How are solid cosmetics used?

Solid innovation means transparency; the time of claims alone is over because the future needs concrete use. Albogroup has bet on the solid revolution; this is why we are able to offer excellence in pure respect of nature and the customer.

A concrete example of our commitment is our range of solid hotel cosmetics, a choice that testifies to our dedication to sustainable solutions.

Introduction to solid cosmetics: what are they?

To consider it on a par with soap is a mistake of superficiality; the solid alternative is the new perspective of modern cosmetics. The benefits are many, but first we must ask ourselves: do we really know what it is?

Solid cosmetics are the cleansers that have abandoned traditional saponification, the one with the most synthetic chemistry. Silicones, SLS and parabens make way for more natural formulations because they are based on natural ingredients.

Some people think that solid cosmetics do not contain water and, for this reason, have a far more aggressive impact on the skin. The reality is different: there is water, but it is in a much lower percentage than in common liquid cosmetics.

The revolution in solid cosmetics lies in the way they are produced. Compression is the key to the production of the compacts, which is done using innovative methods that guarantee the solid form but preserve the ingredients in their natural state.

How to use solid cosmetics

The novelty of their use does not require such a big change in outlook; one only has to try them to realise that they are not so different from other cosmetics already in use. The real difference lies in the leap in quality that solids introduce.

Shampoos and bath and shower packs have a mode of use that is quite similar to that of the classic solid bar of soap. It should be pointed out that with this, the latest generation of solid cosmetics share only the shape. Simply moisten your hands and rub the bar into an emulsion to be applied for washing as usual.

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Storage and Maintenance: A Guide to the Care of Solid Cosmetics

The percentage of water is particularly low: this detail guarantees better preservation of quality even in the absence of synthetic preservatives. This is the real secret that preserves solid cosmetics from deterioration.

Collecting water is synonymous with potential bacterial stagnation, so the product tends to shorten its service life. In fact, the solid formulation protects its integrity by means of a physical barrier: the water content is reduced and a longer service life is guaranteed.

More nature and less preservatives are factors that must be preserved with a few tricks; solid cosmetics do not tolerate moisture. Keeping the loaf dry is the best way to preserve the product for longer.

A good trick is to store the cosmetics inside a breathable bag, preferably one made of natural fibres. A wooden container will also do, as long as you store it in a dry place.

Solid vs. liquid cosmetics: comparison, advantages and challenges

Liquid cosmetics have all too often garnished their offerings with green slogans, the reality unfortunately being a beauty that only had the colour of the packaging. Solid is the active breakthrough; one only has to peek at its INCI to realise its true nature. From packaging alone, we have moved on to green beauty.

The solid formula constitutes a revolution in practicality; one might even think of a simple aeroplane trip to realise how the solid lump overcomes the limitations of the liquid alter ego. The solid is also more practical to simply carry in your bag.

Reducing water means saying goodbye to plastics in packaging. Real islands of containers have left a floating legacy in the seas, then there are the microplastics that alter their flora and fauna. This is too uncomfortable a reality to continue pretending that nothing has happened. The solid challenges the past, only in this way can we design the future.

Where to buy solid cosmetics?

Albogroup translates decades of experience in the sector; the result is in the lines designed for contract production. Quality is the guiding thread for an offer that can enrich the panorama of hotel amenities.

The SOLID.O Original line is an alternative that introduces a positive novelty for guests, which can be appreciated in the in-room experience but also broadens the field of interest to the daily routine.

Shower gels, shampoos and solid conditioners are only part of the offer. The product panel also offers space for beauty cosmetics and shaving routines. The offer is wide-ranging, designed to translate the natural concept into a finally comprehensive use.

Our bet on this revolution is not only a response to the needs of the present, but an anticipation of future needs, where respect for nature and for the customer become indispensable. Through the SOLID.O Original line, we are committed to offering quality and practicality, but also a new awareness in cosmetic use, where every gesture of beauty becomes an act of responsibility towards the planet.