Environmentally friendly and sustainable hotels

What is an eco hotel?

Sustainability and energy saving. Concepts that have become part of our daily lives and that we find in many areas. Nowadays many tourist facilities invest their capital transforming. A transformation that cannot have as its sole purpose the guarantee of an efficient service to the customer, but that must take into account how to satisfy the needs of the present without affecting those of future generations.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable hotels for the protection of the environment must exploit resources respecting the surrounding area and those who live within it. The attention of the accommodation facilities can not only be directed to ecological energy sources, but also to the reduced use of plastic and harmful substances.

To significantly break down the use of plastic in reception and wellness services, such as, for example, the courtesy cosmetics found in the bathrooms of all hotels, a choice of great innovation and modernity is the exclusive use of solid cosmetics: body wash and solid shampoos that do not require the use of plastic and for this reason are perfectly sustainable; with a great saving of water, transport and energy costs. Albogroup solid cosmetics for hotels are an example.

Ecological and quality body care products

Without plastic and without the use of water, the solid cosmetics produced by Albogroup are suitable for tourist facilities that have chosen a green path. For example, Albogroup’s solid Hotel Amenities are small bars that can be divided into 2 to be even more environmentally friendly: if you don’t need everything, divide it and use only half; the other half can be used later or take it home.

Designed for children, the Hotel Amenities Beba Lena & Friends line is produced using organic ingredients and without allergens. Albogroup is aware that the culture of respect for the environment can begin as a child. For this reason solid-format shower gel for children is innovative and does not pollute the environment.

For hotels that prefer to keep classic cosmetics in liquid format for their Hotel Amenities, Albogroup offers innovative solutions in Dispenser. Uranus and Neptune dispensers are the ultimate in sustainability and the least waste. In the world of Hotel Amenities dispensers are now one of the most environmentally friendly solutions. Compared to traditional mini-sizes, dispensers are a sustainable choice because they have less volume, less cost, require less transport, produce less plastic and require less time and energy for disposal. In addition, all Albogroup dispensers are 100% recyclable.

With these dispensers Albogroup has created exclusive collections; just think of the Italian Collection with particular fragrances, linked to the Italian territory.

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Install low flow showers

Taking a hot shower is one of the most relaxing actions of the day. However, few people are aware of how much water is consumed. Just to do an experiment you can put a bucket under the shower head and calculate how much will be dispensed. For a shower of only 5 minutes will be wasted about 80 liters.

Many hotels that support an eco-friendly policy have installed low-flow showers. Designed with the dimensional control of drops and aerators that add air to the flow, this type of shower allows considerable savings, with a water expenditure of about 7 liters per minute.

What does a hotel need to be sustainable?

An eco-friendly hotel must pay particular attention to the recycling of waste and must ensure the right amount of food without waste, encouraging the organic menu and the purchase of products at Km 0. Dynamics that can significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide, the use of fuels for transport and storage.

The presence of plants and gardens allows the absorption of CO2, purifying the air inside the buildings. Very important is to provide customers with green spaces where you can enjoy sports equipment. Tennis courts, five-a-side football pitches, interspersed with relaxation areas, can transform ecological hotels into cool and fashionable structures, suitable for theme nights and meetings.

Indicate more green means of transport to reach the hotel, or if necessary offer a transfer on electric vehicles, is a must for any hotel accommodation. Training of staff is essential. Educating employees to follow company directives is one of the most important tools to ensure the application of the guidelines set by any hotel that wants to make the attention to waste its communicative weapon.

What are the most eco-friendly hotels in Italy?

It was one of the first ecological hotels in Milan. Boasting 143 rooms with a contemporary design, E.c.ho supports eco-friendly hospitality while respecting the surrounding area.

The beds consist of ecological mattresses with sheets and linen in natural fibers. The lobby is furnished with tables made of FSC certified cedar logs. Eco-label fabrics cover chairs and puffs, while gigantographs of woods and vegetable gardens hang on the walls, thus creating a very relaxing landscape effect.

Characterized by stone and wood pillars and reduced visual impact, this accommodation in Gargnano has been built inspired by the lemon houses. The design of the Lefay Resort & Spa recalls the typical buildings used for the cultivation of lemons on Lake Garda.

Its beating heart is a power plant that produces electricity, heat and cooling through clean energy such as biomass, ensuring a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. Toilets and taps can reduce water consumption by 50% compared to a normal plant, while glass bottles are used to limit the use of plastic.

The Vigilius Mountain Resort is a place to live in harmony with nature. Located in the municipality of Lana, this resort was built using glass and wood. Many compare its shape to a stretched tree trunk. Others remember the shell of a snail, but for everyone it is an island in the mountains where you can enjoy life without any kind of noise.

Considered as a true kingdom of water, the numerous springs that flow from Mount San Vigilio, at 1700 meters above sea level, can be used in various ways. From mineral water with high digestibility to that destined for therapeutic uses in the beautiful spa.

Surrounded by 7 hectares of Mediterranean scrub, Sardinna Antiga is the first sustainable village in Sardinia. This eco-friendly hotel will surprise its guests with the originality of its houses that are inspired by the ancient nuragic huts of the island, creating a perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape.

Inside it is allowed the use of mobile phones and PCs only in homes. Guests will find fair and abundant breakfasts, with organic products at Km 0. Special attention is paid to vegans, vegetarians and celiacs.

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What are the most sustainable hotels in the world?

Located near the town of Bode, Sweden, this eco-friendly hotel offers 5 rooms suspended on birch trees. The Treehotel has been built using environmentally friendly materials. Its interiors are modern and equipped with every comfort. In addition, each room includes toilets, except for showers that are located in an adjacent building.

The kitchen staff serves game, game and local products, with the possibility of eating lunch over the trees. Many summer and winter activities include: ice fishing, snowmobiling and dog sledding.

They have the shape of a large white dome and are located in Switzerland. The accommodation facilities of the Whitepod eco-luxury Hotel have been built away from city traffic and combine ecology and well-being. Perfect for those who want to unwind and immerse themselves in unspoilt nature.

The goal is to show that hospitality and respect for the environment can blend. The electricity is produced by turbines powered by the water that flows from the mountain, while the motorized transport for the structure is limited to the bare essentials.

Located in a clearing on La Flor Mountain, between Alicante and Valencia, Casa Tarsan Eco Lodge is an eco refuge that can offer a type of eco-friendly stay. This accommodation is surrounded by nature and offers its guests a regenerating stay through yin yoga and mountain biking.

This eco-friendly hotel offers a plant-based menu based on Km 0 and organic products. The rooms, built with all comforts, are equipped with internet access and private bathrooms.

Ecology and quality of raw materials

The production of cosmetics for hotels, especially if they must be sustainable, requires a particular passion and a lot of experience because it is necessary to combine modern and efficient production processes, research and development, cost reduction, high productivity, innovative style and design and safe and performing cosmetic formulas, from the smartest and simplest to the most premium, according to the demands of each hotel.

For this reason, Albogroup prefers to produce and offer its customers, including third parties, cosmetics for hotels without added dyes.

It is not an exclusive choice, of course, but for Albogroup the “Clean Cosmetics”, without addition of dyes, is not only a great trend, but is first of all a style. For Albogroup the concept of “clean beauty” consists in focusing mainly on the content, on formulas specifically designed to be effective and safe, trying to eliminate everything that could hurt the planet and our skin. A need for essentiality that is now fundamental also for cosmetics to be proposed in hotels.

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