The Sustainable Future of Cosmetics: Why Choose Solid Cosmetics?

Not only for the new galenics but also for quality hotel amenities, Albogroup has always believed in the solid revolution. Here’s why.

Introduction to solid cosmetics: what are they?

The future is imagined in search of the new, solid cosmetics is explained by looking at the past. Things have changed since the soap bar was once part of the daily routine. The shape of a bar of soap has remained, but the content is new, all to be discovered.

The preconditions for a revolution in habits are not lacking, the last decades have extolled liquid cosmetics. Now it’s time for a change, you just have to get to know the solid to start trying it and realise that it will be the future. Was it enough to remove the water? No, the solid revolution is much more.

Environmental benefits of solid cosmetics

Estimated at 120 billion in units, the production of global cosmetics is running at significant figures. Just multiply this figure by the impact of traditional industry and you realise the huge footprint that liquid routine leaves on the environment. Air, water and earth take their toll. Knowing this serves to make a change.

A very low percentage of water characterises the solid, resulting in leaner transport and a higher concentration of useful product. This alone reduces the carbon footprint; solid cosmetics offers more but demands less in return. You produce it with less water, you also transport it with less volume. This is one of the many advantages.

Reducing waste: packaging and sustainable packaging

The big issues of the environment are nothing more than the sum of the small everyday problems. The classic plastic bottle of liquid is a nuisance both in the travel trolley and in the gym bag; it is unsafe to store but above all it takes up space for much else.

Perhaps more or less consciously, this is a description of what liquid packaging is doing to the environment with plastic islands with millennial disposal times. The solid is content with wrappers with a low environmental impact, even simple recyclable paper or cardboard is enough. Optimising is the key word; using solid means getting back to loving yourself and the environment.

Natural ingredients and anhydrous formulations

Whether it is an orientation dictated by marketing or the reversal of trends, the present is projected towards the spread of formulations with a low water content. This revolutionises galenicity in a positive sense, since reducing the liquid component is tantamount to drastically reducing the microbiological implications typical of liquid formulations.

Better preservation opens up the space for a much more natural INCI precisely because the solid does not need a particularly preservative component. Deprived of water, the environment is less friendly to microbiotic colonisation. This opens the field to the use of vegetable oils, which are essential for a return to the natural routine.

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Challenges and opportunities for solid cosmetics

The current landscape sees the solid slightly relegated to a more niche area; this makes the solid alternative even more attractive in the conquest of new markets. In a sea of liquid offerings, the solid alternative introduces an element that is still able to attract attention to the brand.

It is no coincidence that the big names in the industry are showing a growing interest in solid; the cosmetics revolution now offers the maximum of opportunities. On supermarket shelves as well as among the amenities of the most exclusive hotels, the novelty introduces an alternative that appeals. Growth is only just beginning; solid holds exciting prospects.

The role of solid cosmetics in the future of beauty

Solid cosmetics are bringing about a real revolution in habits; perspectives are changing to interpret the steps of the daily beauty routine in a new way. Yes, the advantages in terms of sustainability and convenience are clear, but also convenience in the bag and naturalness in the formulations. There is, however, the change of scenario that the solid is preparing.

Although the current availability is not that great, the progressive growth will require a change of approach in the near future. The textures are far more respectful of the liquid alternative, the solid, however, also requires a little adaptation in how it is applied. Some extra care is added in storage, but the momentous gain seems convincing. Change is only just beginning.

Albogroup solid cosmetics for hotels

Decades of experience in the field is the starting point; reality has proven itself to be akin to solid cosmetics before anything else. The attachment to research and the winning bet have led to the Solid.O Original lines that the brand also dedicates to high-end accommodation.

The solid formula goes through the lines for shower and shampoo but also for intimate hygiene, shaving and make-up routines. The third-party choice places the manufacturer in the position of a leading partner on whom to rely for quality and service.

We firmly believe in the solid cosmetics revolution, motivated by a philosophy that looks to the future while rediscovering the wisdom of the past.

Solid cosmetics represent a return to a more sustainable and conscious way of taking care of oneself. They are the future of cosmetics, able to reduce environmental impact by requiring less water in production and not using plastic for packaging. Their anhydrous formula, free of artificial preservatives and rich in natural ingredients, offers advantages in terms of safety, quality and durability.

The adoption of solid cosmetics, both individually and in hotels, is a step towards a greener and more responsible future.

The challenge we face is great, but the opportunities are immense. The growing attention of consumers and big brands indicates that we are only at the beginning of a momentous transformation.