How to create a custom cosmetic product line?

In recent years, more and more companies and distributors are launching their own line of personalised cosmetics, following the trends of the growing cosmetics market and opting for natural raw materials and attractive packaging.
The result could be very positive for any activity that wants to expand its scope, but also negative in the event that the product does not meet the expectations in terms of quality and performance, or does not comply with the basic rules in the design of a consistent and attractive packaging. 

The creation of a custom cosmetic product line is a less simple and automatic process than you might think, which requires following some specific steps and requires the presence of a serious and professional manufacturer, who knows the market deeply and who can take the necessary precautions so that the custom cosmetic line can be successful. One cannot improvise at being third-party manufacturers of cosmetic products, especially for the cosmetics sector for hotels, which have their own rules of communication and style and must comply with very demanding quality standards.

How much does it cost to create a cosmetic line?

Before understanding in principle how much money can be spent to create a personalised cosmetic line appreciated by customers of the target audience, it is advisable to carry out a preliminary survey, which takes into account the type of distribution, customers and the product intended to be offered.
First of all, we suggest starting from a specific category of products, whether skin-care or body or hair products, to identify a first market and distribution niche and make the best products. Then, the line can be expanded with new products. The best part of such a business is that it can be expanded at any time; therefore, it would be best to proceed in steps in order to create a solid foundation.

If this is the first time you have tackled an initiative of this kind, a market research needs to be carried out, considering both the current economic condition and the how to make it available to the initial target audience.
Selling products on the internet is different than doing it directly at a store; therefore, without a business plan that takes these parameters into account, the initiative may prove bankrupt.
If you are a specific distributor of a sector and work mainly with a B2B logic, the design of a custom cosmetic line will still have different characteristics, because you already know the market and the expectations of your customers. This is, for example, the case of a distributor of specific products for Hotels that wants to include among the products of its catalogue also a line of exclusive hotel amenities, with its own brand and with specific characteristics of price, design, positioning and type of product.
If you have already launched a personal brand and only want to improve your offer by creating specific products, such as an only natural line or one dedicated to mature/young/dry/oily skin, then you will have to focus exclusively on the satisfaction of the potential buyer, trying to beat the competition from the point of view of the choice of raw materials, packaging but also the style of communication in general.
The substance is essential, but modern marketing shows that form is just as much.
Albogroup, a leading company in the production of hotel-specific cosmetics, as well as new cosmetic lines for retail, offers a cutting-edge study and design service, the result of years of work and success. Starting with the right image of the product consistent with the desired positioning is certainly the first step in building a custom cosmetics line.
The costs, therefore, are very variable and are linked to the type of materials chosen, the type of product, the packaging you want to adopt. The number of pieces you want to produce is also fundamental in defining costs. For example, if you use a bottle or dispenser already in production as basic packaging for your line of hotel cosmetics or hotel dispensers, the cost is certainly lower than a totally new development. The customisation of standard packaging through labels or silkscreen printings with particularly modern and innovative graphics can make your line unique and recognisable.
Do you want an exclusive design also in the shapes of your packaging? Albogroup provides an advanced research and design service for packaging, to meet even the most particular needs.
The creation and production of new cosmetic lines, according to statistics, is a fairly flourishing market, which in the last year has produced almost 12 billion in revenue, which is worth considering for professional and economic growth.

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Logo and graphics of your brand

As mentioned, in the modern world the aesthetics and presentation of a product have a much greater weight than in the past.

How many times, in fact, do you get attracted to packaging without even reading the list of ingredients? 
Therefore, in addition to having found the best laboratory and having relied on real professionals in the sector, it is necessary to think about the image that you want to give to your line.

The style depends on the message you want to communicate and must become the main trait of your line. First of all, work on the concept of the line, on the values you want to communicate and convey through packaging and through the style of communication linked to your brand. The password in this case is consistency.

If, for example, you want to create organic, vegan or generally natural cosmetics, the packaging must also speak of your need to respect the environment and the body, conveying your idea in a decisive and unambiguous way.

If, on the other hand, you aim at a young and sparkling target, forget neutral and delicate tones, in favour of colour and packaging that are joyful and suitable for the carefree younger people.

In addition to packaging, the entire brand must have a recognisable graphic, which immediately makes the customer understand what they are approaching and how this can bring benefits in the short and long term.

In this sense, unless you have specific notions, it is advisable to rely on serious professionals, who know how to enhance your potential project, translating it not only into a valid and successful formulation, but into an appreciable and attractive product in 360 degrees, especially compared to competitors in the sector.

The logo, the site and its appearance are the key to beat the competition when cosmetics are equally valid and cared for, that step to climb to reach the first position in the approval.

Find a Reliable Manufacturer

To create a line of products and personalised cosmetics, it is not enough to have an idea on paper; you have to find someone who can make it better, following European legislation in terms of safety and knowing the needs and tastes of the target audience.

We are talking about a serious and experienced manufacturer, to which we request quality raw materials, certified production and filling processes and above all experience, in order to have a safe and effective final product.

This process is necessary because buyers are now very informed, using the internet and social media to get a precise idea of what they need and what can be more or less positive for the skin. The needs are therefore clearer than in the past and the bar for expectations has risen considerably.

It is therefore unthinkable to create a successful line without having a professional team behind it, which routinely performs tests and trials and knows exactly how the ingredients react to each other, thanks to a valid basic preparation but also to continuous refresher courses, since modern technology is taking giant steps to provide the customer with practically perfect products.

The initial investment for this branch of the business could therefore be more substantial than expected, but the economic results will then be visible in the medium term and will tend to grow if you continue to do things in the best way and without neglecting quality.

Customers are willing to spend money if they see that products are effective for real, becoming loyal to the brand and not abandoning it for the latest market news.

Albogroup Line Customisations

In light of what has been analysed so far, a company like Albogroup could be of great help to you on the trampoline to success.

Albogroup is in fact aimed both at distributors specialising in hotel supplies and at companies wishing to launch new lines in retail channels. It offers a customisation service of our lines, but also exclusive productions or full service services of productions for third parties.
The company offers simple customisation services, for example by adding the customer’s logo on the packaging, or by creating a real new line with a completely different graphic look.
The customisation of a line is in fact a very serious issue, since it is a way to communicate the values and style of your brand to consumers quickly and effectively. 
It starts from the choice of paper and the type of graphics up to the customisation of cosmetic formulas through, for example, the inclusion of characterising natural ingredients or a particular fragrance that identifies a line. For the hotel amenities lines, these customisations are essential to characterise the product as much as possible and make it innovative and attractive for various types of hotels.
Competition in the sector is very attentive and therefore we must distinguish ourselves with increasingly high-performance services, certainly proposing a serious and effective laboratory formula, but at the same time creating its image with care to capture the eyes and attention of a customer who is often exposed to all kinds of advertising.

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