Elements of a cosmetic packaging for hotels

Going to a hotel, especially if you search for quality and well-being concept, customers want to obtain comfort and attention to their needs.

For this reason, great attention is paid to the hotel amenities and in particular to the line of cosmetic products that clients find in their room.
These are collections of hotel-specific cosmetics that must communicate refinement and high quality and represent a service of excellence that is worth having, especially if you want to emerge compared to competitors in the sector.

The quality of the formulations of these cosmetic products for hotels is certainly the first element to gain the appreciation of the customer, but also their presentation and design are fundamental. Creams and products for cleansing the body and hair need an optimal presentation, to immediately capture the eye and convey the message of the line but also of the structure itself, depending on the philosophy and the type of welcome you want to provide.

Relying on a serious company such as Albogrup in the design and production of your Hotel Amenities lines means being sure of a result of the highest quality both for the product and for its presentation, thanks also to the study of a line design consistent with the objectives of each customer.

Let us see what are the aspects to take into account when talking about the design of the aesthetic side of a line of cosmetic products, especially for hotels, but also for retail in general.

Custom Design

The first step to take when deciding to create the ideal packaging for a cosmetic product is to develop a well-defined design strategy.

If the brand is created from scratch, it is advisable to create a specific logo for the line and also add the hotel logo to show the assonance between the two realities.

The placement of the writing and decorative graphic elements on the products is very important, for an elegant or more informal effect, depending on the type of accommodation.

If you think it might be appropriate, you can insert images or captions that clarify the contents of the bottle, using a font that is understandable but at the same time gives an allure of originality that can distinguish your product from competitors in the market.

The interesting aspect of turning to a company in the sector is being able to go beyond the usual standards and create an ad hoc product that shows the end customer how much care is put into every detail in the management of the structure, from the furnishing and cleaning of the rooms to the complete and attractive toiletries set.


The choice of the colour of the packaging is much more important than you might think, since it involves not only factors of aesthetic pleasure but also of a psychological nature.

In fact, colours have a certified effect on mood and are perfectly able to communicate a clear and unambiguous message to the customer. If the accommodation structure applies a philosophy based on elegant classics and tradition, then creating a packaging with neutral and calm tones will be a pleasant experience, which conveys a soft and quiet feeling.

If the hotel is one of those modern boutique hotels with a young and urban inspiration, why not ride the wave and opt for contrasting combinations and an explosion of energy?

In this case, red, yellow, fuchsia and in general the fluorescent colours are indicated, to be preferred to beige, light grey and cream, more suitable for the first hypothesis. However, there are no precise rules because each line of hotel cosmetics is a small masterpiece of creativity and what rewards is mainly coherence and harmony. For example, you can see some hotel dispenser lines from the Albogroup collections here or here.
If you cannot decide and do not know how to customise your line of hotel amenities, consider that white is widely used within hotels for this type of production, since it gives an idea of class and cleanliness, two elements that the customer would always like to find in their hotel experience. For example, the Pure White line of Albogroup Hotel Dispensers conveys positivity and elegance

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Colour and design are the first elements to which it is necessary to refer when designing a successful packaging.

Subsequently, however, we move on to the details, which are the key to overcoming the competition and making themselves memorable in the eyes of the customer, retaining them as much as possible.

These elements are, for example, the font that is used to write and affix the logo, the type of bottle or dispenser, the dispensing provided, the information on the formulation and the clarity of the label.

We talk about what is perceived at first glance, as it is often the initial seconds that determine the liking and feeling of being in the right place.
In the case of solid cosmetics for hotels, for example, the packaging is also of great importance because it must immediately communicate the innovative philosophy of solid cosmetics. Alborgoup’s exclusive Solid.O Original line, for example, uses recyclable paper and FSC boxes with a matte natural finish, as well as plastic free, to underline the concepts of eco-sustainability, that are at the base of the line.

Form of packaging

The design of the product is of great importance, even in cosmetic products for hotels that are actually cosmetics in all respects and meet the rules of a fair design.
Innovation, research and style are always important qualities that determine the success of a product.
For example, for an ecological view to contain costs and waste, hotel dispenser solutions are increasingly being used to replace the classic mini-sizes. For these products, design is fundamental because the shape of the packaging must be original, elegant, functional and modern.
The new Albogroup Dispensers are designed with the environment in mind, without neglecting the safety and high quality of the cosmetic products contained. The design of the shapes is an exclusive Albogroup design. This is pure design and at the same time it is a personalised project in constant evolution and dialogue with the needs of the modern hospitality world.
You can discover the first 2 models, Uranus and Neptune, coordinated with the new Albogroup amenity lines or to be customised according to your needs.

Materials used

One of the most debated today is the choice of materials that must respect the environment and at the same time create the much desired wow effect.

The outer packaging, especially for solid cosmetics and in general for soaps, is usually made of paper or cardboard, customised according to your needs, while the real bottle is made of recycled plastic or recyclable. The most modern production techniques make it possible to significantly reduce the amount of plastic that must be used in these cosmetic products, making them lighter and therefore more sustainable, but it is above all the use of recyclable plastics that make these products ecological because they allow their continuous recycling and reuse. The attention to recycling, in fact, has become a real right attention, especially in hotel facilities, and being able to use more environmentally friendly bottles and dispensers represents a small contribution to the protection of the environment.
Albogroup’s eco-friendly dispensers, for example, are 100% recyclable and, compared to traditional mini-sizes, are a more sustainable choice: less volume, cost, transport, pollution, plastic, storage, energy, disposal.

Customised packaging for Hotel Amenities lines

Having analysed the main elements of a good packaging, how is it possible to make them without creating a dull and unprofessional effect?
The answer is Albogroup, a company that has been dealing for some time also with the external appearance of custom cosmetics, working precisely on the concept of originality and diversification with respect to the usual standards.
The aim is to create a mix of first choice materials, practical and elegant shapes, attractive and creative design, consistent with the needs of each customer or distributor in the sector. Albogroup has a thorough knowledge of the Hotel Amenities market, because it has been working in the sector for more than 40 years and is a reliable partner, from design to final production.
Customers will notice the care that is put into every detail, starting from the graphic design, the choice of colours, the creativity in the collections. We are talking about structures that strictly follow precise styles and where each element must fit perfectly with the others to give an elegant and prestigious image.
How do you proceed to obtain the desired packaging by investing in a project that is effective from a marketing point of view? The first step is to contact Albogroup for personalised advice. Then, our personnel will develop your project and make your hotel line special.