Ecolabel for cosmetic labels: what does it mean?

Quality also means reducing the impact that production cycles have on the environment; this is demanded by the global environmental situation and customers who are increasingly sensitive to the weight of green issues. Hence the importance of a European label to protect quality that respects the environment. Albogroup commits itself by putting its expertise into the sector. Welcoming customers also means providing amenities that protect everyone; hence the response of EU Ecolabel certification.

Ecolabel Certified Hotel Amenities Line

When you focus on quality production, the consequence is compliance with the requirements for European certification. The Albogroup line demonstrates how performance can go hand in hand with respect for the environment. The result is the Ecolabel-certified Greenmood hotel line, which follows the values of sustainable beauty and above all a circular economy.

The offer includes solid soap lines as well as wall-mounted dispensers. The certification, valid on the proposed solution, can also be customised. Third-party production thus makes it possible to develop a result that meets the Ecolabel criteria; the amenities gain recognition for their value. Green rewards.

What does the Ecolabel mean?

Already at first glance, the brand shows itself with special characteristics. The logo could be associated with a flower whose petals are represented by the twelve stars surrounding a stylised “e”. This encapsulates the essence of a European registered trademark, a tool recognised both at European and global level to indicate the green nature of the product.

The label is based on strict criteria that ensure its reliability.

The certification is a voluntary initiative, not dependent on any dictates from the EU or local governments. The manufacturer joins the Ecolabel after fulfilling the relevant criteria, which are certified by a third-party certification body. The meaning behind the instrument thus lies in an additional guarantee of the goodness of the product; it is only right that virtuous practices are effectively indicated to the customer.

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Why choose ECOLABEL certification?

Considering our experience in the cosmetics industry, we can say that it all starts with a customer-friendly production policy. Certification is a pure consequence of a policy based on respect for the customer and the environment that we all inhabit. In fact, we start from a production quality projected towards the optimum; certification is therefore a consequent recognition of our own high standards.

Why Ecolabel? Certification is one of the most authoritative tools in the EU environment; in fact, it is supported by Regulation 880/92 that made it available to European companies. If one were to consider the redundancy of such initiatives, the user of the product might hardly notice its presence. The customer perceives a greater sense of protection with an EU label; one appreciates the weight of a voluntary initiative but one that is registered and regulated by the European Parliament.

What are Ecolabel products?

This is not the usual initiative to target green enthusiasts in the cosmetics sector, the brand is something much more concrete. The realities it touches range from textiles to construction, fashion, food and personal care. The reality is even broader and concerns the product classes with the highest impact in everyday use. It is no coincidence that electronics can also be Ecolabel certified.

Quality cosmetics can only be included among the categories covered by the label. It is by no means a secret that the cosmetics industry has one of the heaviest impacts on the planet’s resources. Production cycles very often require too much water; then there are the issues of environmental impact from ingredients and packaging. Cosmetics is one of several categories but it is among the most in need of a truly green approach.

Requirements for obtaining Ecolabel certification

The star flower is a label that not everyone can acquire; the first requirement is to fall within the categories that the certification covers. The parameters to be met are those contained in EC Regulation 66/2010; it is therefore an independent body that certifies compliance with the relevant admission criteria. Obviously, certification has a cost, but this is regulated through rules that facilitate small and medium-sized companies.

There are four main evaluation items: product durability, disposal costs and impact, packaging choice and consumption related to the production process. The verification takes into account each step in the life of the product; the analysis considers energy and material flows. The documentation is sent to the Ecolabel Committee and Ecoaudit.

In today’s panorama, which is increasingly marked by growing environmental awareness, Albogroup’s commitment translates into a deep appreciation of the EU Ecolabel, a distinctive symbol of quality and sustainability. This recognition, the result of a strictly regulated process, not only testifies to adherence to high production standards, but embodies a true green philosophy, oriented towards respect for the ecosystem and the adoption of virtuous practices at every stage of the production cycle.