Is it better to use solid or liquid cosmetics?

When quality is not a mere detail, but the main, unrivalled ingredient of a product, every choice made in that direction not only counts, but defines the value of the end result. The history of personal care products has deep roots, and now, with the evolution towards more solid solutions, there seems to be a call back to tradition, a return to authenticity and genuineness. Much has changed since the solid soaps of yesteryear, the attachment to an ancient gesture remains, but with perspectives that look to the future with the solid body and hair cosmetics of Albogroup.

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Is solid shampoo better than liquid shampoo?

The question is much more recurrent than one might expect, the real comparison is between past and present. The future, however, is still to be written. Liquid lines have become accustomed to the convenience of practical use; using a liquid is the most spontaneous gesture. But what is really contained within them?

It seems obvious to say, but in most cosmetics in liquid form such as bubble bath, shower gel and shampoo, the main ingredient is water. Liquid cosmetics are the most common form of skin and hair care products. These include shampoos, conditioners, facial cleansers, lotions, etc. The predominant characteristic of liquid cosmetics is their high percentage of water, which can account for up to 80-90% of the product. In a world where water is a precious commodity, it is important to understand the implications of this use.

There are certainly reliable liquid products on the market. However, opting for a solid formulation almost totally eliminates the presence of water, thus reducing the need for preservatives and ensuring a purer, more natural product. It is a common belief that solid shampoos do not have specific actions for every type of scalp; instead, the use of the natural properties of the ingredients can meet a variety of needs. It is all in the choice of the most appropriate product.

The growing interest in sustainability in modern society has led to an increase in the popularity of solid cosmetics. These products, such as solid shampoos and bubble baths, are innovative and formulated with eco-friendly ingredients and, above all, contain a very low percentage of water, making them a truly ecological choice at a time when water is a precious resource.

How is solid shampoo used?

The use of the solid product is not so different from the liquid one, there is just a little difference in the preparation phase. The solid product is used in the form of pellets, and it is best to store them in a dry place to ensure optimum preservation of the ingredients: a wooden tin is an excellent solution.

Usage is as simple as storage; one needs to moisten the hands and rub them with the classic gesture of an ordinary bar of soap. Solid shampoos tend to lather less, as this is due to their lower composition in synthetic surfactants and foaming agents. Simply apply the product by hand, starting at the roots and proceeding towards the ends, massaging gently into the scalp to ensure even distribution.

Solid cosmetics: benefits for the skin and the environment

The ingredients are skin-friendly. The strength of the solid formulation lies in the formulation, which guarantees an effective and skin- and environment-friendly product. The ingredients used ensure optimal tolerability by the body.

Human beings gain but also the environment in which we live, liquid cosmetics are among the main players in the spread of petroleum derivatives. Microplastics are a global problem, they are in sea water but we also find them in crops and food in general. Solid cosmetics can do without plastic, just recycled cardboard for a more sustainable yet effective packaging.

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Solid shampoos and bubble baths: why and how to choose them?

Health and environment are two sides of the same coin. These aspects alone could justify changing habits in the direction of the solid alternative. There is, however, a purely economic factor, the use of the solid shampoo can also be cost-effective. Unlike the common liquid shampoo, the solid alternative has a much longer shelf life. A 100 gram packet can allow up to 60 washes, and the yield is significantly higher than that of liquid shampoo.

The benefits are real when you learn to choose the right product for your needs, the real effectiveness of solid shampoo lies in choosing the right product.

For example, to combat dryness and breathe new life into the hair, moisturising solid shampoo with rice proteins and panthenol may be the ideal choice.

For those who have problems with brittleness and brittleness, a fortifying conditioner enriched with shea butter and extracts of linseed, almond, olive and borage, ingredients known for their nourishing and fortifying properties, could be ideal.

In the case of frequent hair and body use, a great ally could be the revitalising Solid Hair & Body Wash with organic sesame oil and olive oil, which help to purify and revitalise both hair and scalp.

If, on the other hand, the goal is to maintain a healthy scalp, one could opt for the ultra-gentle Solid Conditioning Shampoo, formulated with organic argan oil and oat extract, ingredients known for their soothing and balancing properties.

The key is to find the product best suited to your specific needs, paying attention to the indications and ingredients in each formulation.

Where do you buy solid cosmetics?

The Solid.O Original line is the top-of-the-line solution for the best accommodation facilities, offering a range of amenities designed down to the smallest detail. The care in formulations and attention to packaging quality allows a production with a low impact on the environment but also on costs. The proposal for companies guarantees a versatile product for use in various contexts.

The end customer can also find the product in retail; the choice to operate on behalf of third parties allows the range a widespread presence even in the most common shops. The need for a lower impact alternative is an awareness that is being consolidated day by day. This is our commitment to being ever more present in everyday cosmetics.

Albogroup is also contract manufacturing

Are you looking for a partner to guide you in the world of solid cosmetics? Albogroup is here for you. We are an Italian company highly specialised in the production of innovative solid cosmetics. Our products include solid shampoo, solid shower gel, solid intimate cleanser, solid shaving cream and much more. We are able to develop truly innovative products, at the right price, with a global service.

We are convinced that solid cosmetics are the answer to the growing demand for sustainable, plastic-free solutions in the beauty industry. These products respect the environment, reduce the use of plastic containers and offer a longer shelf life than their liquid counterparts.

Our production of solid cosmetics is based on natural ingredients and innovative processing techniques that guarantee a high quality product that respects both the environment and the skin. Share your project with us.