How much does it cost to produce a line of cosmetics for third parties?

Having experience in the sector means focusing on resources and optimising them according to the target. Producing single-dose sachets of cosmetics for hotels, for example, as the Albogroup does, requires a targeted study. Here are some considerations in this regard.

How to create a line of cosmetic products

Considering the catchment area of Albogroup, the launch strategies by the most important companies are the model to which it is appropriate to refer. A good idea is only the first step of a path, creating a solid business plan means taking into account the energy necessary for the production machine to enter full speed. Looking at the third-party production strategy, it is good to consider how start-up costs can be optimised as the time taken will allow you to better focus needs and strategies.

Considering the impact of each production step. Entrusting each phase to the same business partner can allow a good percentage margin of savings. Splitting tasks between different companies can instead lead to a deleterious fragmentation of energy: producing in this way increases risks and costs significantly more. Starting from the composition, it is good to make sure that your idea is actually achievable but above all that it is not related to something extremely similar but at the lowest cost.

Advantages in creating a custom cosmetics line

You could also talk about figures. Expressing the costs in thousands of Euro would not result in an estimate commensurate with the needs of the individual customer. It is perhaps more profitable to consider the advantages that the production would bring to your brand. Providing a valid service is part of experiential marketing strategies; the customer tests the validity of the product and contributes to nurturing its brand identity. Take the example of a hotel chain: offering amenities based on green compositions would steer the market in a well-defined direction.

At this point, you would need to ask yourself what advantages the creation of a branded cosmetic line might bring. In reality, cosmetic production is not a bed of roses but requires careful compliance with the health, legal and tax regulations. It is therefore essential to use a production partner who can bring their experience to bear on three hundred and sixty degrees of support. This is the strategy that works.

Procedure for creation

As mentioned, the starting point in cosmetics is always in the composition of the product. This must be valid but also attractive from the point of view of fragrances and appearance. You could devise an effective blend but, if you do not make it appealing, it may not bring compatible benefits to the market. After passing the steps in the field, testing and labelling, only then can the cosmetic product be considered ready for marketing strategies. This is what is meant by resource optimisation.

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Creating graphics and logos

Brand identity, this is the starting and finishing point for every new cosmetic launch. Each new line is a renewal for the image of the company; it is therefore good to innovate but it is necessary not to distort. The challenge in the challenge lies in consolidating the conviction regarding the logo but adapting it to the characteristics of the new product. Here the role of specialists is essential. It is necessary to use companies who are able to translate the concept underlying the product into lines and colours. See, for example, the Albogroup Hotel Amenities Lines which have been studied starting from graphic and communication concepts suitable for the sophisticated world of hotels and which fully meet the need for visibility, recognition and functionality of these particular cosmetic products intended for use in hotels.

Creating labels and custom packaging

Considering the latest applications of EU regulations, the creation of labels and packaging are particularly delicate aspects. The future is headed in the direction of low environmental impact. This concept is certainly a good thing, but it involves a certain commitment in terms of budget. However, the return lies in the customised solution. Here the expense is in fact compensated by a gain in terms of image. When it comes to cosmetic products, the customer perceives quality even in these details. In the world of cosmetics for hotels, for example, the classic mini-size bottles are being increasingly replaced with the most innovative and environmentally friendly wall dispensers, including refillable ones, which Albogroup has designed and produced with an exclusive design. See for example Albogroup’s Italian Collection entirely developed with the new 400 ml Uranus Dispenser in recyclable PE with black pump dispenser.

Product photo shoots

The production of a valid line and attractive packaging requires an essential step: it must find a way to make room in the market. Getting to the customer means breaking down the famous 
“6-second barrier”, which is in fact the time needed to capture attention. Here you rely on the costs of communicative marketing. Focus on the contents and enhance them with an explanatory but at the same time intriguing image: everything is entrusted to a description and a shot. Using the best comes with costs but can offer a greater return.

Updating certifications

A cosmetic formulation cannot travel to the European market without the PIF. The Product Information File is an actual dossier that describes the product and certifies its safety for humans. Considering the EU directive 1223/2009, the launch of new cosmetic lines must therefore include the “challenge test” in order to indicate its resistance to storage and the “patch test” to demonstrate the safety of the product on the skin.

Changing the wording means updating the PIF and its documentation. Using a solid production partner is therefore the way forward to optimising costs and ensuring that the branded product is in line with current legislation. Choice makes all the difference.

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