Which is the different between productors and distributors in cosmetic?

Finding a cosmetic product for Hotel or a courtesy line for Hotel is very easy if you turn to specialized companies such as Albogroup.

These products, so important and used, have behind them a very complex process of creation and marketing involving two different figures: manufacturer and distributor of beauty products and Hotel Amenities. Understanding the difference between these two figures is important especially for the end customer, who can in this way take cognizance of the path that has made that particular type of product that is about to buy for your hotel, in addition to allowing his loyalty in case he remains satisfied with the use of the same.
Below, you can get different information about the difference between manufacturer and distributor in cosmetics, as well as find out who to turn to in case you need customized beauty products for hotels.

Information on cosmetic packaging

All information relating to the manufacturer and distributor of the cosmetic is, of course, directly indicated on the label or on the packaging of the same. The law imposes different obligations on these two figures and the necessary information is, in fact, reported for both illustrative and informative purposes: This is a method by which the consumer is protected and made aware of what he is going to use in the short term.

On each pack of cosmetics – or directly on the label in case this does not have one, as regulated by reg. 1223/2009, – are listed in a separate name, surname (company name) address of the person responsible for placing on the market, which may be the producer, distributor or others depending on the agreements established. In other cases, the distributor is the sole point of contact, especially when the distributor, on his behalf, registers the product at Community level on the dedicated European CPNP portals. Each label or package may has a barcode with different numbers. The first of these represents the geographical origin of that product: if there is an 8, it means that this was made in Italy. By reading the manufacturer’s data, it is possible to trace its name.

The substantial differences between manufacturers and distributors of cosmetics, however, are other.

Who is and what does a cosmetics manufacturer?

The cosmetics manufacturer, basically, is a company that deals with the creation of the beauty product, using raw materials to create the finished product. Albogroup, a leading company in the production of cosmetics for hotels, Hotel Amenities, soaps and soaps for hotels and courtesy lines for hotels, is a manufacturer.
In fact, the Albogroup plants located in Lombardy near Bergamo produce complete lines of Hotel Amenities under their own brand or customized or even on behalf of third parties. Albogroup is a large production company for more than 40 years specializing in the development and production of innovative cosmetic lines for hotels, always with a sustainable footprint, respecting the person and the environment.

For Albogroup, the concept of sustainability is aimed at minimising environmental impact through modern production techniques, favouring the use of totally recyclable packaging. Through these techniques and the use of natural ingredients, Albogroup offers an efficient and performing product. Just think of the plastic free line of solid cosmetics for Hotel Solid. O Original.

Once the product is finished, the manufacturer can make the label, make the tests required by law and mandatory registrations, ready to launch on the market.
Many times the same distributor asks the manufacturer to create for him a unique and personalized hotel cosmetics line, exclusive to his market. In this case it is a real long-term collaboration in which the distributor sees in the direct producer a real partner and the business is interesting for both parties involved. For this reason Albogroup is a high quality production partner to distributors specialized in Italy and abroad of cosmetics for Hotels, Hotel Amenities lines, soaps and hotel soaps and dispenser for Hotel.

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Who’s and what does a cosmetics distributor?

The distributor of cosmetics also has a specific legal definition, contained in EC Regulation 1223/2009. This is the legal person, other than the manufacturer of a product or the importer, who places a cosmetic product on the Community market. In addition, Article 4 of that Regulation adds that the cosmetics retailer is also the responsible person if he places on the market, in his name, a product manufactured by others, modifying certain characteristics that compromise its integrity.

In summary, the distributor is the one who deals with the sale of a cosmetic product without, in any way, changing the structure of the latter. The role of this entity is of particular importance because it is entrusted with specific legal obligations: for example, the manufacturer must verify the conformity of the labelling, ensure transport and storage qualities so as not to spoil or spoil the product and finally cooperate with all relevant regulatory authorities on the market. If necessary, the cosmetics distributor must also translate the label into all the languages of the European market. In the case of non-compliance of one of these steps, the cosmetic distributor also has several obligations to avoid heavy penalties: he must immediately withdraw it from the market and will not be able to enter it again if it does not solve, before, the problem or defect that was revealed.

How to find a cosmetics manufacturer?

Therefore, those who are interested in entering this sector or have a particular idea for a particular brand of beauty products, must find a cosmetics manufacturer to really start. On the market, the number of these professionals is really small and, given the importance of the investment that underlies a product distribution strategy, It is essential to make investments with the right caution so as not to risk snags and put yourself in a position to have to submit to some sanction or the obligation to withdraw the product from the market.

A small advice important for many is, however, to invest directly on an Italian cosmetics manufacturer: the latter are able to offer the best possible quality, Moreover, by talking with a producer of the same language it will be easier to conclude agreements more convenient and profitable for both parties as well as a long-term collaboration based on mutual trust and the common interest to grow together in a path satisfying.

Albogroup production cosmetics for third party hotels

We produce cosmetics for third parties. We specialize mainly in retail and in the production of commodities for hotels and hotel amenities.

Thanks to the experience gained in the sector and the guaranteed and consolidated production processes, at our production site in Bergamo we create cosmetic lines that adapt to the values of each brand. Among the typical products we offer stand out sanitizers for the person (both body and hands), but especially cosmetic products for hotels, in mini-size or in single-dose sachets or in ecological wall dispenser bottles. Our most important feature is the speed of response and production and a truly competitive price-performance ratio: As a cosmetic manufacturer we meet very important production numbers in the shortest time possible also offering the possibility to customize directly in the company packaging with the distributor’s brand. In addition, we allow the same to enter into the process of formulation of substances, especially with regard to the choice of natural or organic fragrances and active ingredients that make its exclusive line of Hotel Amenities really special. We offer the highest quality and dedicated customer service.

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Anyone who wants to enter the market of the distribution of cosmetics, must take into account all these aspects and then operate accordingly. Request a quote on Albogroup for the production of cosmetics for third parties and Hotel Amenities for hotels is very simple: the quote is, of course, free and is made taking into account the needs of the customer.

Albogroup is always looking for distributor partners all over the world, specialized in the field of courtesy lines. Contact us if you are an international distributor of Hotel Cosmetics and want to design your exclusive line of Hotel Amenities or solid cosmetics for hotels.