How do you use the solid shower gel?

Innovation and research are the tools of cosmetics that work. Albogroup places its accumulated know-how at the service of hotels and other establishments, offering a line of solid cosmetics for hotels; for the company amenities means quality

How to wash with solid shampoo?

In fact, you only have to try it to realise that the solid shampoo can be even easier than the classic liquid shampoo. A few small tricks can optimise its performance and guarantee a perfect, completely natural result. Here are some valuable tricks.

No need to look for the foam of the liquid, the solid alternative produces less of it. Its surfactants are much less impacting, so it cleanses more naturally. Simply pass the product over damp hands and massage the head starting with the scalp. Finally, rinse as usual.

The solid shower-bath revolution: what it is and how it works

The shape is the traditional soap bar. In reality, the solid shower gel is the result of a green innovation. Raw materials of natural origin, essences and dyes are the main ingredients.

The solid shower gel is therefore the green alternative to the more traditional shower foam; its INCI says so, and its less aggressive character towards the skin confirms this. Is this because the solid shower gel works less? Absolutely not, the effectiveness of the solid is equal to the liquid product: the function is identical.

Formulation and application: from conception to daily use

The conception of solid detergents stems from the need to bring beauty products into a more environmentally sustainable dimension. Indeed, cosmetics chemistry has a major impact both in terms of resource use and the accumulation of packaging plastics.

This led to the idea of replacing synthetic surfactants with natural substances that are able to replicate the same function. The production processes ensure better preservation of the natural properties. The result is an alternative, low-water product that is therefore more practical and versatile in everyday use.

Benefits and target audience: who it is for and why to choose it

One of the advantages of solid detergents lies in their natural composition. More than others, solid products are able to support the physiological tissue balance. This benefits the skin and hair, nourished by the same ingredients as the cleanser.

The very low water content is one of the plus points; the solid proves invaluable for those in search of practicality and sustainability. Shampoos and shower baths are easy to carry in a handbag but also in a trolley bag on an aeroplane. The use of natural ingredients makes them suitable for both adults and children.

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Where to put solid shampoo in the shower?

Storage is the aspect to which some small attention should be paid. The solid fears moisture, all the more so if it is exposed directly to water. By their nature, in fact, the active ingredients of the solid tend to dissolve on contact with the liquid phase.

Away from water, perhaps inside a natural fibre container; this is the most convenient location for solid shampoo after use. This can increase the yield of the product and ensure better preservation over time.

Containers made of wood or hemp often prove equally useful; it is always advisable to use natural materials to ensure effective drying.

Conservation and comparison: solids vs. liquids

There is no doubt about the benefit of using products with a natural composition; in fact, the solid demonstrates advantages mainly from a practical point of view. The absence of liquid is the finally sustainable answer; the cosmetics industry frees itself from the problem of a lack of water in the composition of its products. The need for fewer resources and easier transport are the points in favour of solid cosmetics over liquid cosmetics.

Considering that bacteria tend to contaminate liquids, the solid detergent is better protected and better preserved. Then there is the packaging aspect; the solid can dispense with plastic in favour of paper and other recycled or recyclable packaging. With some care in its use, the solid proves to be the zero-waste alternative.

Solid shower gel from Albogroup

The product is the result of accumulated experience in the field. In the kit with the practical soap bag, the solid shower gel expresses the potential of a natural and practical solution at the same time. The INCI proves this.

Like the liquid, the solid shower gel proves to be longer-lasting for the benefit of convenience. Shea butter and Calendula extract are just some of the natural ingredients. That is why the Solid.O Original line is a natural, high-performance alternative.

Innovation and research are the pillars on which Albogroup has built its line of solid cosmetics, combining effectiveness and respect for the environment. Through the use of natural ingredients and careful manufacturing processes, we have created products that maintain their commitment to sustainability and also offer practicality and tangible benefits for healthy skin and hair. Our solid shampoos and bath & shower products, containing little water, reduce the consumption of resources and minimise environmental impact through the reduction of plastic packaging.