freedom to vary its composition, the natural ingredients purify and restore the physiological balance of the scalp. Abandoning traditional chemistry is the first step towards discovering the benefits of returning to nature: try it to believe.

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The benefits of solid conditioner: how to revolutionise your hair care

The INCI proves it, the ingredients of the solid are mostly natural. Natural extracts are the secret as these act in depth but without altering the hair structure. The skin also thanks, solid products use surfactants with a low impact on the skin.

There is also the more practical aspect: the solid is easy to transport. On a plane as well as in your handbag for a weekend away, the solid balm frees you from the classical cares of the liquid equivalent. For the same use, the packet also weighs less.

Solid is good for the hair but also good for the environment; removing the liquid part means freeing the cosmetic from plastic. Just store the conditioner in a wooden box or opt for simple recycled paper.

Customise your beauty routine: choosing the right product for you

Whether it is a mask or conditioner, shampoo or conditioner, the approach to choice is entirely personal. What works in one case may act worse in the other.

The first step is analysing one’s own needs; only then can one move on to choosing the most suitable product. Solid comes to the rescue, however; the natural formula is gentler on the hair and therefore adapts more easily.

Quantity and frequency of use make a difference; solid conditioner helps the hair to stay intact and therefore clean for longer. You need less and it lasts longer; this is how the classic beauty routine turns out to be not only effective but also convenient.

Smart storage: tips and tricks to make your solids last longer

The location should preferably be dry. The cake dissolves on contact with water, it should be left to air dry after use.

Opting for a natural material would be best, especially if the container provides a breathable function. A small wooden or aluminium box with a drip tray, a jute bag, but also a cotton cloth are ideal cases for the cake once it is dry.

Solid.O Original: solid cosmetics for hotels and B&Bs

Experience in commodities and a natural aptitude for innovation are at the basis of a choice that is ecological but above all focused on quality. This is the origin of the solid line of Hotel Shampoos that Albogroup dedicates to high-end reception.

Not only conditioners but also shampoos and conditioning masks are some of the solid solutions designed for hair care. In addition, there are shower lines, intimate cleansers, shaving soaps and make-up solutions.

The composition is the natural one of solid cosmetics, but the most practical revolution lies in the format. The convenient solid bar design also allows for fractional use. A single 15-gram bar can thus easily provide two showers. Less water is wasted to optimise resources. This is how the body routine becomes more friendly.

For decades, Albogroup has been committed to thinking about the future every day, driven by the courage to make choices that become innovative solutions. Our products, which include a variety of solid hotel cosmetics, are designed to suit the needs of travellers as well as those of a daily hair care routine.