What is Green Beauty and Sustainable Cosmetics?

The future will be green, the concept starts from this moment to ensure in advance the opportunities that this field of cosmetics can promise.

Albogroup is committed to environmental awareness. We love to translate concepts into practical realities through a range of hotel amenities that are both effective and sustainable. The beauty lies in reducing our environmental impact; we all deserve a healthier planet.

Green beauty: What does sustainable cosmetics mean?

The use of the term may sometimes suggest more of a new trend, some green campaigns stop at the claim on the cosmetic packaging but in reality go no further. One example lies in the common belief that a green cosmetic does not contain any synthetic products in the laboratory but is made from nature’s own ingredients: this is not always true.

Sustainability is the most appropriate key. Cosmetics are truly green when they avoid ingredients and practices that have an irreversible impact on the environment. Water consumption and energy use in high-temperature processes are typical elements of the cosmetics industry; these take their toll on the environment and unfortunately cannot be eliminated. The green cosmetics industry actively acts to limit its impact; green beauty is therefore based on a deeper respect.

What is Clean Beauty?

Clean beauty focuses on consistency between the composition of the cosmetic and its effectiveness. The INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) of the product is therefore made up of only effective ingredients. Molecules whose usefulness appears doubtful to say the least are banned; the aim is to simplify the composition of formulations to reduce the impact on human health but also on the environment.

It goes without saying that clean beauty does not exclude synthetic ingredients and does not necessarily prefer molecules of plant origin. Clean products are those that aim to avoid elements that are potentially harmful to health. However, clean beauty cannot be superimposed on green cosmetics or even certified cosmetics. Regardless of the presence of certain surfactants, the type certainly excludes the presence of potentially aggressive elements.

Why choose it?

The impact of production processes on the planet is an element that has its weight but, considering everyday reality, it must be admitted that it is not the first driver. Times and priorities are changing but this is happening more slowly than it should. Hence, the road to clean cosmetics, or its green alternative, is travelling on the basis of a greater respect for textiles.

Eliminating aggressive ingredients means focusing on a product that is able to express its efficacy and do so more safely. Often, a dermo-compatible composition can also be eco-friendly. The dual intent therefore provides one more reason to prefer the ‘clean’ alternative or to turn to the ‘green’ one. The presence of a certification can certainly strengthen the reasons for the choice.

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Main features of green cosmetics

Which cosmetic products can be called green for real? The industry is unfortunately very confused about this; customers can find themselves faced with real ‘natural fakes’. Here, a green is defined as natural if it contains even 10% natural elements of vegetable or animal origin; the category is not to be confused with organic cosmetics, in which case the raw materials are GMO-free and do not involve the use of synthetic chemicals. The cases of vegan and organic cosmetics are different: the former ban animal-derived elements, the latter contain only natural and organic ingredients.

Each category must be well considered: here, once again, it is the INCI that is of fundamental help. As a general rule, a truly green product should not contain silicones and petrolatum as these are not biodegradable and can cause harm to humans. Other non-green elements are sulphates, parabens and metals; the age-old problem of plastics comes to mind. Here is what should not be in green cosmetics.

Production of environmentally sustainable solid cosmetics Albogroup

Commitment to more sustainable cosmetics means taking decisive action towards an effective yet respectful product. Hence the range that Albogroup dedicates to contract manufacturing. Ideally suited to the hotel world but also useful for revolutionising traditional retail, the solutions on offer include various products in solid form. Shampoos but also bath and shower shampoos, shaving soap and intimate cleanser. The solid form optimises consumption but, above all, guarantees an excellent balance between quality and the product’s impact on the environment. Here is the green that counts.

Why does Albogroup offer cosmetics without added dyes?

For Albogroup, the Clean Beauty concept also becomes a choice to be proposed in its contract manufacturing. Cosmetics without added dyes is undoubtedly a relevant trend, but it is above all a philosophy of life. Our interpretation of ‘pure beauty’ focuses mainly on content, on formulations carefully created to be effective and safe, trying to exclude anything that could harm our planet and our skin. A need for simplicity that is now also crucial for cosmetic products to be offered in hotels. That is why we also favour cosmetic formulations without the addition of synthetic dyes for our hotel toiletries and contract hotel toiletries. Find out more about our certified lines and contact us for more information.