How do you choose the right soap for your skin?

Ideally moisturised and in perfect balance against irritants, normal skin is probably a chimera that is only admired in advertisements. There are those who speak of luck and those who appeal to the magic of photo editing; at Albogroup, we believe instead in the results of research in the field. Our contract production of soaps aims at quality; the real mission is to bring value to brand extension.

Soap for dry skin, which one to choose?

More than 4,000 years separate us from the ancient recipe for soaps. Water, cassia oil and some alkaline substances made up the first rudimentary soaps, and the peoples of the ‘Fertile Crescent’ were already using them back then. Who knows whether the problem of dry skin was already an uncomfortable certainty back then, certainly the search for balance in the skin has always been the aim of every cleansing compound. The main cause is to be found in the reduced concentration of sebum, an element that forms a natural film to preserve dry skin.

The rule is simple: respect the skin. Aggressive soaps are therefore to be banned when approaching dry skin, it is also important to use the most suitable cleanser for each area of the body. Topical areas require cleansing with stronger compositions than those used, for example, on the face. Help comes from nature; glycerine is the best ally for moisturising the skin as it retains water and leaves the skin hydrated. Argan oil, coconut oil and jojoba oil are particularly respectful of sebum and therefore help to preserve it.

Soap for chapped hands, which one to choose?

Understanding the why helps to find the remedy. This is where the approach to finding the most effective solution starts. Dry skin, for example, tends to be more affected by low temperatures and changes in temperature. Yet dry skin is a phenomenon of the body’s response to the cold, vasoconstriction reserves heat for the inside of the body, leaving the extremities to cool. This results in the classic signs of the skin becoming itchy and dry until annoying fissures and lesions occur.

Which soap should be used in the case of chapped hands? All and none, the answer in fact presupposes that the choice of detergent is first associated with moisturising the skin through a suitable treatment. The obligatory step must recreate the skin’s physiological hydration, here glycerine-based products have an almost miraculous effect. It is then necessary to nourish and soothe the skin with vitamins and useful substances, and contact with hot water must be avoided. Soaps based on olive oil, lavender essential oils and balsamic products are preferred.

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Consider the pH of the skin

Between 4.2 and 5.6 is in the normal range, the pH of an adult tends to be weakly acidic. There are some pitfalls, however, and herein lie many of the pitfalls in the correct choice of skin cleanser. An adult with oily skin is likely to have more acidic skin than an elderly person or a child. This is certainly due to different hormonal balances and, more directly, to the natural breakdown of the lipids that make up the outer layer of the skin.

The choice of soap must therefore take this into account. It is certainly well known that the skin of an elderly person responds differently to that of a young adult. The soap must therefore adapt to the degree of acidity or, at least, the age of the skin. Avoiding soaps that are too basic or too acidic is a good starting point, so it is often a good idea to refer to the INCI to check for the absence of ingredients that are not very dermocompatible. Then there are the healthy daily habits; preferring short and not too hot showers is one of the simplest but effective solutions.

Vegetable soaps for combination or oily skin

Solutions to complex problems can sometimes be found in the balance of nature, this is one of the most successful approaches when approaching the correct choice of soap. In fact, plant elements prove to be particularly akin to the natural components of the skin, man has lived for millennia immersed in nature, so the choice only brings balance back to his atavistic way of life. Almond oil with its nourishing action but also aloe vera with its antioxidant properties are just some of the ingredients.

The natural compositions are best suited to different skin types; they can be used on oily skin but also on combination skin. Respect for origin requires the absence of colouring agents; the effect can be observed in the absence of coloured residue foams. Vegetable oils and essences are the protagonists of this type of soap; the quality of a product that is certainly appreciated benefits from this. Returning to nature is good, even for the skin.

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