How to perfume your home naturally?

The language of fragrances is one that reaches the mind even before notes and words; fragrances evoke memories and enhance perceptions. We at Albogroup care so much about scented room essences that we give them exactly the space they deserve. Whether it is one’s own rooms or the spaces in which one feels at home, the power of essences is strong. Here are our proposals in an itinerary completely dedicated to them.

Choosing the Right Fragrance for Every Moment of the Day

Listening to a piece of music can set the ideal mood, the perception of a particular fragrance can even excite. Each fragrance marks the place in a distinct way, becomes the imprint of a moment. Hence the idea of accompanying each area of the day with a different fragrance. The right choice can not only energise but also stimulate the other senses. Perfume accompanies a more pleasant lifestyle, welcomes a different way of experiencing one’s surroundings every day.

Creating the Perfect Working Environment

Maximising focus is the real secret to truly productive work, concentration reduces fatigue levels but above all makes time more enjoyable. Goals count, but the way in which they are achieved is also important. That is why our lines inspired by nature are the proposal designed precisely to stimulate concentration. Efficiency is a natural consequence.

Perfume for Relaxation

Rest is about disconnecting from everything else, severing connections with the world around you to devote precious moments to recharging personal energies. The right fragrance can create a protective bubble between the relaxation dimension and the world around it; here, fragrances envelop but abstract. A good perfume promotes rest, the perfect one can be good for the soul.

Relaxing fragrances and essences for the night

The bedroom is the environment that protects, it is the place dedicated to the most intimate dimension. Here the sense lies in the feeling of being protected; the fragrance must be light but above all inspired by nature. The perception of a pleasant fragrance promotes relaxation; here lies the sense of a selection designed to make the sleeping environment peaceful. The night soothes, the right fragrance regenerates.

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Olfactory pyramids of our home and room fragrances

Reproducing a perfume is pure art; our lines are born from the skilful experience of perfumers. Creating a good essence is not enough; you need to imprint the right character by dosing the individual aromas. Every creation starts with research, it is a journey that passes through the senses and leads home.

Ficus, Hortum, Nemus, Sugar, Citrus and Pomegranate are the creations that speak of our research. The synthesis of each essence passes through a study of layers, the individual components overlapping to recreate exactly the right fragrance. Each creation is an experience to be enjoyed at home.

Mémoires Affectives perfume stick diffusers

Home fragrances find their natural expression in a composition designed to enhance their notes. Starting with an elegant yet eye-catching design, all you have to do is add a touch of gold to make it precious and complete it with sticks that can diffuse the essences in the best possible way.

This is the range of room diffusers that Albogroup dedicates to enhancing its fragrances. The effect of a perfume is also made up of timing and pauses, and entrusting the diffusion to the wickers means knowing how to dose. Like a painting deserves the right light, the essence is enjoyed from the balance.

Olfactory Selection Line Home Perfumer

Designed to satisfy the urge to stimulate the sense of smell, the Olfactory line was created to bring fragrance into the environment more quickly. Just a few seconds are all it takes to impart a personal touch to the environment, a single spray can suffice. The solution is ideal for use in the living area of the home, where times are more dynamic.

The essences are those that support the moments of the day, they can for example break up the smells in the kitchen after lunch. The proposals speak the language of nature but not only, among many there are Pomegranate, Vanilla, Citrus, Ficus, Hortum and Nemus. All you have to do is choose.

Ambiance perfumer top notes line

Impressive from the start: here our Top Notes line becomes almost an element that furnishes the home through the right olfactory imprint. The first perception of any room is precisely in the imprint that the scent manages to imprint; this tells a lot about the home and the person living in it.

This is where the intention comes from to entrust the diffusion of aromas to a tool that is effective but also discreet at the same time; the glass leaves room for the essences because the aim is to stimulate the senses starting with the sense of smell. The home is its own environment, it communicates but above all it welcomes; to give it a perfume is a gift that satisfies.