Beyond Plastic Solid Cosmetics for Water Saving

Microplastics are a sad reality and climate change now threatens water. Albogroup, alongside the hotels, is committed to a quality path that promotes respect for the environment, favouring the use of solid cosmetics to reduce waste and pollution.

The urgency of water-conscious consumption in the cosmetics industry

More than 2 billion of the world’s citizens share a severe water shortage: when faced with this fact, one cannot look the other way. But the UN figures are merely a snapshot of what climate change holds in store for the near future.

Now is the time to act; avoiding the point of no return is also a priority for the modern cosmetics industry. The boom in solid products is not an accident or one of many fads, it is a possible solution. The idea is simple but requires articulated technology.

Solidifying a cosmetic means depriving it of almost all water, saving precious resources. The need for plastic packaging is also eliminated; recyclable paper is sufficient. Reducing water consumption saves resources for other uses, and also saves the environment and the seas from pollution. Choosing solid cosmetics is a valuable gesture.

Innovation and sustainability: the transformative power of solid cosmetics

Reducing the impact on the environment is as fundamental as respecting one’s own body. The quality of treatments is not a detail and solid cosmetics does not disappoint in this respect.

The result of research in the field, Albogroup’s proposal stems from the combination of intuition and the desire to offer products that respect the environment and health. Nature and technology are the only ways forward.

Years of theoretical and technical planning made it possible to start industrial production but based on natural principles, resulting in a cosmetics far removed from the traditional chemistry of preservatives and much closer to nature’s ingredients.

The result is a high-performance proposal, capable of guaranteeing high standards but above all of satisfying the demand for natural products. Solid cosmetics, in fact, is destined to transform habits by providing a viable alternative.

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Solid cosmetics in hotels: towards sustainable hospitality

Green accommodations are an increasingly sought-after reality; customers have become so environmentally aware that they are moving towards lower-impact solutions.

If the energy issue is one of the most considered fields, the water footprint is also among the elements to be taken into account. Mediterranean tropicalisation and summer droughts are warnings that have already become a reality. Reception can only turn towards sustainable choices.

Respecting the environment means reducing transport; here, solid cosmetics offers a virtuous example of how dry formulation can cut several items of expenditure. Solid means that the product can reduce transport costs.

The yield over time is another important element; the 15 grams of a solid cosmetic bar contain a much more generous potential use than the same amount of liquid product. The difference counts.

Solid hotel cosmetics Solid.O Original line

Albogroup demonstrates an active commitment to the solid cosmetics sector, which is evidenced by the wide range of products the brand offers. Preferred channels are dedicated production for hotels but also extend to contract customisation for large-scale distribution.

Shower gels, shampoos and conditioners, hair conditioners as well as intimate cleansers and make-up products are only part of what the solid range has to offer. The ingredients are natural plant extracts and butters, enriched with oils, vitamins and proteins to ensure a healthy routine.

The irresistible detail lies in the format; the Solid.O Original line embraces the 15-gram standard. A simple bar combines convenience with the efficacy of a safe treatment. The special design of the solid bar allows it to be conveniently divided into two halves, so convenience doubles. Simple ideas can make all the difference.

Benefits of water-saving cosmetics: between health and environment

Why can a solid cosmetic be more natural? What distinguishes it from its liquid alter ego? These are more than legitimate questions when approaching the reality of solid.

The secret lies in the strong reduction of the water content; the anhydrous product is much less susceptible to attack by bacteria and therefore guarantees greater stability of the natural ingredients. The INCI can therefore do without parabens and other preservatives, which are necessary in liquid products.

Health benefits, but the environment can also regenerate. In addition to low water consumption in production, the impact in transport is also optimised. For the same volume, the movement of solid cosmetics ensures a much higher utilisation rate.

Then there are the more practical implications: a solid bar travels in a bag without any problem, weighs less and even lasts longer. One wonders: couldn’t the solid revolution have come sooner?

Our commitment at Albogroup to promoting the use of solid cosmetics in hotels is not only an important step towards a more sustainable form of hospitality, but also a concrete, cutting-edge response to the challenges generated by climate change and the global water crisis. Our choice to minimise water consumption and eliminate plastic packaging by opting for solid products is a sign of responsibility towards the planet, reflecting an increased environmental awareness on the part of both consumers and businesses.

This approach does not sacrifice the quality or effectiveness of the treatments offered, demonstrating that it is possible to reconcile respect for the environment and self-care.