Solid cosmetics, what are their advantages?

Behind the shape lies the revolution in cosmetics. Respect for the environment and impact on consumption are the cornerstones of a solution that looks towards the future. The form makes one think of the old soap bar, the substance speaks of something else entirely. Here are solid cosmetics. In our experience, we at Albogroup translate our know-how into amenities with high added value. Revolutions start with habits. Here’s how to change for the better with solid cosmetics for hotels.

What are solid cosmetics and how are they made?

Traditional soapmaking started with saponification, using animal or vegetable oils to create the soap base: solid cosmetics are not produced this way. They are solid lumps containing a low percentage of water, with a natural composition using natural oils and substances. These are not just solid soaps, but there are shower baths, shampoos and more.

Solid, sustainable cosmetics for hotels

All Albogroup’s experience is condensed into the Solid.O Original line. The solution conceived to introduce solid cosmetics through an attractive proposal but above all with a high level of quality. Thinking only of shower gel could be reductive; the line integrates the offer with shampoo and conditioner formulated to meet the different needs and preferences in hair and body care of each individual.

The contract production is designed to add value to hotel amenities but also aims at retail distribution. The line is joined by Beba Lena Solid.O Original products in a variant designed specifically for the more delicate skin of children. The future involves everyone.

Advantages of solid cosmetics

Starting to use them means a bit of a revolution in habits; liquid cosmetics is one of the most ingrained certainties in the daily routine. The solid alternative, however, offers multiple advantages; discovering them is the best way to understand their real value and take part in the new cosmetics revolution. Albogroup’s motto in this respect is “change your mind”.

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Plastic free

Plastic is one of the most long-standing problems of the liquid cosmetics tradition; the effect is an indiscriminate accumulation that contaminates fish with microplastics and can form veritable islands in the oceans. Solid cosmetics are the way to finally say no more plastic; the liquid-free formulation allows for more environmentally friendly packaging. The greenest options are recyclable paper or cardboard, a breakthrough that can reduce the weight of plastics in the cosmetics industry. The turnaround can also start with one less container out of 400 million per year; it needs to start.

Last longer

Those who try them also fall in love with them for their convenience. You need to moisten them slightly to rub their contents into your hands before applying cosmetics. Their gentle foam leaves the skin and hair clean, but above all in balance. This is the experience of a single application of solid cosmetics. A classic lather allows the gesture to be repeated for numerous washes. The comparison with liquid cosmetics is practically impossible, the impact is better in the results and also less on the wallet. This is a good reason to switch to solid products.

They are very practical

Aeroplane, one word is enough to give a small insight into the added value behind solid cosmetics. Classic liquid formulations are a constraint for transport in cabin baggage. Switching to solid cosmetics means abandoning the worry of the 100 ml container or even the risk of its contents spilling into your bag. Practicality is not limited to the travel context as a pack allows space to be compressed so it can make room for the many other items in a bathroom. One can forget about inconvenient bottles cluttering the shelves above the bath or shower.

They are biodegradable and use less water resources

It also goes from 80% to around 15%, this is the comparison in water content between liquid cosmetics and the solid alternative. Considering shampoo alone, the cosmetics industry accounts for 1,350,000 litres of water in the global annual consumption. Then there is the commitment to clean cosmetics in the solid line; ingredients are selected and processed to ensure respect for both human and environmental health. The natural formula ensures that each component can follow a natural biodegradation.

How do you store solid cosmetics?

Solid products enjoy the advantages of low water content, creating conditions more compatible with natural preservation and therefore free of synthetic preservatives. The solid solution, however, requires some small precautions, starting with the way it is stored. While one can afford to leave the liquid detergent in its bottle in the shower, the solid cosmetic does not like damp environments. It is best to store it in a dry container; a cotton or linen cloth can also be used to help it dry.

The green revolution in the cosmetics sector has already begun, and solid cosmetics is the undisputed protagonist. A return to the origins that does not renounce innovation, focusing on the health of the individual and respect for the environment.

The Albogroup team is ready to guide you through this transformation by sharing all its know-how to offer products that not only respect the environment, but also provide superior skin and hair care and well-being. With the Solid.O Original line, you combine the effectiveness of high-quality cosmetics with sustainability, a winning combination for both hoteliers and their guests.

The future is in our hands, and it is through conscious, planet-friendly choices. By embracing change, we can ensure a cleaner, healthier world for future generations. Solid cosmetics are not just a fad, but a concrete step towards a more sustainable future.