How to store solid cosmetics?

Solid cosmetics are the cultural revolution, both in hotel amenities and in everyday home use. The advantages are many, but some care is needed to make the most of them. Albogroup offers its know-how, also producing courtesy lines for hotels. Here is our advice on the subject.

Albogroup’s solid cosmetics: discover the courtesy lines for hotels

Protagonists in the green selection for the beauty routine at home, solid cosmetics are also the convenient choice when travelling and staying in a hotel. Hence the company’s emphasis on the solid cosmetics line; it represents the turning point for a more eco-friendly future.

Experience in the guest amenities sector for hotels is combined with a choice aimed at optimising resources. In fact, solid cosmetics was created to combine the need for green products, both in composition and environmental impact: eliminating water means minimising plastic packaging but above all not wasting this important resource. The environment thanks you.

Shower gel, shampoo and conditioner are some of the products in the hotel range. The format in 15-gram bars allows for practical division so that they can be easily reused: you do not waste the product you do not need and you keep it in the best possible condition for later use.

How to store solid shampoo?

Preservation is a particularly important aspect, especially when the focus is on shampoo in solid form. With a low water component, the solid formulation is characterised by a classic vegetable oil composition.

It is nature that requires some special care when storing the product; ideally, it should be kept dry. For example, store it inside a special container, perhaps made of natural materials such as wood.

Solid shampoo does not like environments that are too hot (burning radiators and sunlight, for example) and containers where water stagnates. Preventing the presence of water in the packaging improves its preservation.

Methods of conservation in the bathroom and when travelling

The best way to pack cosmetics in a suitcase is the same way that was once used for the classic travel soap, even a tin container would do as long as there was no trace of water in it. Whether storing them in a suitcase or in the bathroom at home, the composition of solid cosmetics must be respected in order to store them best.

The ideal routine at home should consist of storing the product in a water-free container, a small bamboo box would be perfect. When travelling, a cardboard box is handy.

Ideally, you should use the solid cosmetic after dividing it into single doses, as with experience you learn the quantity required for each application. In this way, the remainder can be left away from moisture.

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Post-use drying tips

Solid cosmetics are products that prefer natural drying. After use, they only need to be left to hang to dry ideally.

Cotton nets can be particularly useful; besides being pleasing to the eye, their natural fibres allow the product to breathe ideally and avoid the use of non-natural fibres. Drying takes place naturally in the air.

Recommended and Avoidable Materials

The rule is “if natural, it is better”, solid detergents require special care in the choice of materials. Plastic would be the material to avoid, admitting it with reservation only if it is to recycle a container from other uses.

The classic ceramic soap dish may not be the best idea, the material prevents the natural exchange of air, therefore, it may encourage moisture inside to the detriment of the solid detergent.

Living materials, wood for example, are preferable. A cotton cloth bag would also make a good container and could also be used as a skin scrub.

Where to store solid soap once it has been used?

When travelling, the single-dose option is the perfect solution. You use as much as necessary, avoiding waste and saving leftover product for later use.

Proper storage of solid cosmetics is a key element in maintaining their properties and effectiveness over time. Following Albogroup’s advice can make all the difference in terms of product durability and quality.

Through these simple but effective storage practices, Albogroup solid cosmetics not only retain their qualities, but also become indispensable allies for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly beauty routine, both at home and on the road.