Solid Cosmetics Revolutionise Your Beauty Routine with Ecological and Natural Products

The customer asks for them because they work, solid cosmetics prove to be more than a trend. Albogroup places its know-how at the service of high-end retail through quality solutions with its line of solid cosmetics for hotels.

Environmental benefits of solid cosmetics: zero plastic and water saving

Reducing the impact of cosmetics on the environment: this is no longer an option but the only way to improve the health of the planet. The customer is increasingly sensitive to environmental issues as the person who chooses products from the shelves of a supermarket is the same person who witnesses the effects of pollution.

Solid cosmetics act on two key points: water and plastic. The solid formula makes limited use of water, preserving the product’s active ingredients naturally; the result is less need for potentially harmful preservatives. Water saving means limited use of water, which translates into the possibility of abandoning plastic in favour of paper or cardboard; more easily recyclable packaging. The environment thanks you.

Natural ingredients: the richness of solid cosmetics

One only has to glance at the INCI of the solid cosmetic and compare it with the equivalent in liquid formulation to realise the greater simplicity of the solid alternative. Not to be confused with the traditional soap bar, the latest generation of solid cosmetics are based on equally natural formulations and are more suitable for washing the skin and scalp.

Butters but also oils and waxes are ingredients that are not lacking in solid cosmetics; these represent the anhydrous component par excellence. The selection of these elements derives from knowledge in botany and galenic applications of natural materials. This results in solid bar products.

Product diversity: from hair care to intimate hygiene

All the major brands in the cosmetics field have realised that the future of the industry is now moving in the direction of solid cosmetics, the environment demands it, but above all it is a need that starts with customer sensitivity. Now that the era of green washing is over, brands are called upon to make an active commitment.

The answer lies in the extension of the range in solid form. This opens up interesting new avenues in the retail sector as well as in the high-end perfumery. The potential lies in using a product that is natural but also safe and effective. The field extends to more areas of application; making use of quality production is an ever-evolving concept.

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Shower gel and solid shampoo

A simple bar can replace bath and shower products. This might seem like a return to the past, but you have to try them to realise that the future lies in solid cosmetics. Moisten the palm of your hands, process the product and use it as in your daily routine: these are the steps required.

These are products that do not release the classic foam of liquid cleansers, precisely because they do not require foaming agents. They are based on natural surfactants that act on the skin and hair, cleansing them effectively. They do not contain much water, so they keep better and longer.

Solid make-up removers: how do they work?

These constitute the revolution in conscious make-up, they are not the latest gimmick from effective marketing but a solution with the perfect balance between nature and practicality. The principle is to use a mixture of natural ingredients to remove impurities and make-up from the face.

Correct application is necessary to optimise the effects. The product must be worked into a light cream by hand and applied to the face; massage and rinse off. Continuous use is a panacea for the skin, it helps eliminate sebum deposits and blackheads.

Solid beard cream

Beard treatments can also utilise the benefits of solid shaving, solid creams and oil blends are ideal for keeping the skin moisturised and giving the regrowth a groomed effect.

Herbal formulations are ideal for providing the skin on the face with optimal moisture, facilitating shaving and reducing discomfort from irritation and ingrown hairs.

This product can be used for body hair removal.

Solid cosmetics for large-scale distribution

The mission of our retail division is to provide solid anhydrous cosmetics that are environmentally friendly but above all customer friendly. This makes Albogroup a worldwide reference in production, chosen by important companies in the cosmetics field.

Focusing on research to achieve product quality without forgetting to optimise costs. This is the concept we want to convey to our partners in both the perfumery and large-scale retail trade. Solid cosmetics are the seed of the future; introducing these products into your portfolio is the new way not to be caught unprepared.

In a world increasingly oriented towards sustainability and environmental awareness, solid cosmetics emerge not only as a trend, but as a solid reality and an indisputable necessity. Albogroup, with its innovative and scrupulous approach, places its knowledge at the service of a future, offering products that go beyond the simple gesture of beauty, but embody a true philosophy of care and respect for our planet.