Eco-organic cosmetic lines for children: which one to choose?

Caring for your child’s skin is especially important; skin irritations can be a nuisance for children.
Which products to choose to combine the needs of respect for the skin and those of eco-sustainability?
In order to ensure maximum safety for children and parents, it is advisable to rely on specific solid cosmetic lines for children designed to meet these needs, studied, formulated and produced by highly qualified companies with real experience in the sector.
Very important companies such as offer eco-friendly cosmetic lines for children in order to protect them and reassure parents, at home, on the go and even in hotels. But which products to choose?

Is there any advice on choosing the right products?

Before choosing the most suitable line for your children, it is important to know how to move in this sector. Although cosmetic lines for children seem all identical to each other, in reality they present substantial differences, both in form and substance.
To understand which are the best products for your child, it is essential to read the INCI, which is present on the package. A product, in order to comply with the law, must necessarily report the INCI.
Natural products generally have a very short INCI and in most cases the first ingredient is water.

In addition to checking and reading the INCI, it is very important to choose delicate ingredients; the child’s skin is extremely sensitive to both scents and products with very acidic or very basic pH. For this reason, it is advisable to select a cosmetic that is specially formulated for delicate skin, just like those of children.
Children may also be allergic to certain substances, such as overly intense perfumes and chemicals. It is therefore advisable to avoid products that may be potentially irritating to the skin. Preferring natural cosmetic lines and with very delicate fragrances for children is always a great idea.

What is and how to read the INCI?

As mentioned above, the step to take before choosing a line of cosmetics for children, either eco-friendly or traditional, is to read the INCI. This term identifies the list of ingredients, i.e. the composition of the formula used to make the product.

The INCI presents all the ingredients that are inside the product.
In some websites it is possible to consult the list of ingredients to avoid on the skin of children. All certified products that do not include these ingredients can be a great choice for the hygiene and skin protection of children. But what are the ingredients to avoid?

Silicones: all those synthetic-based products, which are not biodegradable, can cause problems to the child’s skin. Although synthetic cosmetics greatly affect the spreadability of the product, they actually dehydrate the skin thanks to their solvent characteristics.
If the INCI list includes silicones, it would be better to opt for a different product line.

Petrolatum: again, there is a close correlation with petroleum derivatives. Elements such as petroleum jelly, paraffin and mineral oils belong to the petrolatum ingredients, which are not biodegradable and above all have a strong carcinogenic component. In fact, the European Directive has introduced petrolatums in class II of carcinogens for babies; a condition that highlights the strong harmful implications for the skin of children.

Triclosan: this ingredient has been listed because of its strong prpensity to cause allergy. Although initially the child may not feel any discomfort, such as itching or irritation, Triclosan accumulates on the body and may generate unpleasant allergies after a few days.

Mothers are aware that this ingredient is also present in breast milk, but with undoubtedly harmful implications. Several children have an allergy to breast milk, a condition that results in the need to feed children milk by approved synthetic methods. Allergy does not occur in a short time; therefore, it is advisable to prevent potential problems so that the child does not experience discomfort, especially in the first months of life, when he/she cannot express his/her discomfort directly.

Formaldehyde: when this ingredient is presented on the package, it is absolutely recommended not to use it on the skin of the child. In most cases, Formaldehyde is used for disinfection and preservation; although they may seem optimal characteristics for cleansing, in fact they have a very high carcinogenic property. They must be absolutely avoided on the skin of children and especially near their eyes.
Phthalates: All phthalate-based cosmetics can alter the correct development of the male reproductive system. The data found are particularly worrying, reporting that about 80% of infants under 8 months of age have experienced problems of this kind. Trying to avoid this ingredient is critical for your child’s development.

Polyethylene glycols (PEG): products made with this composition are highly harmful for children. The fact that they derive from oil is only the basis of a constantly changing chemical process; in fact, there is also the production of Dioxane, an extremely dangerous molecule, not only for children.

TEA, MEA, DEA: these acronyms identify synthetic products combined with other components. It is not recommended to use them on the skin of children, as they induce the formation of nitrosamines, substances considered particularly harmful to the body, given their carcinogenic nature.

If the INCI has one of these abbreviations, it would be advisable to avoid choosing the product and using it on the child’s skin and also on your own.

Although it is not easy to remember all these ingredients, transcribing them on a sheet of paper or on your smartphone could be the ideal solution to avoid problems. Many mothers buy their products online to be sure to choose the cosmetic line that best suits the needs of their child.

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The Beba Lena & Friends line, for Hotels and more.

When it comes to cosmetic lines for children, for hotels, but also for the home, which are truly eco-sustainable, we must absolutely mention the innovative Beba Lena & Friends line, produced by Albogroup. Thanks to years of experience and research, this specific line for children’s delicate skin perfectly combines the needs of delicacy and safety with those of a truly ecological product, without plastic, in full respect for nature.
Respect for the Person and Respect for Nature are the main characteristics of this specific line of solid cosmetic products with Organic Ingredients, from the Ultra Delicate formula, without Silicones, without Parabens, SLS and PEGs, plastic free, without waste of water and transport, with simple boxes in certified recyclable paper from FSC forests.
Beba Lena & Friends is also available in solid version. The first solid-form hotel line for young hotel guests. Beba Lena & Friends Solid is a new experience of conscious beauty that gives the gestures of your beauty routine the value of a sustainable choice for personal care and for a positive change for the planet.
The Hotel Amenities Beba Lena & Friends line, in a solid cosmetic version, is composed of delicate products for cleansing the body and hair with natural extracts with nourishing and soothing properties, perfect for the delicate skin of children.
The aesthetic aspect is also important in a specific line for children. Bright colours, cheerful and nice figures captivate their attention more and are recognisable. The gesture of washing your hands, for example, or opening a cosmetic and using it in the bathtub becomes almost a fun game. If, as in the case of Beba Lena & Friends, there is a specific message of respect and care for the environment, the game also becomes educational.

Baby Lena Solid Shampoo for Children

Innovative Solid Shampoo & Conditioner enriched with organic Chamomile extract. Gently cleanses, leaving hair soft and light.
How do you use it?
It is very simple: you must wet the solid shampoo under water and rub it for a few moments in your hands. The Beba Lena solid shampoo creates a soft and delicate foam. Then, shampoo your hair like a regular shampoo. It rinses easily

Beba Lena Solid Bath and Shower wash for children

It is a solid body wash that is used just like a regular shower, leaving the skin soft and hydrated. The natural organic ingredient that characterises the product is Organic Oat Extract, a hypoallergenic ingredient and especially suitable for children’s skin; with emollient and moisturising properties.
The Beba Lena & Friends line is also a classic line of cosmetics for children in a single-dose version, for hotels composed of classic wrapped soap and super convenient sachets of Shampoo, Shower Gel and Sanitising Hand Gel, available in a nice box.
But the Baba Lena line also has specific products for hand hygiene and surfaces, to be used by children. A complete line of dermatologically tested sanitisers to ensure fast and accurate hand hygiene, without the need to rinse: Hand Cleaning Spray, Hand Cleaning Gel, Single Dose Sachets of Cleaning Gel, Single Dose Sachets of Hand and Surface Cleaning Wipes.

Beba Lena teaches how to love the environment

Beba Lena & Friends is an exclusive brand of Albogroup that has designed and produced this courtesy line for hotels aimed at children. With selected natural ingredients and gentle formulas suitable for the most delicate hair and skin.
The attention to the fun and colourful, but also small and easy-to-use packaging for children, makes sanitising almost a game. The Beba Lena & Friends line, thanks to its captivating graphics, specially designed to capture the fantasy and imagination of children, transforms the simple gesture of sanitising one’s hands into a little game, thus also helping children perceive the importance of properly cleaning and sanitising their hands.
The products in the Beba Lena & Friends line are a must-have in all children’s school or gym bags.